Dear Santa…

I need to see Santa, we’ve got some things to discuss. Maybe negotiate a little bit?  I could flat out ask him to give me all the stuff I want! I know it’s only Santa, not a magical lamp. Oh my, a magical lamp with a genie inside! Infinity wishes! No no no… We’re getting off track, how far would I have to travel for the magical lamp , especially without a magic carpet to get me there quickly, I’ve got no time for that. I need Santa. 

I need a plan. How do I get that fat, judgmental bastard to give me everything I want/need? Would he really turn his back on the sweetest babygirl ever? OK, maybe not ever. 

Maybe I can disguise myself, get a fake ID. But then that doesn’t seem right cuz this is Santa. He sees me when I’m sleeping, knows if I’ve been bad or good, I should’ve been good, for goodness sake. But I took that to mean it was more of a suggestion,then outright law. If I’m good for at least one day, half a day, OK an hour! Would that show Santa I tried? Now he can help me with a job, money for bills,food. A better car, clothes, a home. Oh yeah, and sprinkle some magic in the lives of those I love:

  • Daddy and his kids
  • My bff and her kids
  • My bff and her new hubby
  • My bratty bff and her new hubby
  • My kids
  • The homeless guy I saw this morning 
  • Me,me,me,me,me

I know I’m usually not selfish, but if Santa has some magic, I want it all. At least right now. I could write him a letter of all the things I want right now. But then it’s days before Xmas, will he even see it. Mall Santa? No, they are just horny Santa’s that won’t care either. I can text him, email him. I will probably have to start my email to like this:

       Dear Santa, let me explain…

What if Daddy knows Santa, and has already let him know I’ve been a very bad girl,by Daddy’s standards. He wouldn’t let Santa bring me anything. But Daddy, I need some stuff…

What if Daddy was Santa? Nah, Daddy isn’t fat,old, have a round belly,no long white beard. But He does like me to sit on His lap and tell Him what I want like the naughty girl I am. Umm I mean nice girl that I am! Nice nice nice, all day long.

Will Santa give me a reprieve from the past year? I hope so. What if he doesn’t, what if being bad has put me on the ‘naughty list’ permanently? What if he sees me, lets me start to talk, then stops me and says; ” you’ve been a very bad girl, I can’t help you”. This is what I’ll expect from him.

I could flirt with Santa, flash him a smile,show some cleavage, sit on his lap and make it hot. Promise to give him stuff, if he gives me stuff. Daddy would likely not understand, and I’d be in more trouble. OK, not sexy with Santa. 

How do I get what I want???

Could he surprise me? Sure. Will I get all I ask for? I won’t know til I ask. I won’t lie to him, like promise to be good, try harder, we both know I’m not gonna do that. 

Maybe that magical lamp is sounding better and better. 

-His babygirl

Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa,

From Daddy and babygirl!

If you never hear from me again, then you know that Santa and Daddy took care of my bratty ass, send help!


One thought on “Dear Santa…

  1. Very cute post! I hope that fat old bastard gives you everything you want for Christmas 🙂

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