Surprise from Daddy

If you know me, I’m not big on gifts. That makes me the perfect girlfriend/babygirl/slave! The real gift to me is the connection, the love. Do we talk,are we growing together. These things I cherish! Gifts are nice, but the real stuff between a couple well that is what I really want!

Its not about looks, he’s sexy! Its not about money, we have some! 

Its the way He looks at me. The way He kisses me, holds me. How we miss each other. I can hardly wait to have Him in bed , next to me every night. 

We had missed each other the last 5 days. We even missed each other so much, we scheduled 5 mins to see each other just to get a smile and a few kisses in. I love this man.

So, last night we were trying to find time to be together. Things kept coming up. Then I was to tired, and He was late. My craving for Him turned to disappointment, to sadness, then to anger. I figured it was so late it might not be a good night for us. He finally walked through the door, I needed an explanation. What was so important, more than time together… His explanation made me feel so upset for being selfish. All I could see was what I wanted,Him. I forget that people call Him to get help. I did understand. I love Him. I know when we live together, He is always gonna be the same way. I love that about Him. I don’t want that to change. 

I needed to feel His skin on mine. I needed to hear His heart beating with mine. To kiss Him. To breathe Him in. Damn,its good every time.

By morning, I let Him know He chose correctly, I know Him so well. He would not put off time for us  unless it was super important. And it was. I am proud To have Him as my Master/Daddy. He is the love of my life. The only one I breathe for. 

I just had to show Him how much I love Him, only a blow job would do! He seemed willing!!! Then He gave me a surprise! I got the most beautiful diamond earrings! He spoils me. Do I need earrings, no. But they are from His heart and what a beautiful heart He has. When did He stop to think of me? And why? I don’t feel I’ve done anything remarkable. I guess if He thinks I deserve something so beautiful, its good then! 

All I can say is… Thank you Daddy,i hope you liked the picture of earrings!
– His babygirl

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