The little things

The little things became the big things. Like growing older. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how he could want me, think I’m beautiful as I age. It was a huge thought in my head. I kept thinking, ” I do love this man, but he deserves someone beautiful by His side. I’ll leave when wrinkles set in, I can’t defy age any longer”. I figured I’d give Him an out before He thought of replacing me. I’ll just do it for Him. 

He had never said anything, this was my doing, a gift I felt He’d appreciate since He’s younger than me. He’s never complained. Never mentioned my age. It’s like it’s not a factor in His world. All He’s asked for is me to be physically fit, it’s better for my health. Can’t argue with that. He wants threesomes. And possibly take on another sub/slave ( I’ve never been ok with this one, it’s not something I can see me happy about). I guess it’s more about, I get jealous. Will she be younger, prettier, skinny, beautiful, gets more of His time than I do, does everything better than I do, makes Him happier, would she be the one who could replace me. Yeah, I’m pretty fucked up. I have never been with anyone in the past who hasn’t cheated on me. And all have let me know if I lost weight I’d be beautiful. The man in my life now, my Daddy, tells me I’m beautiful each day. I’m not able to believe it’s true, but it’s wonderful to read each morning!

I guess when we started, I’ve always done this one thing… Waited for Him to find the woman He should be with. Sort of like I’m a place holder til she arrives. In this life, I’ve never expected to find someone to spend the rest of my life with. But it’s a great thought in my head.i truly do want that, but I would sabotage that before it could begin. How do I know? Because I’ve pushed Him away plenty of times. He’s still standing right here. Which makes me happy, and makes me sad. Why do I feel so unworthy of love? Why am I not like everyone else, and need love too? 

Oh I need love to. Believe me, I need it more than most. It’s always come with strings. I’ll love you but… Conditions, and more conditions. He’s not done that, He’s shown me unconditional love. For the first time ever I get to see what that looks like! 

I test it. Daddy, will you still love me if I am not skinny, if I’m not pretty, if I’m just not in a loveable mood that day. The list is endless. But after the dust settles, He’s still right here, standing in front of me, arms wide open so I can melt into Him. You could never find another man like that( needle in the haystack theory). Which is no longer theory but more a conundrum, as in how or why are you still here Daddy? Why do you think of me for your future? I’ve never been good enough for any man, or their future. I’m just a place holder. I accepted this a long time ago. 

How do you look someone in the eyes and tell them you just don’t understand, you don’t get it. Why are you still here? Have you run out of options? There are women turning 18 everyday, so you can beat the odds of ” being stuck” with me. I can’t give you children, but I cook and clean. I can’t be beautiful like some super model, but I have tons of love to give away to the right man if someone would just stick around and let me love you. I have a great capacity to love, to give, to care. 

God I want to love you even more than I do now. I’ve never gotten to love more, it’s always been love quickly, they’ll be gone soon. I’ve waited for you to find her, and to start pulling away from me. This is all I know. Now I’m confused since you’re still here. Am I supposed to figure out this forever thing and how it works. I’ve spent so much time putting it off, who knew He meant it. Am I really supposed to plan on forever with you? Cuz I’m behind on that too. I never expected anything from you. Not a future, not living together, not maybe one day possibly marry you. I’d be here without those things. I’m not so arrogant as to think I even deserve those things. Because of that thought, I never long for those things. I tucked then into a box in my mind, marked ” things that you want, but won’t be getting”. 

I never put all my hope into you. Not because you failed, but because I did. You’ve said the words, shown me by example. Yet in my mind, you’re still looking for the love of your life. Who could blame you. I’m nothing, so I’ve been told in the past. 

Could it be??? That when you don’t belong to someone, you’re dating but you don’t have this feeling that you’re staying. Then you stay til you can’t do one more minute of that person, because you never belonged together? Ok, logical thought. Now here comes the man you are meant to be with. It’s always good.Love flows both ways. You miss each other when not together. You want more of that person in your life, you wonder if they do. You want forever, but you know that’s reaching farther than your faith. 

I have a friend who’s a psychic. She doesn’t see us together. So, do I go with that? Can we change our future whenever​ we want? If the universe has kept us together this long, is it meant to be, like fate? I hope so. 

