Our day trip to Tonopah, AZ.

Mix – Kane Brown – What Ifs (Audio) ft. Lauren Alaina: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGV5Yom8JEY&list=RDBGV5Yom8JEY

Daddy and I took a trip today, played hooky from work. We got a much needed break from kids, everything.

We needed time together, things have gotten so stressful and crazy the last few months. This trip was important to both of us. Put everything in perspective. 

We talked about the past, our exes, kids, life, hopes, dreams, us as a couple. The day was beyond words. It was just what we needed. We laughed so much, made love, we got a day together and got to be naked the whole time! Who could ask for more. Not us, it was perfect! 

I can’t wait for the next trip, hopefully longer than this one was.But I will have this man in my life forever so I’m not worried about it. I’ll take whatever we can get. 

As we headed home we both had this look, we both just knew we needed today. For me, it opened my eyes to some things going on in our lives. I can’t tell Him how I just stare at Him and watch what He’s doing. Several times I got tears in my eyes, I just love Him so much. I feel so good, I hope I never forget today! I love my Daddy!!!!!!
**Song I put on this post, describes how I used to feel, when Daddy and I were first together. I’d been hurt so much I couldn’t tell which end was up. I was pretty sure He was gonna hurt me and leave eventually. Lucky me He reminded me over and over that He’s where He wants to be. Today, nearly two years together, I’m not so scared of our future together! I want everything with Him**

Sorry, I bet you thought I was gonna show you pics of Daddy and I?! Nope, we were naked all day, that’s private!!!!

Thank you Daddy, it was fantastic today! I love you!

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