I realized I won!

Tonight, wasn’t so great. Mother nature is a cunt. I hate you you bitch. I just wanted some time with Him, and you cock blocked me. Then my tire has a blowout. I couldn’t change the tire, no tools, no jack, no way I’m gonna lift tge tire. I need help. I need Daddy.

I’m not good at asking for help. There have been a few men who humiliated me once I needed help. I vowed to myself I would never ask a man for help again. The thought is just not logical. Sometimes we just need help. Whether it be a ketchup bottle, someone to listen, or change a tire. I have had to learn to ask Him for help. More times than I like to admit. But He’s always there, He’s never humiliated me. I fall in love with Him more when He’s there rescuing me. I never knew I could love being rescued. My Daddy is my hero. I never had that in my actual father,nor my ex. 

Then I learned tonight that I’ve been waiting patiently for karma to pay my ex back for all that he has done to my kids, to me. But karma never comes. Instead I get to watch him buy off-road toys, go hunting, help his nieces and nephews with their children, yet he ignores ours. Hardly gives me any money to take care of them. I try to not complain, because life is much better. I’m not with the asshole anymore , so life is good. I’m not being hit, put down, treated with disgust, called fat, have to hear how sexy other women are. 

Life did give me something that I will cherish til the day I die. I get to spend the rest of my life with Daddy! See, nothing to complain about. He treats me like a queen. He’s attentive, loving. My god, He loves me so much. He loves my children, He treats them better than their own father. Nothing is to hard for Daddy. He’s been feeling like crap, it was hard to ask for help for that reason alone, He needs His rest. Now He has to rescue me. There was no one else. My Daddy has even helped His Exes. I often wondered why, His response puzzled me. He wanted His children to know that even though He wasn’t with their mother ,He did love her at one time and she takes care of his kids ,so it’s ok to help when she needs it. He does have His limits. But He’s a great example of what a ‘real’ man is like, should be like. I notice my respect for Daddy grows the more I watch Him. How He reacts to the world around Him. He’s a good man! My good man. Bitches back off, I’m not about to lose this man. Ever!  I am going to try my hardest to ask for help, let Him rescue me. I want to learn what a ‘real’ is like in every aspect of the word. I’m worth it, He thinks so! 

I get to spend the rest of my life with tge man of my dreams! Maybe that’s the karma everyone is talking about. I just need my Big Daddy! Life is good💖

Thank you Daddy, I love you more! 

– His babygirl


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