I’m loving this song!

I attached a video. The band ‘DNCE’, their first single; ‘ cake by the ocean’. I love the energy in this song. It’s great. It’s a little dirty, and I like that too. To be perfectly honest, I would join in on a good food fight any day! But that’s just the babygirl in me.

Joe Jonas , in my opinion, was the most talented brother, musically. For the love of God please don’t let me have to see any of them act. Not so good…

But definitely musically, Joe Jonas has it going on! His range is still fantastic. He really adds his own energy to this group. Which I know none of them. All seem to be very musically inclined. I was impressed with song. I like the song ‘toothbrush’ as well. I’d like it more if it was faster like this one! Just my preference. 

I hope to hear more from them, I’m impressed so far.

One thought on “I’m loving this song!

  1. exoticnita54 says:

    Yeah.. really nice đź‘Ť song..

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