Just a lil advice for any dominant

I’m not an expert on being a dominant, unless I’m in mom mode. Other than that it’s exhausting. I’m never sure why anyone would like it. But this world is full of dominants and submissives. 

My only piece of advice is let your submissive see you, the real you. Don’t be afraid that if we don’t see you as dominant 24/7 we would lose respect for you. We won’t. We need to see your flaws and all. We need to know you’re a real person with emotions, problems. I promise we don’t see you as weak, but that you trusted us, as we must trust you. It only serves to bring you much closer. My Daddy is like this with me. I respect Him so much for letting me be so close even when things are falling apart. 

He’s a human being, in a human world. I serve Him even better once He’s been so open with me. 

I dated dominants before Daddy, one thing Daddy has always done was just be real with me. I was shocked at first by this. I thought He was nuts, but then I saw a side to myself that I only reserved for friends, not one Dom in my life before Daddy got to see my very playful side. It just didn’t happen. Sometimes in this lifestyle I think we do get hung up on our roles that we fit in. We forget there are real people behind the titles. 

He might be my Master, but He could have had a bad day, anything could have happened to Him and as He lets me go thru things with Him I feel so close, more love for Him than I thought possible. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, what I have with my Daddy is rare and I’m fortunate enough to know that. 

Daddy taught me there’s a time to be His slave, and a time to be His babygirl. And sometimes just a bit bratty, but don’t push it. Who am I kidding,  I push that brat thing a lot. But then He balances it back out. Bends me over whatever furniture is closest and spanks me. Oh yeah I feel it. He’s even let me know He wouldn’t be afraid to spank me in public either, somehow I believe Him. I’m just don’t dumb enough to find out. 

I can tell in most situations what’s expected of me.  Slave, babygirl, woman at His side, biker girlfriend. A few times I don’t know what He’s wanting so slave position it is. He will do this ‘hot as fuck’ growl thing, tell me how beautiful I am as I am honoring Him , I bow for no one but my Daddy, He will stand in front of me, put His hands out for mine , as He guides me up. He lets me know how touched He is that I will honor Him no matter what, but then He looks at me and smiles and says:

“Tonight I don’t want that, I just need to hold you”. It’s like He reads me so well even when His day has gone to crap. I’ve always wanted to know how He knows I just needed to be held for the night. 

Omg, He just needs to hold me! I have value, I’m loved beyond all measure. Where did this man come from. I’m always so thankful He wants me! Billions of women on this planet and this man wants me. Wow.

So to all dominants, let her see the real you. Let her into your heart. Let her dance thru your soul. You just might meet the woman, umm submissive of your dreams! 

( This can go either way,I only write in female submission, not leaving anyone out). 

I hope I don’t overstep my boundaries with any dominant who does read my blog, I mean no disrespect. But I do like feeling close to my Daddy/Master. For the first time ever in this lifestyle and in real life, I’m complete.

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