Oh what a night!

Mix – Kool & The Gang – Ladies Night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjG7-5kbevo&list=RDLjG7-5kbevo

As you know, I have the best Daddy in the world. That’s fact, not opinion. You can google it! Lol.

Since months ago when my pain got worse, He’s been by my side, being there for me, being understanding, so wonderful. He’s so loving, as His slave has been having a tough time. After surgery, well now I’m healing. He’s still so supportive, loving, and kind. I can’t do much but sit there like a bump on a log. I feel quite unproductive. It’s just not me. He wants me to take it easy, heal. I’m trying!

Lately, I’ve noticed a very horny Daddy. How can I take care of Him, and myself at this time. I come up with a scathingly brilliant idea. So, I ask my bff if she would please take care of my Daddy since I can’t. She’s a great friend to us, and we’ve had fun before. She’s more than willing to let Daddy get His needs met, that makes me happy. 

We schedule a time with her. And once we are all together, it’s on. Yes, it was ladies night! My bff will take my place for the night, be His plaything. I will do what I can, and take pics! Its hot, I wished I could have been on the receiving end of Daddy’s cock, but as my body would get more horny, I could feel lots of pressure. So i won’t be doing much. I had this pulsing of pain deep inside, my pain pill did nothing for me, but calming myself helped, about 45 minutes later. I wasn’t about to complain or ruin this for Daddy. I love Him so much, I’m hoping He knows how much! That my actions tell Him all the time. My Daddy and my bff had fun, that made me happy. That was the point. I’m glad I got to be there, and watch, I could do that again, hopefully once I’m healed. 

They both acted alittle strange, but I kind of expected that, it wasn’t a true threesome, but it was the best I could do. But being supportive so Daddy knew I was good, was my job too. I had no bad feelings at all. My bff helped me with my Daddy. My Daddy loves me! I feel very secure. 

Later that night, I was headed to the movies with our daughter and her bff. She has been working so hard at school, around the house since surgery, she deserved a fun night! I was headed to the movies, and Daddy surprises me and comes along, can’t say I’m disappointed, I love time with Him. I just don’t try to get my way, I know He’s busy, I respect His time. I know how important I am to Him!

Once the movie was over, I have to take our daughters bff home. Daddy was so sweet and attentive all night. When we get home He stays the night, another great surprise! I felt so important to Daddy. I might not have a ton of money for the holidays, but I can make sure Daddy knows how I feel about Him. That He knows I feel secure enough to do more threesomes.

I love how it just feels like a family. I am loving my life with Daddy, I couldn’t be happier. I think Daddy shows me all the time that He’s happy too. Sometimes He drops hints about our future, that’s so sweet, I love being reminded that our future together is what He wants. I know most men aren’t like that, but I like it! 

The future is looking great! 

-His babygirl

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