No Tomorrow

I’m watching Netflix and I see this new show come up. it’s called ‘No Tomorrow’. I really like this show, especially since the main guy thinks the world is gonna end soon. Yeah, sounds crazy, but it’s really a decent show 

The show got cancelled. But I did take something from it. The world doesn’t have to be ending for you to stop living in fear, or have just a safe boring life. Try new things, make a list of things you want to do, not so much a bucket list. The end doesn’t have to be in sight for you to live your life. 

There are so many things in this world that I haven’t done yet. Where to start?! 

1. Volunteer and make a difference. Since I’ve been single I’ve volunteered plenty of times, I do like it.

2. Go to place in AZ that is like a simulator for skydiving.

3. Crash a wedding, cuz it looks fun. Like the movie!

4. Food fight! 

5. Go play Lazer tag, but not with an epileptic, again…

6. Get more tattoos

7. Connect with Him on levels I never knew existed. I can’t ever do the disconnect again.

8. Drive a corvette

9. Go on a roaptrip to Vegas. Just cuz I haven’t been there in years and I like it.

10. Road trip to Cali. Not sure exactly where but I don’t care, I like it there

11. Roaptrip to karchner caverns in Tucson, cuz I’ve always wanted to, so why not.

12. Go to zoo , cuz I love it

13. Get into a nerf gun war with someone! Cuz it’s the legal way to shoot

14. Be in a bikini again!

15. Go back to my natural hair color, blonde. I went dark to have some fun, ready for a change

16. Go get the best steak ever!

17. Make a porn video with Daddy, personal video!

18. Watch Daddy dance, hopefully strip!  Cuz that was hot

19. Give Daddy a lap dance, cuz I want to be his personal porn star

20. Write more stories that are in my head

21. Figure out what I want to do with my life

22. Figure out how to get some peace of mind

23. Find a great school for lil babygirl

24. See some movies this year

25. Learn makeup contouring again

26. Start a blog or vlog with my daughter cuz she wants to

27. My daughter has an idea for a business, help her with it

28. Help my kids get to be more independent

29. Figure out all my debt and find a solution cuz it’s on my mind, way to much

30. Better car, soon…

31. Look at places to live, cuz my lease will be up soon. Need to save for this too. ( Mobile home, another apt), I need a plan.

32. Figure out lawyer situation

33. Start cooking again. Maybe a bigger kitchen would help? Idk

34. Teach my daughter how to cook even more things, she’s pretty good!

35. Shop again. Not buying any new clothes makes me dress like shit. I need some motivation to feel pretty again

36. More dirty pics for Daddy, cuz it’s fun!

37. Go to more museums! I like them. All work and no fun makes babygirl a dull girl.

38. Learn new things

39. I like my job but if it can’t be consistent, I need something new

40. Go see monster trucks again!

41. Go see dirt bikes. Even freestyle

42. Try to NOT go camping cuz it’s boring and I like things like electricity and indoor

43. Visit tonopah again and spend a naked day with Daddy, cuz that was so fun. More than a few hrs

44. Go to a football game for any team. OK not the




I’m sure there’s more stuff in my brain. Maybe I’ll add to this list or just make a new one in my notebook. Either way I like goals, and there’s stuff I want to do. This show is pretty good, sucks it got pulled. I found it positive and inspiring. There may not be a meteor headed our way to end our lives, but life has a way of sneaking up on you, before you know it there is regret and resentment for not doing more things that make you happy.

So I suggest you get inspired, maybe go watch the show, and have some fun in your life instead of it just passing you by. 



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