It’s to late to run, He’s ours now!

This is me and my daughter, yes I hide my blonde! But if you’re around me long enough you pick up on it!

So, my daughter and I are folding laundry tonight, and we decide on a movie. She reminds me that we have double, and triple movie copies. We start laughing so hard.

She’s making jokes and then looks at me and says; “You know mom, when we live with my dad He’s gonna think we are nuts having several copies of the same movie. 

“Sweet girl, some work and some don’t”

” Why don’t we throw them out mom?”

” I don’t know sweetie, I guess it never occurred to us”

” How will we explain it to my dad? That we are nuts, we keep broken movies, what will he think?”

” Sweet girl, I think He’s knows we’re all nuts and need a leader here”

We start laughing again. She looks at me again and says;

” It’s to late for him to back out, he’s stuck with us!”

” I know sweet girl, he doesn’t seem to mind!” 

We are laughing again. Life is good! 


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