Time to pay the piper, oops I mean Daddy

As babygirl had come into the house with several shopping bags, Daddy was waiting for her. The house was empty, so it was just Daddy and babygirl , much to her surprise. 

She flung open the door headed down the hallway to their bedroom to hide the bags of stuff she bought. She turns the knob to the bedroom door and never even looked around the room. Just headed for the closet to hide all her new stuff. She had been so bratty lately, but felt it was all Daddy’s fault cuz since He had started His own business He had been so busy, she hardly got any time with Him. 

He came up behind her slowly, she heard something,spun around and saw Him,

” Daddy!” She said with delight

“Don’t Daddy me, what are you doing? Shopping? I knew you were acting a bit bratty lately,but this is not what I expected, you know your rules” he said in a very gruff voice.  She wiped the smile off her face, she was guilty and she knew it. He moved past her to get all the bags. He found the receipts as well. 

” You spent $140 without asking? Why? I can’t wait to hear this”

” Well, I missed you. I kept asking for time with you. I was bored, lonely. I needed you” she answered

” Not good enough. You knew I was busy, you knew how much I wanted to be home with you, and every night I came home so late, trying to make a great life for us. But now instead of a romantic night of dinner,shopping,sex, time together, you will get a punishment that will stick in your head and remind of why you will obey or it just gets worse”     

Her first thought was, ‘ oh fuck’. 

” Clothes off, Now” he said in a stern voice.

So far this punishment didn’t sound so bad. He got out restraints, and secured them to the bed. Her legs wide open, her arms above her head. 

” You will have breaks for some water when dehydrated, and bathroom. Other than that, your $140 shopping trip got you an hour and forty minutes of the worst punishment I can think up. Once you answer the rest of my questions we will see where you are at.” 

He asked her questions, she answered. He did not look happy. 

” Well babygirl as I see it you owe me about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Are you ready for your time to start?”

 She wasn’t sure what to say, she heard humming coming from her left side. Oh fuck no, he had the Hitachi on her clit and she was already struggling against it. 

” You guessed it, 2 hours, 15 minutes is what you owe me. You can cum, it will make your whole body hurt for this length of time, but by the time I’m done, you won’t want me to do this again. Next time I double the time. Do you understand?       She shook her head yes.

She was already feeling the effects of the Hitachi. Plus she’s multi orgasmic so it’s not just a few times here or there, it’s nearly full one shaking ,stomach tightening up cuz I’m having so many orgasms.’ She can’t handle it’ ,is what she is trying to tell Him. He just watched TV and went on about His business. 

” I was so wanting a nice night with you, you just had to be bratty and ruin it though. I’m so disappointed in you babygirl” 

As she’s cumming hard she’s trying to talk. ” I’m sorrrrrryyy Daddy” its hard to get the words out of her mouth. 

” I don’t know, we shall see how sorry you are. 

It’s been almost the first hour, her body can’t stop cumming, her stomach hurts, her hairs a mess, she’s sweaty, makeup running down her face, tears in her eyes. He did as promised he gave her water and a bathroom break. Once out of the bathroom,he hooked her restraints back up. Put the toy back on her clit. Immediately she was cumming again, or is it still… 

She wiggled to get away from the toy. He let her know that wouldn’t work. He had no sympathy. 

It seemed like forever til that toy was moved off her clit. she was ready for her time to be up. He counted down the last few minutes. Done. The toy was off her clit, her body needed to calm the fuck down. She’s trying to catch her breath, hoping her body would stop quickly. She ached all over. She was dehydrated, Daddy undid the restraints and helped her get in bed. He was ready for bed too. He snuggled up next to her, just held her for a while. 

” Next time don’t piss me off and you won’t pay the piper, I mean Daddy. I love you babygirl”

” I love you Daddy” she said in hushed tones. 
* This is my original story, you may not use it. Thank you for respecting my property. 


