I had a blast tonight with Houdini,oops I mean Daddy. I love spending time with Him. Tonight we went out, He knows my fav football team is the Steelers and He cheered them on with me. Only for a bit cuz they really sucked tonight. WTF happened to you boys? You usually play like nothing can stop you, so explain tonight, cuz you boys sucked ass. Went out there and acted like you had no idea what you were all doing (Getting off my soapbox, rant over). So we had some good food, took some fun pics together. We were just our goofy selves. I could definitely do that forever!!

Gotcha Daddy!!
As you can tell we love being fun and acting goofy! But then as our evening was coming to an end, we’re talking and He just reaches over, starts kissing my neck, few nibbles. OMG, now I am wet and want my Daddy!  He’s like a magician, like Houdini, that He knows how to wow the crowd. Yeah, I’m the crowd.He’s charming, He’s sexy, and He just somehow knows every spot on my body that will turn me on. And I was behaving myself all night long. And then He had to go and get my body going, not nice Daddy! He left me with … Well comparative to guys blue balls,lol. I crave my Daddy all the time. He’s definitely on my mind a lot. 

But tonight was so much fun. I think we both needed some fun. We have more than enough stress in our regular,day to day life. It’s nice to just let it all go and have fun together. I’m counting on that forever! 

Now I’m wanting more fun…

-goofy golf


-antique malls

– other fun stuff!
I love you Daddy!


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