Oh the thinks I can think🌈

Dr. Suess was right. The things my mind comes up with! 

I wonder why the juice V8 is called that. What happened to V1 thru V7?

 How do you get almond milk? I just want to watch someone milk an almond.

I’ve heard of olive oil, sunflower oil. But how do you get baby oil?

I’ve heard of full metal jackets how earth could anyone wear those?

So, my son let me know the other day, I was an inspiration to a woman he knows that is wanting to get out of her marriage. She’s been abused for awhile. My son let her know all I’d been thru with his dad, and how I got free. 

She asked if I had cried when the divorce was final? Yes, but not because I loved him. Because I lost so much time of my life, I can’t get one day of it back. I was happy at that time cuz I felt like it was done, someone let me out of prison. I was lost and confused, but I knew I would learn how to do this life. I knew I would screw up, but that was part of learning. I wanted her to have hope, feel empowered to go on with her life. I wished I had done it when my kids were younger, but I can’t think like that. I wished I had left after the first time he humiliated me in front of others, but I can’t think like that. I wished I had left after the first time a fracture appeared on my body from him, but I can’t think like that. I wished I had left the first time I had to gravel at his feet, but I can’t think like that. I wished I had left before my children had heard or seen the violence. 

Life got better once the healing began. I know have the most wonderful man in my life, Daddy. I have to admit I was scared at first, always ready to run because I couldn’t handle being hurt, thought I might be lied to. What if Daddy hit me too, besides spankings! Would He humiliate me, make me gravel too. Would I lose my identity again. Would anyone ever care that I have no self esteem? I was very skiddish. 

Actually Daddy cared about all these things. He’s had His job cut out for Him. I’m a handful, not always my fault. Sometimes I just really need His support. Or Him to remind me that I am special to Him, loved, and He’s not going anywhere. He reminds me that we have plans for our life, and that we will have forever together. When I am at His feet, He treats me with such greatness. I feel like a princess. I love being in slave position in front of Him. I have not once, in almost 2years, felt humiliated. Even when I’m having a blonde moment! He still makes me feel loved. A simple text at times, shows me I’m important to Him. 

I’m looking forward to the rest of my life, how I got so lucky? I have no idea, but I’m glad it’s my turn to be happy. To be with the man I love. 

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