I’m finally tired of waiting for you to leave. I’m tired of feeling like you’ll find better. I want to be in love and enjoy the ride! If that is not what you want, I deserve to know that if I’m not the future you see inside your head. I’m really a place holder. I’m fine with that, in real life that’s all I ever saw myself as. You make me feel I’m worth more. You really do. One thing I do know: your species has hurt me badly. To the point I haven’t appreciated all our time together. I had to go slow because men aren’t like you, not one. I just try to breathe. It’s the reason when you leave, I have tears in my eyes. No one has ever wanted to stick around and love me, but you have. It’s the reason I try to write down special moments, because I’ve never had them. It’s the reason I try to spoil you, no one has ever been worth that before. I do want to be in your life for a long time. Even if it looks like your house, my house, we get together when we can. People are used to things just being one way. Do I want to wake up to you each morning, sure. But it’s not a requirement. You can do your life, and I’ll do mine. We see each other as we can, it has worked so far. 

What started all this thinking? I saw this older woman, hair down to her ass, beautiful silver grey strands. Very beautiful face, even as she had wrinkles. She was soft spoken, dressed like a bikers ole lady. Thin. She was gorgeous! And I love to look at women. I do compare myself. I was just standing there, looking at her. She looked up at me , saw me staring. She smiled. I started talking to her. I didn’t want to offend her age. So I just look at her and say, ” my god you’re beautiful”. We have a short conversation, short but meaningful. She’s in her late 60’s. She is a bikers ole lady. She had grown kids, now grand kids. Life didn’t get in the way, she enjoyed it every step of the way! I loved talking to her, she gave me perspective. Could I be a great girlfriend, could I be a great bikers ole lady, maybe one day a wife. I smiled at her, before meeting her I wasn’t sure. She showed me that I can’t stop growing old, but I’ve still got something about me that turns heads. I’ve got a great man (I knew that!), So enjoy the ride. If I’m not happy, then I’m free to choose a different path at anytime I want. Do what makes me happy. So I heeded the advice of this beautiful bikers ole lady.     ( lucky man indeed). As we ended our conversation, she said she thought I was beautiful. I said ” I’m getting older, can’t be young and beautiful forever”. She said I’m beautiful cuz I look happy! I asked how did she know I was happy? She doesn’t know me. It was the way I smile, the way I carry myself. I didn’t make eye contact with other men, yet the man I love His cut was in my hands. I said He asked me to do Him a favor. 

I will never forget what she said! She smiled, ” yeah, He asked for a favor in the one thing that gives His life purpose, from the female who makes His life complete. His cut is part of who He is. He knows you understand that. Plus you have treated that cut with great respect. Face it He doesn’t have to say anything, you belong to that man, you ARE His ole lady”.  She made me smile. I’m not sure it’s true, but I do love Him, respect His world, not worry about being more involved as I’m at home, safe, doing all things behind the scenes that are equally important. 

I’m happy, I’m loved, I’m His, I’m His girlfriend, I’m His partner in this life, I’m His friend, I’m His confidant. I’m whatever He needs me to be! I’m not going anywhere! This is where I belong. 
All those little things, well they just became the big things

– Babygirl


Something real…

Believe it or not a real man will want a real connection with you, your heart, your soul. It will feel like a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection all at once. 

He will consider you as part of his own flesh. So he will feel he must care for you as deeply as he does his own body. Worry about you: your safety, have you eaten, has you’ve spent quality time together.

His goal will be to accept you at face value. But when he notices weak areas , to build those up. That’s what men do to themselves. Not all men, only those who truly have their own life together, then you will be an extension of him. 

He love and care for you as he does himself. If you don’t understand how much that is, let’s break it down. 

Real men work, does he earn a living? If not, move away from him fast. Unless between jobs, or independently wealthy, he will be taking care of himself. If he’s great at being a caretaker over his life he will know how to support himself, and those he must do for (children). 

He feeds his body, his mind. If he is feeding his body than you have a good idea that he knows how to care for his own needs. Supports his body. I’m not saying he must look like a model, but he must have his life together and not cause himself harm. Feeding his mind, is he well read. Can he hold a conversation on many levels, about multiple subjects. Does he like to learn new things. All of this shows you a man who enjoys his life, and the world around him. Do you have to agree with all his beliefs? No, but I enjoy a great conversation with my Master. He’s smart, well read on many subjects, and even though I may not agree with his stance on any particular subject, I respect Him enough to listen and really see His side. It doesn’t change my mind on my opinions, we agree to disagree. But I still love a good conversation with Him.

