Taken by force. ( My original story)

Daddy was headed to Vegas for the weekend, a business trip. He kept hinting about wanting me to go. I wasn’t thinking about it being romantic, just that I thought He’d be busy the whole time, I’d hardly see, no fun for me…

Before He left I sent Him lots of very dirty pics. I like to tease Daddy, plus some I’d like to try. I knew He’d been talking about forcing me into consensual non-consent. Whatever it was, I wasn’t agreeing to it. I came up with every excuse. He always let me off the hook. Something seemed different this time when I kissed Him goodbye for His weekend business trip. He seemed to controlled, very dominant. Not like I’ve seen Him before. 

I thought no more of it, I turned to close the door, I hear a vehicle pull up, the brakes squeal to stop fast. I feel the door being pushed open and I don’t have enough force to push it closed. A masked man is looking right me. I turn to run but he’s to close and already has a hold of me. He picks me up, flings me over his shoulder, and dumps me in the van. He closes the door, hands me off to two other men who within seconds of me being inside and tying and gagging me. I’m trying my hardest to fight them off, but it’s no use I’m not strong enough.

I hear voices talking outside the van, but can’t understand anything being said. I’m confused as to WTF is going on. A guy from behind puts a blindfold on me, everything goes dark. ” As long as you don’t scream I won’t gag you, do you understand?” I shake my head yes. He takes off the gag.

It feels like hours of driving and I decide to ask a few questions, ” where are we going? My boyfriend will know I’m gone, if you just let me go now I won’t say anything to anyone,OK?”. The only response I get is, “:when we get there the boss will tell us what to do with you”. Now I’m more scared, I don’t know where I’m at, what’s happening. 

We finally stop. I’m being helped up so I can walk. Still blindfolded and tied, but my leg restraints are off so I can walk. I am struggling against the ones who took me, so maybe I can get free. They tighten their grip. I hear doors open and close. I’m put into a chair and someone behind me has a hand on my throat. I don’t move.

I’m being moved once again. This time I’m thrown on a bed. I start to really fight for my life. Since I cant see I’m at a complete disadvantage. I feel my arms being unrestrained and moved up, like I’ll be tied to something. Then someone moving my legs apart and each one being tied as well. I am trying my hardest to fight, but no one is there. I hear the door open and think someone came into the room. I can hear footsteps heading to where I am. I get tears cuz now this is to real. Whoever it is ,has their hand on my thigh lightly caressing it, I feel it moving up to my wet spot and I’m trying to wiggle so they can’t touch me, it’s to late it’s already happening, my shorts and panties slid to the side and now deep inside is several fingers. I can’t fight much more I get so horny when my Daddy does stuff like, but I have to fight. But I’m getting wet. It stops. I feel tugging on my shirt, it rips up thru the middle. My breasts exposed. I feel cold steel on my skin and my bra is cut from between my breasts and now they’re free. The hands move down to my hips to my shorts being cut, now all that’s left are my panties. I feel the cold steel again slide between my skin and the material and they are off. 

Now I’m just naked tied to a bed. I’m scared, no one is saying anything. I’m fighting with everything in me. I feel a smack on my clit. Oh fuck. Another and another, Daddy usually spanks my clit if he’s not happy with me. This couldn’t be my Daddy, could it? I push that thought out of my head. I hear the person fumbling for something on my left. I can hear buzzing, like the sound of Daddy’s favorite toy. Oh fuck, I feel it between my legs. My body starts to shake, and the toy goes from clit to inside me, there’s no holding that orgasm back. I don’t. My body shakes and shivers, I’m moaning. 

I can feel the blindfold being taken off me, my eyes are adjusting. I see someone in front of eye and now  it’s clear, I smile and say, “Daddy!”. He’s not looking so happy. ” I gave you a choice to go with me to Vegas and have some fun. And you thought it wouldn’t be. Now we’re gonna have my kind of fun. And you will be doing everything in the pics you sent me, every position. You’ll get breaks, but this weekend your mine, all mine.” 

Now I’m scared for a whole new reason. Daddy looks mad, and I remembered what was on those pics, fuck I’m gonna be so sore, that is if I live thru the weekend…
*This is my original story. You may not use any part of it. Thank you for respecting my property.- Babygirl*


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  1. Keep em coming 🙂

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