I love my Daddy

I feel better today! I got to see my Daddy yesterday and today. He checks on me, cares for me. Tonight we watched a movie and I got to lay in His arms. I feel so special! 

During the day I watched cooking shows and felt inspired to cook. I needed assistance from my children. I am going to need to watch cooking shows,as I do feel inspired to cook. I am a very good cook, but my Daddy I serve will get to be spoiled with that! I get to take care of Him as I like. Spoil Him so He knows how wonderful He is. He’s my world.

Right now I am healing, of course. I can’t laugh, it feels like I might pop a stitch. He just knows how to make me laugh. I could tell I felt better since I started joking with Him, being my bratty self! He thought about smacking me on the ass, but I started to giggle and made my own pain. Lol. We were laughing tonight that He would get His sweet revenge over my brattiness, by making me laugh! Leave it to a sadist! 

Why He means so much to me? Its not just taking care of me, He kept letting me know the whole time ,before surgery, that He knew everything would be fine. I had a hard time focusing on that,on what He was saying. Even the morning of surgery, I got teary, He kissed me hard on the lips and told me again, that everything would be fine. He was right! He’s always right!

I love my life with Daddy, I am so excited that I feel better. I can hardly wait to feel all healed up and get to give Daddy all He can handle! I’ve got a cute little outfit planned, being Daddy’s naughty girl! Showing Him how much I appreciate His patience during all of this. He’s been the very best Daddy ever. I’m so lucky.

I get to spoil my King for the rest of our lives, as His queen, His slave, His babygirl with a little bit of a bratty side. Life is good!

– Daddy’s girl


One thought on “I love my Daddy

  1. nkdwhtguy says:

    You’ve got a very lucky man.

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