He will want to build you. Actually maybe break it all down to build it up. Men love to build themselves, it’s sort a gift of theirs. They build themselves, their path for life, look for a mate and build with her, children should be built on his strength, care, love foundation, he will build a future. If you trust him, he will build you as well. This is not to say you are not ok in any way. But a real man can see what you can become, your potential, weakness in areas that they know how to build that strength. He won’t build you into a female version of himself. He wants you to be you, but the best version of yourself. Women in turn, always take this the wrong way, poor men! We are fiery and ready to pounce or argue the moment a man opens his mouth. He sees it, he knows the areas in you that could use his help. Men know this real well. They put themselves thru this first. So, if you fell in love with this Real man, look at him carefully. He would really know how to help you. It’s like a quest for them. They automatically do it for their own children. Study him carefully, but mark my words, he can be trusted. 

Men, real men, didn’t fight against us when women wanted to vote, have equality. Your real man wants you to be able to fight for what you want. Be able to take care of yourself. Earn a living. Raise the children. If you have a real man, then he’s been in your corner and pushing you to be the best you. He will be proud of you. More romantic, because even he needs that connection to his other half. 

Real men are givers. He will want to give you everything, but also knows not to cuz it’s for your own good. My real man knows I don’t like making decisions. I can’t make a decision unless it’s an emergency situation. So what does he do? Makes plenty of ways that I must make a decision. I will say, ” but I’m your slave ,you make my decision for me Sir”. He will smile and add that He could find a million girls each day that would do everything His way. But that’s not what He wants. He is making sure I can take care of myself, and helping me to know it should be my decision. Now when I start making decisions in parts of our life that are off limits, and only His decision I’m promptly put back in my place. Balance. 

Real men are not as much into words as women would like. But that’s the difference between us. If he is doing these things you are being shown real love in the only way he knows how. He’s showing you, mostly without words. If you aren’t sure then just watch him. Make a list for yourself and read it often.

Did he care if I ate, did he want me to text where I am/ when I’m home. Did he mention something that could use change and maybe I took it the wrong way( gym, your cooking, laundry, shopping, cleaning, people your around, your driving, etc.. ) if it’s weakness or he knows you can improve he will mention it and push you-try not to be offended he treats himself the same way, and any others he cares deeply for. Pay attention! Are you hurting- he will try to fix it. Be honest with him if this is just something you want him to listen to because that man’s first thought is ( she has water leaking, I can fix this!) He will proceed to tell you what to do to change it, or show you how. Women typically get offended and we think he doesn’t care. In fact it was just opposite, he showed you the highest respect, he wanted to help change it so it’s not a weak spot for you anymore. See the love? Ever been there? I know my Master and I have, and even very recently. Although what I want changed, isn’t my thing, it’s His. This must be His timing to change things. He’s already said so. Remember their timeframe is not like ours at all. So ,see I’m not perfect either, I’m just gaining insight. See things I didn’t see before. 

Here’s the biggest tip of all! When your real man is in a situation that is not good for him, his family, he will change it. Just sit back and watch. Real men hate drama. They will assess each situation and see the weakness, make the change. It’s all about trust. Your real man won’t work on your timetable either. He loves you, but he’s got this. This is how he was born. This is what real men do. If change happened so quickly you would change faster, but we don’t. We fight the process. Thank God men have great patience too, cuz we would be cut out of their lives quickly if they didn’t. Other men see his woman acting crazy, men conversation is like this: ” what’s wrong with her? . No idea but I’ll assess and implement change, she’ll be ok”. 

Men just get it! Real men that is! If you are so unlucky as to find yourself with just some other kind of guy, well I hope you can find the kind of man you need. One to push you in life to find yourself. One to care enough to want to change things, or show you how. Cuz if he doesn’t care or try to change it, that’s a man who doesn’t give a shit about you. 

He won’t always express everything with words, but he will leave some sort of sign that he notices. He will make sure you feel everything he has to offer. Now that’s real love.
Thank you Daddy, you love me! Plus your job with isn’t easy, those before you didn’t care and left a damage path that you’ve been cleaning up for 2 yrs now. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for pushing me, thank you for guiding me to be the best me! I wouldn’t be here now without you. 

– babygirl

Men have this way about them, don’t be fooled

So, having a convo with a person who is recently separated. Of course you’re confused, the longer you’re in a relationship the more shit you have to work on. Define who you are, what your likes/dislikes are. 

