How I fantasize life with Him will be

I know I’m a hopeless romantic, but I do see me and Daddy getting closer than ever as we get to the point of ready to live together. We’re close! A new phase/ level for all of us. I’m so excited, so ready for this. I see only great things for us as we share our lives even more than we do now. I just get butterflies in my tummy!  Here’s how I see it! 

At the end of a long week, just star gazing together, because we can. Will there be more stars in the sky, than in my eyes?!

Falling asleep like this, I love to listen to His heartbeat, I wonder if it beats only for me!

Long walks, being healthy together!

Having fun, embarrassing the kids, just being silly together!

I love being playful with Him! Running from Daddy, once He catches me… Fun

Sharing a meal together! OK, I’m not into sharing my food so much, but I can see cooking together!

Find something intellectually stimulating!

Starring into His eyes, cuz I swear each time He can see into my soul. Plus I get turned

Even when out doing our own thing, still texting each other, putting a smile on His face!

Enough said…Lol

Daddy and me forever❤

Well this one is pretty self explanatory! If you don’t get why we would stay up all night… 

I love Him so much

Then one day, when it’s right for us… The next next level!

How will He do it?? He’s a romantic as well, so I know it will be something so sweet, so surprising! Yes, we’ve talked about it, I just know nothing else.

Will it be like this?

Or like this? He’s made speculation plenty of   I’ll be surprised anyway it goes! It will be another of the happiest days of my life. 

However any of it goes, it will be special. Our days to remember! But with our memories we are better off taking pics so we know we will actually remember it! It feels like a new part of our journey is coming, we both hope it’s wonderful, it’s been the best so far. I love this man. I’m the luckiest babygirl ever!


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