When He’s next to me

Its been almost 2 years together, I love it when He stays over. My only problem is, I can’t sleep very well. 

My mind wants to draw a picture of Him. I won’t know the next time He’s staying, so I can’t stop thinking. My fingers draw an outline of Him, as I caress His skin. Some days I swear it burns me. 

To watch Him sleep, put my head on His chest, hear His heart beating. I wonder if it beats for me, do our hearts beat in sync with each other. 

When He rolls over to me , and His arms are around me, tears fill my eyes sometimes as this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever felt in all my life. I feel safe,warm, so loved. He might start snoring in my ear, but He’s mine, as I’m His. 

His body up against mine, I feel this warm electricity between the 2 of us. Nothing can make it happen, nothing can stop it, my mind just feels it. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. 

I’ve shared a bed before, such a simple act between two people. But if its so easy, and nonchallant then why does my heart ache when He’s getting dressed to go in the morning. Why do my hands want to feel His body and explore Him more ,like a new land. Why do tears form in my eyes, and when I catch the last glimpse of Him as the door closes ,those tears fall from my eyes. I miss Him as though ill never see Him again. I know I will, but its to much to be away from Him.

My soul calls to His, waiting for His answer. A small text, Him at my door can take my breathe away even after all this time. I adore this man, I absolutely love Him with everything in me.

I do wonder… By the time we live together will this still happen, or will my heart,mind,soul finally realize we can be at peace and get rest for He is always going to be here. Or shall I live in this torment forever. 

How did this happen. Where did it come from. All I did was answer a text from this beautiful man. And my life has not been the same sense, so thankful. I don’t want to go back, I cant, now that He has awoken this in me. Was it His plan. How did He do that. Am I asking the wrong questions. 

All I know is that there is none like Him. No one will ever have this affect on me as He does, its only about Him. I am the luckiest woman alive, tired! But still so lucky.

I love you Master, thank you for all you added to my life, it is a pleasure to serve you. I do love the privilege of sleeping next to you. I will not take it for granted.

– His babygirl


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