This female has male friends, but also a love interest. After talking to a guy friend,she’s confused. But that’s what men do.

Your asshole species takes a totally disarmed female, she’s in an emotional state, most men’s bread and butter. Come on guys, you know I speak the truth. You set her on a path of questioning her choices. You work the convo to see where her vulnerable spots are. Once you have located the necessary info you go in for the silent kill. 

Make her doubt herself, her choices, her whole life. You become the trusted male who reassured her that you have her best interest, you’ve known her longer, or better. Tell her all men are scum and only want one thing, but you just want to protect her, see her safe. Yet she has no idea that as you go in for the silent kill, you are setting her up to fuck you, try a relationship with you. You will say all the right things, and while she’s confused and doubting everything, even her own name you have now acquired your target.

But, it’s a big but. Do you really care about her? Probably not, if you did you wouldn’t confuse the fuck out of her.

Do you just want to get inside her, and then push her away like most men will do? Probably. And here starts a long line in her head of why she won’t be good for any man. Cause you acted like a friend only to destroy her too. She thought she could trust you. She thought you cared. But it’s her own fault for being so stupid and naive, right? No. You’re still a complete asshole.

 Hopefully one day a female does matter to you, and you will grow up, treat her right. Because​ we all know that men, real men are capable of real relationships, real feelings, a real life with our species.

As I explain what this male just did to her. My son, who used this tactic, just like his father did to cheat, my son was an asshole too. He did and said these same things listed just to fuck any girl. Karma does come around, she’s a bitch. Now she’s alerted to the game. She didn’t sleep with him, but you know it could be coming. He confused her til he saw the deer in the headlight look. Now just reel her in, nice and slow. Destroy any other guy in your path. Men laugh manically here as you know you’ve done it. 

Once a female is alerted to all that will be said/done she gets to play her own game of payback. Or just give up on men til she’s lonely and ready to test the waters for a real man. 

Real men are few and we know it. For all reasons above is exactly why my Master forbade me from having contact with any other men while we were vetting. It was a requirement. If I was going to get to know Him, then He deserved my undivided attention. If at anytime I didn’t feel this was the Master for me then please tell Him, and I woukd be on my way. He was the first man who ever did this to me. At first I was offended. But I am a thinker, I saw His side, what He was doing. It’s a brilliant thing to do. No men destroying what could be. No men confusing me, and He didn’t either. No men wanting my time whilst I got to know Him. The fair and balanced part of my Libra brain was moved and agreed. I didn’t talk to any other men. No texting, no sexting, no pics, nothing. He had my undivided attention. He used it wisely too.

He really did get to know me. He really did listen. He gave me attention. The way He handled me and Himself i was impressed. How would He know I’d be the slave for Him? Once a few months went by, I was ready to give myself over to this Master. I did commit to Him. But completely becoming His slave was a process. Now 2 years later, I’m glad He didn’t push me to go faster. 

He has molded me the way He wants me. He has spent plenty of time on us as a couple. He does let me know that we have a long and kinky future ahead of us. 

When I tell ppl how my Master handled this in our beginning. All females , vanilla or kinky, are immediately offended that He required my full attention, no other men. When I explain that is should be required by both parties getting to know one another. Think old fashioned, my Master is correct. Look at courting many years ago. It’s the exact same process. My Master is a brilliant man. 

I’m not so dumb either, for a blonde! 
As for my friend, I can only hope she gets her head out of her ass. Sees the truth I shared with her. Before it’s to late. 


Nothing to do ( my original story) 

WARNING:( my Master is pushing me right now to see how dirty and filthy my mind is. This story is NOT for everyone, NOT meant to offend anyone, but it is deeper and darker kinks)

Kitten and her friend are bored, didn’t want to see a movie, not hungry, but both girls were horny! Daddy was away on business, so she thought to herself, ” while the Daddy’s away, the kitten will play”. She smiled at her friend and started to gently touch her thigh. Kitten knew what got her going! 

” Wanna play? I do mean dirty! Dirtier than we ever have” kitten said with a smile

“Sure! How dirty?”

