Hes my everything!

As He left Friday to go out of town on business, I didn’t expect Him back til late Sunday night, early Monday. I knew He’d be back for work, He doesn’t miss that. Well, He did for me one day! But I know His work ethics. We work hard, then we play harder! 

I was at home Friday night,missing Him. Hoping He would get to His destination as safe as possible, He’s my everything! We texted alittle Saturday morning. I knew He’d be busy, I keep texts to a minimum when He’s busy. I know my rules, how our life goes. If I’m really stuck or just have to show Him something I text,. I know He’ll answer when He can. 

As His slave, my life is not easy. I never asked for easy. I asked for His love, which He gives so much of. I ask for His attention which He does. I ask for Him to use me He does! He’s so busy so I know none of the things I really want from Him are easy. He makes it look that way though. I’m so grateful I’m the one He picked! I love Him so much

I get home from work our daughter is passed out, long day! But one of the older kids needs to go to work soon. There’s a knock on the door. We aren’t expecting anyone, so we approach with caution. I finally open the door. “Daddy!!” ” You’re home early Sir? Everything OK?”

” Everything is fine babygirl, meeting got done quicker than I thought. No reason to stay out of town, I needed my babygirl” 

His words hit me like a ton of bricks. I realize no one has ever loved me like this, and no one will ever love me more than He does. I’m in awe of Him the rest of the evening. I was sort of quiet, but I knew I needed to serve Him. Be in position before Him, to show Him honor! He’s my everything! 

As the night went on, we spent time with most of our kids, our grandkids too. We aren’t old enough for those, the oldest child is still in trouble for that,lol. Lots of fun, lots of laughter. Exactly everything I have always wanted. There’s a few more things I’d like in my life, but it’s pretty close to perfect!

I got lots of Daddy’s attention! My ass is sore😥. I woke to Daddy next to me! Best thing in the world, not sure if I will ever get used to that. But I’m looking forward to doing that everyday. 

Can life really be this good, can you really get everything you want? It’s never happened to me before, but I guess that’s what makes it so special! 


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