Margueritas and Mandy!

For Valentine’s Daddy and I decided on Mexican food and margueritas! While looking down at our menu, we both hear the sweetest female voice say,” would you like something to drink?”. Well, of course we did! Margueritas!!

Her name on a badge across her large breasts, ‘Mandy’. Beautiful young thing, blonde, blue eyes, cutest smile. We give our order and as she bends over to make our drinks her shirt is playing peek-a-boo with her cleavage, Daddy and I look at each other and smile. I know what that means! We will both engage her in a conversation and hope she may be up for playing with us. 

As she walks away, that Apple bottom and some serious shake, we both can’t help watching her ass. Daddy looks at me and says, ‘ I think she’s got a wild side and watch her be naughty as hell’.

‘ I don’t think so, I bet she’s one to experiment with lust and desire. She has this good girl look to her’. 

Now we both want to know who’s right? We keep making conversation with her, she’s talkative, fun, a free spirit. I follow Daddy’s lead as He starts to talk to her about stuff she’s done with guys, maybe even girls?! She’s telling us details as she works. Daddy gets her to agree to meet us after work for some fun. Daddy and I only live about ten mins away. 

Once she’s off work she follows us home. We start with a drink as we make small talk. She and I sit on the couch, Daddy sits in a chair facing us. We want Mandy to feel comfortable. I sit closer to her on the couch, I lean in to kiss her, she’s quite receptive. Daddy is sitting across from us in a chair, He’s encouraging us to do more. I let her take the lead so I know she’s OK with this.

Now she’s undoing my top so she can pull my bra out of the way, she ever so lightly brushes her tongue on my nipples in a swirling motion. Mmm I like that, so I return the favor. Before she left the restaurant she changed her clothes, she has on a tank top and shorts. I push her legs apart and I start to slowly move my hand up her soft thigh.i am headed inside her shorts , I’m playing with clit. Her breathing gets deeper. I thrust 2 fingers deep inside and she’s can’t breathe. I want to make her cum. Daddy is watching it all, He’s now got his jeans undone, His cock in His hands and He’s stroking himself. 

Mandy and I look at each other and lightly giggle. We stop what we’re doing and go over to Daddy and sit on the floor on both sides of Him and we tongue His cock, while still playing with each other…

Daddy was ready for us to do more with each other and Him, so we moved this to our bedroom. I’ve got her by the hand ,showing her around. I motion to her right, I want to show the huge walk in shower we have, there’s lots of fun to be had in there! Daddy is standing in the doorway watching Mandy and I kiss, I start to undo her shorts ,they fall to the ground and she steps out. We smile at each. Now she undoes my jeans and I am quickly out of them, were both half naked now. Yum. We both pull our shirts off and head to the shower just giggling, I think Mandy is gonna be a lot of fun!

Once in the shower, we are kissing some more, touching each other in naughty places. In this huge walk in shower we have seating on one side, I have her sit down next to Daddy so I can eat her out, get her going. Daddy starts kissing her and sucking her breasts, it’s all so very sensual.

We don’t stay in the shower to long, as Daddy has plenty of ideas for us! We are drying off heading for the bedroom. He bends us both over the side of the bed and starts spanking us. Nothing gets a girl going like swats on her ass. He puts his fingers inside both of us to see how wet we are. 

” You could both be wetter” He says

Goes back to spanking us. All of a sudden He stops, I hear Him in our toy chest, I know what this means! Vibrating toys! He likes to turn them on as He inserts them which makes it so much harder when He wants me to sit still. They are both on, and He’s pushing them into our wet spots. He has me turn onto my back,keeping the toy in, and spread my legs. He has her play with my clit with her tongue. As we both get going, He’s lubing up to go in her ass. She’s trying to push Him away but He reminds her she said Yes to everything tonight. I take my hands and caress her, as I can tell He’s stretching her open. She finding it hard to concentrate on what she’s doing, He does one big thrust and He’s in. She’s moaning, and it must feel so good cuz she’s is just making my clit feel so good! Which each thrust in her ass, Plus He’s holding the toy inside her, she wants to cum. He is not allowing that yet. He is living this, I can tell by the look on his face. He pulls out of her ass. He lays down on the bed, wants me in position so He can enter my ass while I’m on Him. He does remove the toy from me so He can go inside me. Omg! He spreads my legs with His hands and is holding them open. Tells her to get the toy I hate and put it on my clit, then every so often remove the toy and lick and suck my clit. I’m trying to hold myself back, but it won’t be easy, if I can stop it at all. With a toy on my clit, a girl near my pussy, and Him in my ass this will be highly unlikely. 

Daddy is ready for us to be in a different position, we are on our knees in front of Him. He cums all over us! He’s pleased with His work. Daddy lets us know that we were very good girls. 

She is getting cleaned up, and dressed. Our time together was great but has come to an end. Daddy and I had lots of fun with Mandy, we hope to do it again soon…

This my original story, do not take any part of it. Thank you. Babygirl


5 thoughts on “Margueritas and Mandy!

  1. Ooooh, keep the story going 🙂 “Moar!” I cry.”Moar!”

  2. It’s quite titillating…

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