The statistical analysis of paper products and domestication of unaccompanied parental figures. 

I made it sound so scientific! But what I’m writing about is single parents, mostly moms I know, and our need to not run out of toilet paper. 

My bff and I had some dinner and conversation last night. She knew I had surgery, she asked me if I needed anything. I laughed and remarked, ‘ Yes, toilet paper’.  We both seemed to know what I was talking about!

As a single parent, I work all day, by the time I get home to pee, no paper.

Recently, I sent my son to the store. I asked him to pick up some toilet paper. That child brought a 4 pack of paper for .89. He was happy with his effort, I wasn’t. I wondered how 5 people ,2 bathrooms were going to be ok with a small 4 pack of toilet paper. Kids… If. I want the toilet paper done, I must do it myself. My bff actually brought me the best gift…

Is this the best!!!

Thx girly, you made me so happy. I could pick up the 4 pack , but this bad boy, nope. I can’t tell you why after divorce I am against running out of toilet paper. I’ve been the one stuck in the bathroom, calling out to anyone who can hear me. Patiently waiting for one of them to bring me a roll. 

My daughter has heard my pleas before,come bring me a roll,throws it in the bathroom closes the door then proceeds to laugh so hard she’s on the ground holding her sides. That’s fun. Now every 2 days I expect the toilet paper stock in each bathroom,to be replenished. 

My problem. I think with all the money that our government spends on unnecessary things. This is something they should spend money on. In the past I didn’t think it was important to spend money on research of why ketchup comes out of the bottle slowly, or why frogs make noise. Yes, this was real research that people spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on. But I do think this one is important, why do single parent households run out of toilet paper so quickly. 

Hmm, makes you think!

5 thoughts on “The statistical analysis of paper products and domestication of unaccompanied parental figures. 

  1. Mischa Eliot says:

    Oh no, not in my house! I remember my mom (jokingly) freaking out when we were down to 18 rolls.

  2. lickitrightnow says:

    Oh that made me chuckle! This a true fear…shivers at the thought!

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