” Just close your eyes and trust me” 

Kitten was on her knees before her friend, she grabbed her knees pulled her legs apart, and was inching her way up to her wet spot. Kitten decided to just pull off her shorts, full on spread her legs. Rub and suck her clit,

” I’ll be right back, stay just like that”

Kitten came right back. Her friends legs wide open for her, eyes closed. Kitten put something between her legs, her friend felt this wonderful sensation, started moaning a little. Kitten took her hands and opened her slit further,exposing everything. That sensation was back. Oh it felt good, the moaning was louder. Kitten was getting wet too by just watching. Kitten stopped the sensation, repositioned her friend on the couch so she could take it from behind. Kitten was playing inside her pussy, and let her know she was gonna like what was coming. Kitten could tell that her dog was turned on, and ready to go. She added some lube to her friend since this would be new for them, but kitten had heard how fun it was. Once the dog was really ready she positioned him on her just right and helped him slide it in. The dog started going to town just fucking that pussy. Kitten wondered how her friend would react when she found out who was giving it to her good. 

Her friend was moaning, and let her know she needed to come. This lasted for several minutes. When her friend was done cumming, kitten had hold of the dog and as the friend flipped her towards kitten the smile left her face,

” You let your​ dog fuck me?”

” I just wanted to try something different, did you like it?”

” Well, yes I did like it, but I would never do a dog. But …

” Well he also licked your pussy too”

” That was the dog too? I thought it was you?”

” I just wanted to try something different, if you’re mad I’m sorry”

” I’m just taken aback. You never hear about this sort of thing, it’s so taboo” 

” Well, I won’t tell anyone, want to play with him some more?”

” Can we?”

” Sure, let’s see what happens”

Both girls decided on some naked fun with kittens dog. They sucked off the dog til he came all over them, kitten wanted him in her ass, lots of lube! But she loved it too. They both gave him breaks and played with each other.

One thing they never paid attention to was Daddy had slipped in a while ago, he was watching. He didn’t ruin their fun, but kept an eye on how the girls were enjoying themselves. He did wonder if they’d be up for other animals stuffing them. Maybe even suck off a dog while one fucks from behind, doggie style! That term just took on a whole new meaning!


If you only knew

Kitten had been snooping around Daddy’s office, the phone rang, she didn’t pick up but neither did Daddy. Where was He? She can hear water running, He’s taking a shower. She decided to snoop some more. She wasn’t​ fully aware what he did for a living, he was always mysterious about it. She couldn’t help but be curious. She looked thru his desk, nothing much in the drawers just some papers. She saw that he left his briefcase open, she opened it all the way. Inside was files and pictures of people and places. Underneath the files were two handguns. 

She was reading a file not paying attention at all that his shower had stopped, she was engrossed in what she was reading. ” Can I help you?” He said in a gruff voice. She knew he didn’t like her going thru his things. ” Sorry Daddy, I was just curious, you left your briefcase unlocked, so I peeked”. 

” Babygirl don’t you trust me to take care of you?”

” Yes Sir, I do. I just wanted to know what you do. From the looks of it you’re a bad man.”

” How so kitten? What do you think I do?”

” You take ppl out, right Sir?”

He starred at her for a minute, not sure of what to say, ” OK kitten, here it is, I do take ppl out. But only bad ppl. I’m doing the world a service really. These are ppl who plan terrorist attacks against other countries to gain control, so I stop them. I know it doesn’t seem important, but I like what I do, I make a difference and no one in the world even knows. My boss is very high up, he trusts me to take care of the trash, so I do. Do you understand kitten?”

” Yes Sir” she seemed a little shocked with the news, but could she really wrap her mind around what he did? Did she believe him? She was about to ask him more questions about his job, when he pulled on her arm, swung her around and put her over his desk. One hand on the back of her head and the other between her legs feeling her wet slit. 

” You’re wet kitten, does that excite you about what I do for a living?”

” Maybe Daddy” she smiled slyly at him. 

He pushed her head on the desk which popped her ass out more. He pulled her panties down past her ass cheeks and swatted her with hard smack with his hand, several times.

” That’s for snooping. Stay out of my office” 

” Yes Sir”

“When I get done with you, you will. I’m not convinced yet” he smacked her ass a few more times. ” Knees” her ass hurt but she wasn’t about to say a thing to him. Her head was still processing it all. She knew what was expected of her. So she grabbed his cock and stroked it and licked like crazy, hoping he’d forget about this, but that was highly unlikely. Just to teach her a lesson, he had her keep sucking his cock even after a knock on his office door , someone reminded him he had a meeting. He motioned for the man to come in. He knew kitten was struggling to wrap her mind around it all. He shook the man’s hand motioned for him to take a seat. The man starred at kitten and seemed uneasy.

