Excited and happy for my Daddy

Yesterday was a big day for Him! He became a business owner! 

Daddy asked me twice to go with Him. I never felt it was my place to go, but I went, glad I did. It was wonderful to watch Him, his partners, just do their thing. Before we ever left Daddy was trying to find a nice way to tell me ,His slave, how He wants me to behave in this situation. As I stopped Daddy, I looked at Him and said , 

” I get it Daddy! Sit there, be pretty, shut the fuck up”

He laughed so hard. While Daddy was trying to be His gracious and wonderful self, I didn’t sugar coat it. I knew what was expected from me. I only needed His attn once for a brief minute. He was kind enough to indulge. After that I pretty much listened, sized up the people at the table and formed my own opinions, played on my phone. I was a good girl for Daddy! I represent Him to the world, so being gracious and welcoming like Daddy is helpful, and what He expects. I won’t ever be anything less than a lady unless told by Daddy that I may break that at any given moment. He’s not done that at almost 2 yrs , so I guess He just wants His slave by His side being the picture of perfection. 

Even when meeting someone for the first time, as I did recently, I spoke to the girlfriend while Daddy was talking to the guy. He kept an eye on me, every move I made. I didn’t speak incessantly so Daddy would know I’m not one to just prattle on.

Daddy seemed pleased with me in both instances. I would never make Him look bad, or speak ill of Him, treat Him as vanilla women treat vanilla men, Daddy is valued by me more than that. I hope I made Him proud that I’m His. I’m always proud that He’s my Daddy! I do think that He’s showing me that our life is changing, getting even closer, that I’m trusted more and more.

So, once we left His meeting Daddy flat out asked me what I felt about everything, how I processed it all. I tried like hell to play the stupid female, act like I didn’t understand. OK , I really didn’t understand everything I’m smart, but I don’t know business. I had to talk, tough thing about Daddy when He asks a question He expects an answer. Me: I’m not so much a talker. With girlfriends yes, with Daddy no. I do talk, I am completely honest with Him, whether good or bad, I try to let Him know my fears, my concerns, things I need Him to support me on. 

I love you Daddy! I’m so excited for you, for us! I’m so proud of you! My life with you gets better and better. I can hardly wait to see where will be in a year, five years, ten years?! As long as we are together it will be great, anything that’s worth our time and commitment might be a struggle, we’ve had plenty, but we do this together!!


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