Man in the mask

Daddy and I were in for the night. I was on the couch with my phone, he was sitting near me playing His video game. Out of no where He is talking about freaky things I like. We are talking about how I like being overpowered, rape fantasy. I was getting tired and decided to go to bed. I had been asleep for a while.i hear noises in the house, I reach for Daddy but He’s not in bed. 

As I get up to let my eyes adjust to the dark, I hear another noise. I start out of our room and quietly walk down the hall and turn to the left into the kitchen. I don’t see Daddy anywhere. I walk towards Daddy’s mancave. I call for Him,

“Daddy are you in here?”   Still no answer. I reach for the lightswitch but there’s no power to it. WTF? I see something move by the side of my eye, but before I can react whatever it is is moving towards me, and fast. I see something shiny. And within seconds I see a glimpse of light of the moon shining thru the window. I see a man in a mask, I cant tell what’s in his hand. I’m being shoved into the wall, a knife against my throat. 

The man before me is just starring at me. I start to struggle to get lose. 

“Don’t move” says the man in the mask. I don’t move. 

” Where are any valuables?” He says.  ” We don’t have any” I say out of fear, I’m wondering WTF is going on. 

” Don’t lie to me” he says in a deep growl. 

” I’m not” 

He brings His face closer to mine. He runs the cold Steele over my skin, brings the knife to the buttons on my pj’s and cuts it off. He’s does that with the next four buttons. My shirt falls open. He runs the cold Steele over my breasts. I shudder so slightly.

” You dirty girl, you like that” 

” Please stop” I say in a scared voice

” I don’t think so, where’s the bedroom?”

” Please don’t” I say with fear in my voice

” Move. Now.” He says

He grabs me by the arm and starts moving down the hall , ” which one is your room?”.  He lets go of my arm, grabs my hair and forces me close to him. 

” Which one? I won’t ask again”

I point to the last door down the hall on the right. He pushes me into the bedroom and pushes me face down onto the bed. 

” Don’t move” he growls

I’m not about to move. I hear him looking thru the closet. I’m not sure what for. He opens the top of the chest in the corner it’s full of toys and such, Daddy and I love to play. 

” Nice chest, these toys and rope will be great to use on you”.    I’m really not sure what’s going on, but I’m scared, I want my Daddy. He comes back over to me, pulls me so I flip onto my back. He starts tying my wrists. Then runs the rope around my ankles and soon it’s tied into my headboard. He’s stops, I hear more noises down the hall. Within moments there’s another figure of a man that walks thru the door. My fear kicks in even more, I’m fighting against the ropes. 

” Stop. Lay there like a good girl” the new man in the mask says.  I know that voice. The man comes up to me and puts something over my face so I can’t see. 

” Are you wet?” I can feel His hand reach over my thigh straight to the middle of my legs, he spreads them apart. 

” Hmmm, seems like you like this ” he says.  I figured it out, the second man is my Daddy! Oh fuck yeah! I know He will expect me to fight back, so I do. I’m getting wetter as He’s using more toys on me. 

He turns me around, and puts some lube on my ass and He’s sliding in. I am wiggling against the ropes, but He’s got a handful of hair, and pulls back I can’t fight. He’s fucking my ass so hard, oh yes. He puts a toy on my clit and I go crazy, I more wet. I can hardly breathe.

” You can’t cum” he says.  That is so difficult, I’m ready to let go, I need that release. We go thru a while of playing like this. He ends with cumming all over my face. I’m am so wanting to cum, but I hold it back. He stops, moves the toys from my body, unties me, puts my clothes back on, lays me in bed and kisses my forehead as my body is just spent. 

A bit later He comes to bed and snuggles up next to me, just holds me. That was the best time ever!
* This is my original story, you may not use in anyway. Thank you for respecting that. 2-26-17

The gift

He did give me something most wonderful,I get to talk! My gbff came over last night, we talked and talked for hours. He has known me longer than most people, and he definitely wanted to know what was up with me…

All I told him was that my Daddy wants me to talk. That my Daddy said in the two years we’ve been together I haven’t talked much. Well that’s mostly lifestyle. I have never been given the green light to talk. I can’t remember a master or a Dom who wanted me to talk, occasionally yes, but for the most part I was to be seen and not heard. That has been the norm for the lifestyle. 

