Time for SEX!!!! 

Yay! My dr gave me the green light for work and sex! Omg!!!

I can hardly wait to have my Daddy back inside my body, it’s been months that He’s had to take it easy on me, im not sure I can take everything He will dish out, but I’m up for whatever and however He wants to use His slave. I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

I get to be used by my Master! For His pleasure, which excites the hell out of me. For the love of God, ive been patient. The pain was awful. I’m so looking forward to feeling His fingers on my body, as He traces the outline of this body that belongs to Him. Every inch of me in His hands, very capable hands. 

His lips touching mine, as He works down to the part of my neck, He knows the spot! and places a soft kiss  there. Omg! He knows what makes me wet, makes my body start to shake and quiver. 

I can hardly wait to be on my knees before Him, serving the Master who owns my heart , body, and soul. I couldn’t love anyone more than the man who puts me first in His life. 

Daddy, thank you for the time ,before and after surgery, that you have given me. I haven’t been in a mood to serve, you’ve been the most patient Master. Attentive,loving, caring. I’m the luckiest woman alive!


4 thoughts on “Time for SEX!!!! 

  1. WOW! Does he see these posts? Is he your husband? I love the post, I am just kinda blown away…This is just as good as fifty shades except your pov is real.

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