” Should I come back?” The man said

” No, don’t worry about her. This is my slave she’s doing her job. Please let’s continue”. Daddy said. ” Teeth!” And he slapped kittens cheek. She was a bit preoccupied with what was going on. 

The man proceeded to talk about what he wanted done on this job, and how Daddy was to carry out orders. Daddy asked a few questions, the man got up to shake Daddy’s hand and leave.

” Daddy, that wasn’t fair. You never humiliate me in front of others. Why now?”

” Are you questioning me? I do as I want, at all times. I don’t answer to you kitten, that’s not our life, and I let you stay in the room so you could process all that you just learned, but while you stayed you were being of use, like a good girl. Plus with my cock in your mouth it was highly unlikely that you were gonna talk. Seemed like the right time to me” 

He helped her to her feet. She turned to walked away. He was right behind her, grabbed her hair, put her up against the wall, ” question me again, it will not go so well, do you understand?”. Kitten shook her head yes. He released her. She walked down the hall to their room, sat on the bed to try and think about everything she had just heard. He showed up in the doorway. She wondered if everything was a lie. 

” I kept it from you because my job is dangerous. I don’t know from job to job how things will go. I guess it wasn’t fair to keep it all from you. I did it with the best of intentions. I don’t cheat on you, ever. We do our threesomes, that’s it. You are more than enough for me to keep under control. I hope you can process this and we move on from this ”

” Yes Sir”

” I have to leave soon,but when I come back, if you want to talk we can. Just make sure you understand I answer only those questions that I think you need to know. My answers will be brief. You will know more than anyone ever has, but not everything”

” Yes Sir”

” That’s it? You’re so agreeable” he said with a grin.

” I’m a little scared of you Sir, what if you wanted to kill me?”

” I wouldn’t do that kitten. I know torture, I’d make you regret it first” he laughed

” Not funny Daddy”

” Watch that attitude, I have time to straighten out that attitude”. 

” Yes Sir”
**To be continued when I have time!**


What’s it all for?

Pain… In our lifestyle it’s a foreground. We know most of us fall into 1 or 2 categories, love to give pain (sadists), love to accept pain ( masochists). 

After reading some new articles in a popular psychology magazine, I’ve gained new insight from the articles as to how healthy our lifestyle really is. 

Our lifestyle let’s us go with our own flow. We pick where we fit in, being dominant or submissive and everything in between. You’re accepted for who you are. And let’s add this to, respected. Could that be any better? You get to find someone who has the lifestyle in common with you, but you will try to find someone you are in perfect balance with. Of course this makes those relationships deeper, we have opened ourselves up to each other and are exposed. We both must trust that we can be ourselves, and then you include, another deepest level of connection between two ppl. 

OK, the lifestyle is not always perfect. But it works! You can find what you need here, even if only someone’s play partner. 

Let’s look at the lifestyle deeper. I have a friend who is a psychologist. She swears there’s nothing better than our lifestyle, which she practices in bedroom only! To be able to ask for what you need. Yes, we are supposed to have a trusted person in our life ,and this goes both ways. My Master sometimes ‘needs’ to just give pain. It’s cathartic for Him, you can see it coursing through His veins. Since I’m His slave I do as I’m told. Even though I would have anyway. I ‘need’ pain. It’s quite cathartic for me as well. For me, it clears my mind, stress goes bye bye, I can think again! It’s great. I should ask for pain more, but when your dominant is also a sadist ( be careful what you wish for!) If He asks if I need some extra pain, all He’s gonna hear is: ” I’m good! I’m doing so good, but thanks for thinking of me” Lol. The funny thing is He knows when I’m really unhappy, and I need something. I want to shop, drink, fuck. But I really need His guiding hand to just give me pain. Only my sadist loves me to beg for it. That gets Him going, the thoughts rush in of what He’d like to do to me, before I know it He’s got me bent over the side of the bed, or anything nearby, giving me pain, fucking me from behind, and beaming with pride cuz I’m a hot teary mess. Granted, once He’s done I’ll be in His strong arms being cared for and loved, but in that moment,love looks different. 