Other slaves I know , most are like me, quiet. We are reserved until we are together having some girl time, we can’t shut up! If we text each other, we can’t shut up! We are female, we don’t shut up, but any master walk in the room, we STOP, dead in our tracks. It goes back to quick answers. ‘Yes Sir’ ‘ No Sir’.  

Our job as a slave: to listen, to serve, to respect, to give, to care, to answer, to please, to be of use.  Does it sound like we talk much? We don’t. We all can go to our Masters and ask to speak, when we really need to talk. That doesn’t mean things will change. But we were heard. It’s how a slave is taught to communicate. 

Now He’s changed things. He gave me this ‘ gift of gab’. He did not say if there were any rules. Like, do I still need to ask Him if I may speak and then actually speak. Maybe rules are coming. Maybe He wanted to see if I could even open up. But He started this, it’s pouring out of me. I haven’t held back. I just say it. It’s so exciting! I’m actually breathing easier, my stomach doesn’t hurt and it always hurts. It’s like I’m not stuffing it all for once, and staying silent. I can see how it could get out of hand. I know when I’m around people in Daddy’s life, do NOT make Him regret this gift. I’m to be seen and not heard at those times. How do I know? Cuz He never said it was a free for all. Say what I want, to anyone I want, at anytime I want. What He said was talk to me. 

This gift might be reserved for Him only. But being His property I also have to think about my position in the world as well. A slave would never run at the mouth and embarrass her Master. So there really are plenty of times when I just shut up in public, to friends, to family. But recently I haven’t. All of them saying the same question, ‘ What’s this new thing?’ 

I’m talking! Yes, there are words coming out of my mouth bitches, and most of you have just begun to hear me.
I do wonder will He take this gift from me, just have enough of me talking. Cuz I’ve got things to say! I don’t want to hurt anyone, especially Him. But what if I need to say something? There are times, many times,  like when He’s on His phone so much I just really want to say, “please put your phone down I really need your time” but I don’t say anything.  Or one of my kids, I really want to say: ” go live your gd life, quit making me take care of your ass. You don’t give 100% to be independent, and you seem perfectly fine with me taking care of you. You shouldn’t be fine with this, I love you but I’m fucking exhausted”. I let this same child know that since I cosigned for a car that went back to the bank, you ruined my credit, but you’re gonna help me pay for the bankruptcy. He’s owed me money in the past and I let it go, but this won’t be forgiven. You’re paying me. But there are others who owe me money,one person owes me $4000, and I’ve said nothing to them. But maybe I should.i don’t remind ppl that they owe me, I’ve not gotten any payments,I just let it eat at me. Even my gbff I told Him how I felt too. He was shocked, said it’s like a new me. 

I can see how this gift could get me into trouble too. But I can feel how freeing it is as well! 

Who’s next? Just step right up so I can tell you what I think of you, your life, your choices, how I always listen to your shit. But do you do that for me… 

Trust, do I trust Him?

Well, isn’t that the question of the day. I have trusted Him for the last two years. So as He is changing things does my trust just stop, did I hit a wall. Where am I?

Let’s get to these questions after explaining what’s changing. He wants poly. That’s not a surprise, but it won’t be two sided, just Him. I’m fine with that. I get my needs met with Him. I don’t like sleeping around, I like security and I have that with Him. 

Do I care if He has others? Not really, as long as I have plenty of time with Him, see that I’m important, I will need to trust that He won’t let any woman come between us. I still need ‘us’ time, time as a family, sex, dates,etc…

I was in a group discussion on fb about this subject. It was interesting. Yesterday, He didn’t think I trusted Him. I do trust Him. Now I’ve had time to process and here’s how I feel.

I know Him really well. He’s a thinker, He’s a smart man. I know He loves me. He’s shown me that I can trust Him with other things, important things. 

