Christmas is coming

This Christmas won’t be easy, it won’t be full of stuff, gifts, all the things I’d wished I could buy. It will really be about family. I have one regret that I don’t make enough to save a lot to make sure things are covered, just in case.

I have one thing this Christmas season that no amount of money can change, I have my family. Rich or poor, if you have love, you’ve got all you need.

I have picked up stuff from dollar stores, thrift stores, not really what I wanted, but they will have something to open. 

I come from a wealthy family,my past, but they were never happy. There was no amount of money that was ever enough. No one was grateful for what they had. Money really can’t buy everything, I know many think it will. What I will focus on is the smiles across from me at the table, as we sit down to eat together. I have the world’s greatest family! A Master who is the most wonderful man, my kids whom I love and adore, my Masters children who mean the world to me as well!  I will give thought to my family, as we no longer speak, I don’t feel bad about it was a necessary choice. 

But there is this one little boy, whom I miss every year. I miss Him the most. I never got to hold him, kiss him, change him, or watch him grow up. He’s my little angel. My forever child. I miss you lil one, all year long! There is and always will an empty place in my heart where you belong.Sometimes I whisper your name and I hope you feel the love I have for you. What I wouldn’t give to hold you just once in my arms, but I know I’d never let you go twice. 

I hope you know how much mommy loves you. I hope when I get your balloons this year that they find you, as I wish every year since you’ve been gone. 

As we , your family, get ready for this Christmas, just know there are more people in our lives. We really love them a lot (E, R,&B) but we love you too! You’re not far from my thoughts, I love you.

Merry Christmas my sweet boy!

I love you!

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