Resist temptation

I must resist, I can’t give in. Temptation has no name. But it’s within my grasp. My heart is beating faster. Fuck, his scent has me hooked. No one will know, no one will find out?  

How can I say no. How can I resist any longer. Who will it hurt? I just gotta have it on me. Feel him all around me. Breathe in his scent. Oh god…

Yeah, that’s it. Slide it on my skin. I feel you. I want you. Is this real? It’s our secret. 

Yeah! That’s what I want, Daddy’s hoodie, it’s like sex candy to this babygirl. If He only knew how hard it is to see it hang in the closet instead of on me. His scent is on it, I want it on me. I want to feel Him on me, if He can’t be closest thing to Him is His hoodie. 
Am I right girls? This is how men lose their hoodies. We need them, cuz they are on you like we want to be! Deal with it! 

Yeah yeah yeah I resisted temptation. I wore my stupid jacket, but I want His so bad! Oh god YES! 

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