Who shall come first?

As I think of the future, this meme has penetrated my thoughts. How do I really feel? 

Well, even now in our lives I put Daddy first in my thoughts. There are times when the children need to be up there in my thoughts, sickness, school help, going places, or work. But this doesn’t Trump Daddy. He is the head of our household. So personally I think the best think I can do for our girls is show them how a man is to be treated. How He is to come first. This is not just about serving, but a deserved position since the man of our home, Daddy, takes care of everything else. Our needs are His driving force daily. So how can I take that for granted. I need to our show our girls how a man is to be treated. I must be there example of what a woman does when she has a real man. 

The real man in our home should be revered, served first, taken care of to the best of my abilities. I hope I am giving them something they will always hold onto. As it is the way it should be. Complete balance. 

If He wasn’t a good man then don’t treat him accordingly. But find inside yourself a place of respect for men. They have more riding on their shoulders each day than us females dare to think about. And they do it with such grace. They protect us, provide for us. Love us. What more could you ask for?  I have the most wonderful man alive, I hope our girls know this! 


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