I love my memes

I really do love memes, they just say what I can’t say, or when I can’t find the right words the meme does. It’s like someone just gets it. I am deep, when I want to be, and I’m choosy as to who gets to see that part of me, most have not. All these memes are for Daddy, either He has said, I might say it or think it, or it’s how I feel and I can’t say the words, even to Him but I think my soul has whispered to His many times!

Hehe, I thought it was funny! It should be on a list before you put a ring on it, but this is a good start!

I’m so wanting a relationship like this, if we can’t play together how will we live together? I hate adulting, unless I have to. But I love to play with Him! Not bratty, just be His playful kitten, but hell yeah I’d shoot Him ,with a nerf gun!!He will never see me coming!

Here’s why He’s my world: one day the kids will grow up and go do their lives. It will just be us, I want that thought ,of just He and I, to drive me to a happy place, He just does it for me!

He’s everything I never knew I wanted, needed. Now that I’ve tasted life with Him, I’m thirsty/ hungry for more. If He would ever go I wouldn’t be the same. It would kill me.

The other night, exactly what happened! Omg!!

Yes, I am!
What? You were looking for something more philosophical. That was your mistake, check back soon I’m working on a few things! But this babygirl is hungry for Daddy! Incase you missed that part,lol.

– His babygirl


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