So what kind of life will we live?

If I know anything about my Master, its that He’s already prepared how He wants our lives to be. The art of any great Master is that to make a masterpiece, you must have put the hard work in first. Never expect it to be easy, things in this world just don’t work that way. My Master is no exception. When He wants something He’s already formed the thought, then He defines it til its what He wants, then Its put in to a process. Life with Him is never boring. We have been together nearly 2 yrs now, He can always manage to surprise me. Which is why I know He’s already got it in His thoughts how things will be. I just sit back and watch. You gotta love a strong dominant. Vanilla men, sorry you just don’t get it.

Does He expect the lil woman at home. Taking care of the house, meals, bills, kids, soccer mom, tending to His needs? Of course. Yet, He will be the strong presence in our home. He’s the head of the house. A certain respect will come with His position, as we all fall in line and we wait for His direction. If it needs to change, that’s all for Him to decide what/where/how.

Can the children fall in line. They will be expected to. To what extreme will He go if things are not His way, or His words fall on deaf ears. I do wonder about that, as my 2 youngest are good kids, but should they not want to do things Masters way how does that go? My kids have no where to go. Will my Master give them understanding and try to work with them, I do believe He will. He knows I want our lives to work out. He knows I trust Him. He knows this is what I want. But kids need to learn that He means business, I do think they will push this and test Him. They have fathers, none of which set rules,boundaries, or limits. So, I do foresee some head to head combat gonna happen. Not out of disrespect, but ‘does this man mean what He says?’ Kids expect rules and boundaries, without that they actually lose respect, same goes for our lifestyle. Any slave or sub will tell, if He sets rules but doesn’t reinforce, respect is lost. 

As our teen daughter has started to date, I gave Him full reign. Master used to be a teen boy so I  figure He will do just fine making rules for her. She seems to be taking those rules just fine. She’s not always happy, but then He’s not always happy with her. I like watching the 2 of them , He’s 2 steps ahead of her. She’s trying to be a teen and have her life. So far, His rules are very fair. 1. He must meet each guy. 2. She must dress modestly. 3. No boy is touch, kiss, hold , or think about her body. 4. The word is NO. Her first time she didn’t take His rules 100% seriously. She met dads wrath. She looked at me like to say,” Hey, are you gonna save me?”  I didn’t save her. I figured the best thing I could do for her is let her learn that I can’t be both mom and dad to her anymore. I relinquished control to Him. He’s doing great with her. The boys took longer to come around. They have a douche bag for a dad, once they saw how He was with her, they seemed to get closer to Him, trust Him more. 

I do know most of what He will expect of me, we live that way now. When He has His cut on, He’s all business. When He’s dad , He’s fun but strict. When He’s the guy with the job, He’s on task in His mind, serious side comes out. But when He’s Master, He’s fun and playful, romantic, knows what He wants, how He wants it! I’m His plaything. He takes care of what is His,still in control.

In our life, we are like a 1950’s household. He leads, He’s the head of our home. He has final say.  I am submissive, respectful to Him. I am the example to my children of how a mans to be treated. I do as I know He wants and allows. I ask for everything, He answers my requests. No, I’m not worried about being treated less than, He doesn’t do that to me. He treats me like His queen, in return He’s my King. I have no regrets. I do love the natural balance. I will not wear the pants in our family. I will not treat Him as ordinary. 

This life is not for everyone. I have friends who worry that I’m giving everything up. I’m giving up nothing, I’m having the life that I choose. No one forces me to serve Him, I do it from my heart, always will. I was never women’s lib. I think it destroyed the family, made divorce more rampant. You literally can’t turn on a tv now that nearly all commercials are about treating your man like he’s your other child. I do not agree with this, I think its part of the problem. I think families letting the woman run everything while the man sits back , is the other part.( rant over, or maybe ill blog about it).

Life gets better and better. He surprises me all the time. I know there will be more when we live together. I know I may come before Him with anything I struggle with or don’t understand, He will listen to my request and make a judgment call. This natural order works best for us. I refuse to be in charge, unless its the areas He places me in charge of. He still has final say.

How do I know this works? I have known plenty of people who live this way already, still in our lifestyle, raise their family. Go watch old shows, I love lucy, Andy griffith, leave it to beaver, these did show that ‘ natural order’. I do believe Lucy got spanked, more than once I might add. Lucy and I have lots in common. 

He’s biding His time while I heal. Waiting patiently for the Dr to release me back to our life! Then its on. I do cause trouble, but I’m cute at it! He’s not so easily put off by that. He’s got a list, and knowing Him He’s checked it twice to make sure every infraction is on it. He’s very thorough, lucky for me… Memory like a Damn elephant.

Pray for me, send happy thoughts, positive energy. Cause its coming. I can already see the eye of the storm. He never lays a hand on the kids, why me??? Lol, I know why!

– His babygirl

3 thoughts on “So what kind of life will we live?

  1. nkdwhtguy says:

    You have a heck of a life!

  2. As long as he never lays a hand on your kids, I think everything will work out just fine. Enjoy! I’ll be curious to see how your journey unfolds 🙂

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