Such as: He’s great with the kids, they all love and adore Him. He’s never cheated on me. He knows me better than anyone. So I’m just gonna have to trust that He’s put thought into everything. EVERYTHING. I will have to trust that We are important and He will protect what we have. That He knows how special it is to me to call Him, the love of my life, Daddy, so plz don’t let another female take for granted what is sacred to me, plz. I will trust He knows how much this means to me. I will trust that He knows I need His time and attention or we won’t last forever. 

As I see it, He’s wanting us to grow together. So I’m just gonna have to trust that He’s thinking about us, our future. 

I think this is what He meant. I’m sure he’ll let me know.

Oh the things that I think

I’m worried about lots of shit, here’s part of my list:

Deal with a bankruptcy

Deal with SSI

I need a newer vehicle

Check with MVD

He keeps telling me spankings are coming. 

I will need to start looking at places to live. March is around the corner, I need a plan since my lease is up soon. A hotel might be the answer til I can save up deposits.

Do I look for a new job or hope this one works out fine

I’d like to spend some god damned money on myself. I’m always on the back fucking burner

I hope my son gets his truck running soon, cuz I’m beyond tired, and no one gives a fucking shit

I need some fun. Not sex, but actual fun. I used to be a fun party girl. I really just need to feel like I’m full of life, but sitting at home day after day, weekend after weekend is making me moody as hell. Listening to His fun filled weekends makes me jealous and resentful. I’d like to party with Him, but in 2 years we haven’t had time to do much. I could handle more fun. And by fun, I mean fun, not just sex. 

*This new talking thing is wow*

I think I should start a list of things I want to do.

1. Go to a casino. 2. Party my ass off. 3. I like museums. 4. Monster trucks. 5. Weekend trips. 6. Go see supercross. 7. I will think of more stuff

I will be getting His permission to go and do, go and just be. I need to feel alive again. I need to be around ppl. I need FUN. I know He’s busy, but I need to be out of the house. My babygirl side needs out.

I will just have to get used to go doing stuff alone. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. 

Well, I’ve got lots on my mind, I’ve got some drinking to do! Lots to get done soon

What if…

Today was a defining day for Daddy and me. He’s been letting me talk more, more like encouraging it. On my slave side, I don’t talk much. But today, I said more than enough. He did listen. Then He had some things to say to me. Later, when I got home from work, He had more to say. Part of me was scared to death, I know how powerful He is, yet He gave me this gift. 

I’m like a kid in a candy store. Do I dare tell everyone what I think? I did talk to my boss, said what I needed to say. Fuck, that felt good! But talking to Daddy, really talking felt great too. I have never been allowed to talk, thru years of marriage to an asshole where I did get hurt. My ex taught me I was to be seen and not heard. Trying having years of that crammed down your throat. But let’s not totally blame the ex, their were enough Masters and Dom’s that felt the same way. So years of not talking, suddenly are pouring out of me. 

I’m nervous on the other side wondering how far is to far with Daddy. I know Him well enough that He has already set my boundaries, I just have to learn where they are. My mind does worry about my bratty side, how much of that will come out of my mouth. I also wonder why He did this? He wants a slave, but not a quiet slave? This is all new to me! I hope I won’t make Him regret it. 

So, Daddy and I are talking last night. Only He says I am not listening, I am listening. If I am writing it here, then I was listening! OK, that bratty thing might be happening right now. I got what He meant! I thought long and hard about each thing He said to me.

Here’s what I got:

When others tell me of there past, trust issues,abuse,etc… I start by saying I understand, but don’t put that onto to the next person. And realize it’s not happening now. 

I’m guilty, I didn’t heed my own advice. I’ve been hurt and/or abused by enough ppl in my past. My Master has not been one of them. But last night I got to say, respectfully as I could, how I felt I had been neglected I guess, cuz I never thought He was trying to hurt me. I’m not sure if the word I chose actually is the word that works , but He understands what I’m saying. But damn, it felt good to say ,’ this was how that made me feel’. He wasn’t angry, didn’t seem like it. Maybe confused, cuz it was so long ago. I do build resentment and then feel perfectly justified in throwing men out of my life. I can’t do that to Him. He’s never hurt me. He’s always protected my heart. Things in His past, well He’s trying to change them asap. But how can I hold Him guilty for what others do? I can’t. 

