If you only knew

Kitten had been snooping around Daddy’s office, the phone rang, she didn’t pick up but neither did Daddy. Where was He? She can hear water running, He’s taking a shower. She decided to snoop some more. She wasn’t​ fully aware what he did for a living, he was always mysterious about it. She couldn’t help but be curious. She looked thru his desk, nothing much in the drawers just some papers. She saw that he left his briefcase open, she opened it all the way. Inside was files and pictures of people and places. Underneath the files were two handguns. 

She was reading a file not paying attention at all that his shower had stopped, she was engrossed in what she was reading. ” Can I help you?” He said in a gruff voice. She knew he didn’t like her going thru his things. ” Sorry Daddy, I was just curious, you left your briefcase unlocked, so I peeked”. 

” Babygirl don’t you trust me to take care of you?”

” Yes Sir, I do. I just wanted to know what you do. From the looks of it you’re a bad man.”

” How so kitten? What do you think I do?”

” You take ppl out, right Sir?”

He starred at her for a minute, not sure of what to say, ” OK kitten, here it is, I do take ppl out. But only bad ppl. I’m doing the world a service really. These are ppl who plan terrorist attacks against other countries to gain control, so I stop them. I know it doesn’t seem important, but I like what I do, I make a difference and no one in the world even knows. My boss is very high up, he trusts me to take care of the trash, so I do. Do you understand kitten?”

” Yes Sir” she seemed a little shocked with the news, but could she really wrap her mind around what he did? Did she believe him? She was about to ask him more questions about his job, when he pulled on her arm, swung her around and put her over his desk. One hand on the back of her head and the other between her legs feeling her wet slit. 

” You’re wet kitten, does that excite you about what I do for a living?”

” Maybe Daddy” she smiled slyly at him. 

He pushed her head on the desk which popped her ass out more. He pulled her panties down past her ass cheeks and swatted her with hard smack with his hand, several times.

” That’s for snooping. Stay out of my office” 

” Yes Sir”

“When I get done with you, you will. I’m not convinced yet” he smacked her ass a few more times. ” Knees” her ass hurt but she wasn’t about to say a thing to him. Her head was still processing it all. She knew what was expected of her. So she grabbed his cock and stroked it and licked like crazy, hoping he’d forget about this, but that was highly unlikely. Just to teach her a lesson, he had her keep sucking his cock even after a knock on his office door , someone reminded him he had a meeting. He motioned for the man to come in. He knew kitten was struggling to wrap her mind around it all. He shook the man’s hand motioned for him to take a seat. The man starred at kitten and seemed uneasy.

” Should I come back?” The man said

” No, don’t worry about her. This is my slave she’s doing her job. Please let’s continue”. Daddy said. ” Teeth!” And he slapped kittens cheek. She was a bit preoccupied with what was going on. 

The man proceeded to talk about what he wanted done on this job, and how Daddy was to carry out orders. Daddy asked a few questions, the man got up to shake Daddy’s hand and leave.

” Daddy, that wasn’t fair. You never humiliate me in front of others. Why now?”

” Are you questioning me? I do as I want, at all times. I don’t answer to you kitten, that’s not our life, and I let you stay in the room so you could process all that you just learned, but while you stayed you were being of use, like a good girl. Plus with my cock in your mouth it was highly unlikely that you were gonna talk. Seemed like the right time to me” 

He helped her to her feet. She turned to walked away. He was right behind her, grabbed her hair, put her up against the wall, ” question me again, it will not go so well, do you understand?”. Kitten shook her head yes. He released her. She walked down the hall to their room, sat on the bed to try and think about everything she had just heard. He showed up in the doorway. She wondered if everything was a lie. 

” I kept it from you because my job is dangerous. I don’t know from job to job how things will go. I guess it wasn’t fair to keep it all from you. I did it with the best of intentions. I don’t cheat on you, ever. We do our threesomes, that’s it. You are more than enough for me to keep under control. I hope you can process this and we move on from this ”

” Yes Sir”

” I have to leave soon,but when I come back, if you want to talk we can. Just make sure you understand I answer only those questions that I think you need to know. My answers will be brief. You will know more than anyone ever has, but not everything”

” Yes Sir”

” That’s it? You’re so agreeable” he said with a grin.

” I’m a little scared of you Sir, what if you wanted to kill me?”

” I wouldn’t do that kitten. I know torture, I’d make you regret it first” he laughed

” Not funny Daddy”

” Watch that attitude, I have time to straighten out that attitude”. 

” Yes Sir”
**To be continued when I have time!**


3 thoughts on “If you only knew

  1. Nice, but I was kinda hoping that Daddy would invite his friend to take Kitten from behind. That’s what she gets for snooping 😉

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