This will be a post about my Master, I’m aware that I hardly ever write about Him…(your laugh here!)

Yes, He’s done it again! Touched my soul, my heart, shook my world. After all our time together, you would think He couldn’t surprise me anymore, but you’d be wrong. 

The last few days with Him, fuck it ,lets start the last month. I’ve been in so much pain, I’m just not myself lately. I have a hard time being a mom, let alone His slave. He’s been so wonderful, we’ve been very vanilla. It was so different to see us like this, but nice to know that if we have to be like everyone else in the moment, that we do what we need to do. We have hardly had sex. We still communicated. What He’s showed me at this time was priceless.

The last few nights were unimaginable. We have been completely open, honest, talked about everything, we were horny as fuck! 

Ahh sex, good lord, I so needed that. It was hard to fuck like we do, and be in pain. But nothing was gonna stop it. We both needed that connection on the deepest level. I can say that it was nice to know that we are not all about sex, we can actually be there for each other. But we are the horniest couple ever! We need sex, we crave it, we must do it cuz we’re to damn good at it not to have it often. 

Even while having sex, He made sure I was ok. This man is a keeper! The love and care He showed the whole time, every time. Yes, more than once! I came so hard I woke the kids, and neighbors,lol. I didn’t hold back, Daddy was the reason I was ready for sex, and my reason for cumming! I love Him so much, He’s everything to me. 

How in this great big world did I find someone who cares so much about me. Made sure I was having fun, and made sure I was doing ok. I have tried to put into words what I feel in my ❤ heart, its just to difficult to find the words. 

The last few days He revealed something to me that I don’t think I ever knew… I hope its ok to tell?  He let me know we both felt the same way the moment we met… Like it was this instant feeling of love, home, and this is forever. Its been a long road, but every moment has brought us closer to what we want, a life together! For the first time in my life I get exactly what I want, how did that happen…

Our time together was beautiful, just perfect. I hope that never changes!

I am absolutely the luckiest babygirl alive! 

I love you Daddy💖💗💞💕


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