Bring her to me. ( my original story)

Daddy had not met my younger sister since we had been together, and since we now finally live together I wanted them to meet. She was really my step sister. But we had always been so close, now as adults, we stayed in contact as much as we could. I missed her and she was going to be in town for business, Daddy said to make a dinner reservation for the 3 of us, and tell her we insist she stay with us.

I told her we had dinner planned, and place for her to stay. I didn’t take no for an answer. Later that day before her arrival,Daddy and I had been talking, I was sharing memories of me and my sister. That this one time when we were teens we both shared a guy. Daddy wanted more details!

It was 6 pm, there’s a knock on the door, my sister had arrived. We hugged, and Daddy was coming into the room I got to introduce her to him. Daddy is a very dominant man, but always a gentleman. I knew him finding out about the story of what she and I did with that guy got him going. I could see the gears in his brain just churning. Daddy has the dirtiest mind of anyone I know, I really wondered what he was thinking at that very moment. 

We left for dinner, wine,food, conversation a plenty. We all talked and talked. When Daddy gets this flirty side out, I know he’s reeling one in for us. Then it hit me, ” He’s wanting both of us to fuck my sister”. So, when I told my dominant Daddy the story of our teen years, all he heard was that we had shared a man once in our lives. Oh damn, when Daddy gets an idea in his head he holds into it, doesn’t take no for an answer. How the hell was I getting out of this?

We headed back to our place, got her set up in the spare bedroom. It had been a lovely night. But now Daddy insisted I meet him in our room. I think I knew what was coming. As he closed the door, he turned to me and started talking about how much fun we could have together, all 3 of us. Normally he leaves our vanilla family in the dark about our lifestyle, but not this time.

” Daddy,I can’t she’s my sister, it’s weird”

” Kitten, she’s your step sister, no real relation. So you won’t feel gross. Did you feel gross with sharing a guy when you were a teen? I bet you didn’t. I know how dirty my lil kitten is!”

” But Daddy…”

” Go get her, NOW”

This made me wonder, ‘ why am I with him, does care how weird this will feel for me, no. He does know me, he knows I’m never leaving, I just hate being pushed out of my comfort zone’. Sometimes I love how he thinks, sometimes I hate it. I usually think I’m just not enough for Him.

” I know how you think kitten. You are my everything. You are enough, I just enjoy sex, especially when it’s you and another girl, you never have to think you could be replaced, you can’t. What we have together is rare. But if I tell you to go get her again and you don’t, I will go get her, tie you up with a toy on your clit ,and make you watch she and I. Then when she leaves in the morning I’m going to beat your ass”. ” Do you understand?”

” Yes Sir”. I hurried to her room. I was about to knock, when I heard this sound. It was like light moaning and a buzzing sound coming from her room. I knocked lightly, then I hear everything stop. Finally she came to the door, I asked if I could come in. She opened the door for me. I say on her bed, motioned for her to sit near me.

” I need to ask you something, if you get mad then I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Would you be interested in joining me and my Master for a fun night?” I said

” Omg, are you serious?  I mean it was fun in our teens, but we are grown now” she said

I smiled at her and explained that we do this sort of thing often. And since Daddy knew about the story in our teens, he was wanting to relive it. Would she be interested. And she was. So much so that she leaned in to kiss me. And that lead to more stuff. Daddy knocked on the door, popped his head in, 

” Everything OK in here girls?”. He asked

He saw us kissing, ” mmmm can’t keep your hands or lips off each other, let’s take this to our room” he held out a hand to both of us, ” ladies, shall we?” We both took his hand and he led us to our bedroom. We all walk in together, Daddy closes the door behind us.

” Now girls, we do this my way, only my way. Do you both understand me? Kitten does she get that sex in this house is my way or no way?”

” Yes Sir, we talked about our lifestyle”

” I noticed your talk when I popped my head in” he said. ” When did I give the OK for you to kiss her?”

” You didn’t Sir”. 

” So, what do you think should happen to you kitten?”

” I’m yours Sir, you always do as you wish with your body” I said

” Good girl, now undress, get on your knees, I can’t believe you know me this well and you weren’t already for what’s coming” 

” Sorry Sir” 

” Kitten are you ever allowed to have any sexual encounter, man or woman,  that involves my body?” He barked at me.

” No Sir, I’m not even allowed to touch your property”

” Good, so since you don’t seem to be telling me why you two were doing some kissing and touching together, you already know there’s a punishment coming,”

” Yes Sir”

Daddy has a devious mind, he has my sister undress, has her put a toy on my clit and has her keep me coming, over and over. Daddy has her position her self so he can see her body. ” Don’t stop til I say you can, you’re a bad girl too. Just like my kitten”. My sis smiled at Daddy, ” you have no idea Sir” she said. ” Well why don’t you enlighten me, we’ve got all night”. I listened thru all my moaning. She has been in the lifestyle as well, for a while. Where I am a slave , my sister however was a switch. Daddy and I both thought that was intriguing. He had her move the toy off my clit. He was having her tie me to our bed, in a standing position, he handed her a toy for spanking. 

” Here, let’s see how you do” he said. He gave her a few paddles, floggers, belt,and a crop. He watched how she worked. He paid attention to every detail, He did just hand her His prized possession.

After some fun of watching His kittens ass light up and see her squirm, he was ready to take on both of them. now that he saw her sister and how she is with the LS, he knew she could handle everything he had planned for them. Plus he just let her spank his kitten, she owed him for that one. Kitten was unrestrained and both girls were position that he wanted. On knees on the bed, asses exposed to him. He would fuck one from behind while putting the Hitachi on the other. And back and forth it went til he was done. He sat down in the middle of them and they both reached over giving him a blow job, and kissing each other. He took pics of this monumental occasion. He never had sisters before. And he definitely would want to do this again. 

He laid between them on the bed, and one sat on his cock and rode him, the other day up near his face and got oral from him. The girls were playing with each other and having some fun. This went on for a while. Switching up positions. He was pleased with them both, they were all exhausted and her sister had to head back home on the morning. He helped kittens sister to her feet, as no one slept with him but kitten. She was his, and any others had no place next to her. They were for sex, but kitten was for keeps. 

The next morning came, kitten and Daddy had breakfast ready for everyone. They sent her sister off to her life. 

” Kitten, that was fun. You made me very happy. Tonight will be ours together, be ready for me when I get home.”

” Yes Sir!”
* This is my original story. You may not take it, share it, or photocopy any part without my permission.*. 


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