Massage therapy for 3 (original story by me) adult content, not for kids

As Daddy and I arrived at our destination we were looking forward to some good,kinky fun together. We secured our room where we would spend the next 48 hours together. No phones, no cares, just us! 

I get a brilliant idea for Daddy and I to relax with a massage. Oh that sounds so good. I call the number on the registry,for a girl to come to our room and help us out! I let Daddy know that I have a massage therapist coming to help us. But neither of us knew about this one thing…

We are settling into our suite. On the back patio is a hot tub, lounge chairs. Is Daddy thinking what I’m thinking? 

There’s a knock on the door. I go to answer it and it’s the massage therapist. She has a bag and her table. I invite her in and let her set it all up. She lights some candles for ambiance. There is some light conversation between us all, so she knows what we want. I want Daddy to go first, He works so hard I know He needs to rest and relax. But He insists I go first. We smile at each other. Daddy pulls up a comfy chair and sits and watching. I drop my towel, I’m naked on a massage bed awaiting a massage, from a very pretty girl. She walks out of the room for a second and comes back in, but now she’s naked too. Daddy and I look at each other and wonder if we are being ‘punk’d’! But the girl lets us know she likes being naked to do this is just a more sensual thing for her but she can put clothes back on if we want, we both let her know we are fine, all of us being naked. 

She starts to work on my back and my legs. I’m feeling so relaxed. I turn over for the front and this way it’s not just a massage but some touching. Daddy is happy and getting hard. The therapist starts at my breasts and as she’s massaging them lightly sucks my nipples, oh god that turns me on, I’m wet. She looks happy that I’m moaning and her hand goes down between my legs, she pulls my legs apart just a bit, and her hand goes inside she wants to feel how wet I am. After sliding 2 fingers in and massaging me from the inside she lets me suck the juices off her fingers. Daddy is fully erect and has His phone in His hands. I know what He’s up to.

I want someone to pinch me so I know this is real and not just a dream. But I like what’s going on, I sit up on the table and I pull her close to me and we kiss. It’s so hot. She likes my knees bent and she moves to the end of the table and pushes my legs apart, she’s climbing onto the table as well. She goes straight for my clit with her tongue. Oh god that is good. I want to cum, but I know my rules. I must ask Daddy each time I want to cum. 

“Daddy can I cum?”

” Yes babygirl cum for Daddy in her mouth” 

I do! Omg my god my body is cumming over and over again. Daddy is moaning from the side of the table and still has His phone in His hands. He’s hard as a rock. She looks up and Daddy pushes her head back down between my legs. He really liked that! So did I!

She lifts her head and is coming up to meet me face to face, we kiss with all that pussy juice on her, mmmmm so hot.

We look at Daddy and smile. I am getting off the table, so Daddy can get on! He lies back and we both go for His cock. Licking, kissing,sucking. It’s all good. Daddy doesn’t want to cum just yet so He instructs us to get into the hot tub and do more to each other, while He watches. 

In the hot tub I figure it her turn. We both stand so Daddy can make His video. I push her over the side and she opens her legs, we both get a great look at her. I start to massage her back and my hand slowly makes it down between her legs. And I go into her with 2 fingers. I’m going faster to get her to cum! It’s all fair, that’s what she did to me. Daddy seems to be happy! He likes His slave playing with others that He approves of. Usually only girls!

Daddy sits on the side of the hot tub. This time He wants us play with His cock again so He can squirt all over both of us. This is gonna be fun!


Now I do need to think about part 2. All of us in bed having fun together for this story! So maybe I’ll finish this story, maybe not! 

Hope you liked it. Please remember this is MY original story. Plz don’t steal my stuff. Thanks, babygirl


2 thoughts on “Massage therapy for 3 (original story by me) adult content, not for kids

  1. roxdom says:

    What a pleasant happy ending. I think we also need to otder some massage one day.

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