He says the sweetest things

After surgery I’m stuck in bed. I look like shit, yet He still calls me beautiful! I realize soon I will be out of bed and back to my life, looking hot for Him again. I’m so thankful He’s got tons of pics that show I can clean up pretty good. 

He has been checking up on me, taking care of me, making sure I’m doing just fine. How do I not love Him even deeper for that? Impossible

He still sings to me nearly every morning! My god, I love this man. I love being submissive to Him, I can trust He has my heart in a safe place. 

Where would I be without Him? Probably going crazy somewhere singing vanilla ice to myself. I’m glad I won’t ever have to know that kind of emptiness anymore, searching for someone to make my life make sense, feel complete. I have just that in Him. I’m still singing vanilla ice! Cuz that’s just how we roll!

My life is heading down a path He set before me. I have complete trust that I’m safe. That He can handle all this responsibility of me, kids, job, family, friends,club. 

In all my life no one has shown me this kind of sweetness, no one has cared for me so much, no one has worried about me like He does. I am the luckiest woman alive to have the love of such a man. I won’t take it for granted. I will spoil Him as He so deserves a woman who can recognize His pure love. 

During healing I gave Him full control over my kids. I know I was worried that I was giving Him to much responsibility all at once, He didn’t even blink. He just took control, I don’t know that ill ask for it back. I think it was time to give it. I know my biggest worry was would He just treat them as bad as my ex does, of course not. Would He ignore them as ex does, He never has before. Could He guide them and show me He really cares about them,about my children. That’s exactly what He did. 

My life feels as its falling into place, I never imagined it like this, its so much better than anything I thought up! 

So, I will heal up soon, be back at work. He is ready to be in full swing on my ass, and He’s got a list, I heard it this morning, oh my this is gonna hurt. I’m hoping I won’t need more stitches!

I must say to you my Master, my Daddy, my protector, my everything I have ever needed and more, thank you. Thank you for taking my life and making it so complete, I don’t know where I’d be without you, glad I won’t ever have to do this without you. Thank you for making your slave so important at this time, even as you do all the time. I can hardly wait to be able to serve you as you so deserve Sir. I’m not in pain and you showed me such patience and love, I’ve never had that, I’m not sure I feel worthy, but I love my life with you. 

How ready He will expect me to be soon.

His favorite thing! Well, one of them.

To infinity and beyond…

One thought on “He says the sweetest things

  1. cool! glad to hear ya’ll found each other!
    just treat each otherright and respect each other and you can’t go wrong.

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