Tangled web

Recently someone we know made a tangled web of lies. When it hurts those close to you it’s so hard to deal with. For me, i get angry beyond words, overly protective, even if the person can protect themselves. I want to lash out irrationally. Maybe cause you some pain, as you hurt those around me. As i process i start to feel sorry for you, since i could think of this person as a pathetic waste of human life,But I won’t. You only get one shot at this life thingy! And this is how you chose to spend it. Wouldn’t you rather make someone smile, think of you fondly? Even want to enjoy your company?

Karma does come to find you. Maybe not today, or tomorrow,but one day. You can stop it from giving you bad stuff ,as you’ve done to others.  One day you will have to look in the mirror, can you live with the person you see? Maybe not. I’m not being your judge and jury, I’m just saying…  An ugly heart is not something that will make your life happy. I find it hard that you don’t want happiness in your life. That you wouldn’t want to treat other ppl better.

Have you ever thought about anyone but yourself? Probably not. Do you even realize how your lies cause anger, and so much hurt in ppl i care about. All it takes is a heartfelt apology from you…

 I had plans to try to get along with you, I really wanted to try to be your friend, but that ship has sailed. I feel sorry for you cuz I’m pretty sure at one point in your life, you were probably a nice person. You can still find the old you, change your ways. Affect ppl in a positive way, So you don’t find new victims.

My next thought is that once you move on soon.very soon!! I wonder how many more ppl will have to be hurt by you. That saddens me.  You must be the saddest person alive. But, You really should be your own public service announcement, ” This person may be hazardous to your mental health”. 

I caution you to really change your heart. Mend your ways before there’s nothing left of you but a shell of a person. Show your children a good woman, how to be a wonderful wife someday,  be a great mom to your kids. Be the kind of person with some integrity. Make sure you can look yourself in the mirror, before you lose sight of how awful your behavior has become.

I feel sorry for you. That as you do all this, it’s  somehow entertainment to you. With that kind of thinking you will wind up alone. With only your lies to comfort you. 

 We won’t be friends, but I will be cordial, as I am my Masters’slave, and will always do my very best to please Him in all I do. My Master knows me well, and knows in any situation I would never embarrass Him, no matter what. But that’s as far as it goes. I hope you stop this and see that you are causing so much pain. 

You really are one of the saddest ppl I’ve ever known. I hope you choose better, I really do. I hope you look at the ppl you’ve hurt, and it makes you want to be better, for their sake. They deserve it.

– His babygirl

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