I did attach a song that just speaks of everything that has gone thru my head. It’s about insecurities. I have plenty of those. Years of hearing I not thin, not pretty, not worthy. But my Master has tried changing that crap for the last 2 years. I didn’t let it happen, why not? Am I not even alittle pretty. I might not be super model thin, I’m not, but I could get eat better ( working on it). Am I worthy? This needs to go more in depth… Worthy of what? Love? Being a slave? As a woman?  No one ever defined this, I never asked. 

But maybe it’s time to let it all go. I think so. My trust issues, my man issues. My Master has not done any of the things men from my past have done. But He does want to build something with me. A life. I’ve never done that before. Sounds nice! I’m sure He has an idea of it will look like. My first thought is actually I hope I fit in. But I need to work on changing those automatic thoughts. They need to be more positive. He will guide if I let Him. I want Him to. I know it doesn’t mean do it for me, cuz the work is usually in my lap when He’s changing something in me. 

He doesn’t see me as fucked up. Completely wrong, unable to change. I don’t make big decisions, but perhaps with Him by my side I can! I have honestly never lived like this before. There will never be another Master like Him, ever. I want what He’s offering. A beautiful life, where the past will not matter, once He changes me completely and I stop resisting, it will be wonderful to see who I am then! I have heard of Masters like this before, never experienced this before, ever. But I’m not stupid enough to look real love in the eye and tell it to fuck off. I want what He has for us! I know something is here I’ve never had before. I don’t what it exactly it is, cuz I’ve never had it before. It makes me excited though. Excited for a long life with Him. Scared to, I can see it in His eyes the love He has for me, and the thought of ‘i might kill my slave’. Lol

Not sure that last part is a joke…

I can’t sleep tonight

I can’t sleep partly because I’m coughing my ass off. I cough and cough and my kids remind me that I’m coughing so loud it wakes them up, sry kiddos. And if you think my coughing is keeping you up, try being me.

I counted sheep, drank lots water, had to pee real bad, got more water. Nothing has helped. Soon I’ll be out of bed taking my son to work, hoping I’ll be at work myself. I’m nervous cuz I’ve missed to many days. So I tried to make the best of it. But now I’m gonna complain. My patience has worn thin with my boss.

It’s now 5am, I get a text! From Daddy. I don’t usually get texts that early from Him, so what a great surprise! We get a few mins to talk before He starts to head to work. In our short conversation He reminds me how much He loves and misses me! Is that the Sweetest thing ever! Every slave,sub, babygirl needs that.

He lets me know to that when with friends recently that He was talking about me, actually He used the word bragging about His slave. I’m not really curious as to what thing I’ve done to make Him happy, that is how I live my life, to make Him happy. He said enough. I was happy that just doing my job gave Him something to be proud of. He seemed like He wanted me to know, only I’m not curious. I was happy that He is pleased. Everything else is just noise. He did feel I should be more into this.

But here’s my own thinking: I’m doing my job as your slave if you are that happy with me as your slave. So, I have no need to know why. I know that there are women who live their lives trying to gain recognition, I’m not one of them. And by not knowing it is far more humbling to a slave. With me what you get is what you see. I do nothing to get noticed by anyone, but Him. When He’s pleased, I’m pleased. The fact still remains that you are happy with me. For me, that was enough. It was plenty. 

The other side of this coin is, that most women in our lifestyle don’t have much self esteem, me included. I’ve had to many years of men or dominants tear me down. To build a person back up, well that takes years to undo all the damage from before and give her the self esteem that she’s your queen. I don’t see myself as a queen by His side. But as His servant, His slave. 

Many women in our lifestyle build themselves up under false pretenses,or false pride. This I’ve seen many times, that is not what the LS is about. I’m very old school. 

I’m happy my Master is pleased with me, that’s all I heard! 

Thank you Master