That’s what the world sees. Violence. But what you see as violence, I need, I crave, I desire. I feel closer to Him at that time since He’s giving me what I need, what I asked for. He will even push my limits, sometimes take away my choice, punish me. The trust in that moment is amazing, I have to trust He can and will give me what I need without harming me permanently, or killing me, or crushing me emotionally. He trusts me to give Him my body to do with as He chooses, to serve,put Him first. All I see in this is the beauty of it. The world doesn’t see what we see. 

There is something to be said for working out your inner demons, even things you’re scared of. A good dominant will not let you stay in that frame of mind, even if they don’t own you but do care about others in our world, they may just help you through your darkness. I’ve seen it plenty of times. 

For instance, in a class that Dominants and submissives were taking, the man running the class asked all subs ” Are you stuck anywhere?”. We all knew what that meant. An older woman, a slave, raised her hand. She explained that she and her Master had been together for many years, they had a beautiful life together, four kids and some grandkids. Her life was to serve, that was up until the moment he died. In a way she died, as in she just stopped. There was no Master to guide her, or even release her. The whole room felt that pain. Four ,long time Masters/highly respected in the community, stood up and went to her. They all vowed to guide her through her menagerie of feelings. Check on her, and get her to a place emotionally and physically that she could be released. It took alittle over a year, but that’s what this lifestyle is really about. It’s not sex, that’s the icing on the cake. But when vanilla ppl visit our world to dip their toe into the bdsm pool, or just visit after reading a certain/seeing those movies, do they even spend any real time here to grasp any of this? Probably not. Just here for the sex. But there’s so much more.

I used to teach subs and slaves, i could tell without any doubt who really wanted this lifestyle. For those who wasted my time, I taught them red flags and told them to be very cautious, because no self respecting dominant would want someone not serious, so only those who were pretend dominants would want them. I was right Everytime. These subs and slaves would get angry with me when these men were to rough, harmed them, or even raped them. I warned them. But they chose not to heed the advice. Am I at fault? No. If you wanted dirty sex, even bad ppl know to come here. But don’t you dare blame the lifestyle. We didn’t harm you, we accepted you, just as you are. We tried to help you, you didn’t want help. This lifestyle is no joke for those of us who need it, crave it. This is how I live each and everyday, there is no vanilla anything for me. Maybe at work, in front of relatives or kids, but that’s about it.

When will the world ever see the beauty in who we are, how we live… Maybe never. 

There’s absolutely more to say on this subject, but for now I’ll close.


Bring her to me. ( my original story)

Daddy had not met my younger sister since we had been together, and since we now finally live together I wanted them to meet. She was really my step sister. But we had always been so close, now as adults, we stayed in contact as much as we could. I missed her and she was going to be in town for business, Daddy said to make a dinner reservation for the 3 of us, and tell her we insist she stay with us.

I told her we had dinner planned, and place for her to stay. I didn’t take no for an answer. Later that day before her arrival,Daddy and I had been talking, I was sharing memories of me and my sister. That this one time when we were teens we both shared a guy. Daddy wanted more details!

It was 6 pm, there’s a knock on the door, my sister had arrived. We hugged, and Daddy was coming into the room I got to introduce her to him. Daddy is a very dominant man, but always a gentleman. I knew him finding out about the story of what she and I did with that guy got him going. I could see the gears in his brain just churning. Daddy has the dirtiest mind of anyone I know, I really wondered what he was thinking at that very moment. 

We left for dinner, wine,food, conversation a plenty. We all talked and talked. When Daddy gets this flirty side out, I know he’s reeling one in for us. Then it hit me, ” He’s wanting both of us to fuck my sister”. So, when I told my dominant Daddy the story of our teen years, all he heard was that we had shared a man once in our lives. Oh damn, when Daddy gets an idea in his head he holds into it, doesn’t take no for an answer. How the hell was I getting out of this?

We headed back to our place, got her set up in the spare bedroom. It had been a lovely night. But now Daddy insisted I meet him in our room. I think I knew what was coming. As he closed the door, he turned to me and started talking about how much fun we could have together, all 3 of us. Normally he leaves our vanilla family in the dark about our lifestyle, but not this time.

” Daddy,I can’t she’s my sister, it’s weird”

” Kitten, she’s your step sister, no real relation. So you won’t feel gross. Did you feel gross with sharing a guy when you were a teen? I bet you didn’t. I know how dirty my lil kitten is!”

” But Daddy…”

” Go get her, NOW”

This made me wonder, ‘ why am I with him, does care how weird this will feel for me, no. He does know me, he knows I’m never leaving, I just hate being pushed out of my comfort zone’. Sometimes I love how he thinks, sometimes I hate it. I usually think I’m just not enough for Him.

” I know how you think kitten. You are my everything. You are enough, I just enjoy sex, especially when it’s you and another girl, you never have to think you could be replaced, you can’t. What we have together is rare. But if I tell you to go get her again and you don’t, I will go get her, tie you up with a toy on your clit ,and make you watch she and I. Then when she leaves in the morning I’m going to beat your ass”. ” Do you understand?”

” Yes Sir”. I hurried to her room. I was about to knock, when I heard this sound. It was like light moaning and a buzzing sound coming from her room. I knocked lightly, then I hear everything stop. Finally she came to the door, I asked if I could come in. She opened the door for me. I say on her bed, motioned for her to sit near me.

” I need to ask you something, if you get mad then I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Would you be interested in joining me and my Master for a fun night?” I said

” Omg, are you serious?  I mean it was fun in our teens, but we are grown now” she said

I smiled at her and explained that we do this sort of thing often. And since Daddy knew about the story in our teens, he was wanting to relive it. Would she be interested. And she was. So much so that she leaned in to kiss me. And that lead to more stuff. Daddy knocked on the door, popped his head in, 

” Everything OK in here girls?”. He asked

He saw us kissing, ” mmmm can’t keep your hands or lips off each other, let’s take this to our room” he held out a hand to both of us, ” ladies, shall we?” We both took his hand and he led us to our bedroom. We all walk in together, Daddy closes the door behind us.

” Now girls, we do this my way, only my way. Do you both understand me? Kitten does she get that sex in this house is my way or no way?”

” Yes Sir, we talked about our lifestyle”

” I noticed your talk when I popped my head in” he said. ” When did I give the OK for you to kiss her?”

” You didn’t Sir”. 

” So, what do you think should happen to you kitten?”

” I’m yours Sir, you always do as you wish with your body” I said

” Good girl, now undress, get on your knees, I can’t believe you know me this well and you weren’t already for what’s coming” 

” Sorry Sir” 

” Kitten are you ever allowed to have any sexual encounter, man or woman,  that involves my body?” He barked at me.

” No Sir, I’m not even allowed to touch your property”

” Good, so since you don’t seem to be telling me why you two were doing some kissing and touching together, you already know there’s a punishment coming,”

” Yes Sir”

Daddy has a devious mind, he has my sister undress, has her put a toy on my clit and has her keep me coming, over and over. Daddy has her position her self so he can see her body. ” Don’t stop til I say you can, you’re a bad girl too. Just like my kitten”. My sis smiled at Daddy, ” you have no idea Sir” she said. ” Well why don’t you enlighten me, we’ve got all night”. I listened thru all my moaning. She has been in the lifestyle as well, for a while. Where I am a slave , my sister however was a switch. Daddy and I both thought that was intriguing. He had her move the toy off my clit. He was having her tie me to our bed, in a standing position, he handed her a toy for spanking. 

” Here, let’s see how you do” he said. He gave her a few paddles, floggers, belt,and a crop. He watched how she worked. He paid attention to every detail, He did just hand her His prized possession.

After some fun of watching His kittens ass light up and see her squirm, he was ready to take on both of them. now that he saw her sister and how she is with the LS, he knew she could handle everything he had planned for them. Plus he just let her spank his kitten, she owed him for that one. Kitten was unrestrained and both girls were position that he wanted. On knees on the bed, asses exposed to him. He would fuck one from behind while putting the Hitachi on the other. And back and forth it went til he was done. He sat down in the middle of them and they both reached over giving him a blow job, and kissing each other. He took pics of this monumental occasion. He never had sisters before. And he definitely would want to do this again. 

He laid between them on the bed, and one sat on his cock and rode him, the other day up near his face and got oral from him. The girls were playing with each other and having some fun. This went on for a while. Switching up positions. He was pleased with them both, they were all exhausted and her sister had to head back home on the morning. He helped kittens sister to her feet, as no one slept with him but kitten. She was his, and any others had no place next to her. They were for sex, but kitten was for keeps. 

The next morning came, kitten and Daddy had breakfast ready for everyone. They sent her sister off to her life. 

” Kitten, that was fun. You made me very happy. Tonight will be ours together, be ready for me when I get home.”

” Yes Sir!”
* This is my original story. You may not take it, share it, or photocopy any part without my permission.*.