Men have this way about them, don’t be fooled

So, having a convo with a person who is recently separated. Of course you’re confused, the longer you’re in a relationship the more shit you have to work on. Define who you are, what your likes/dislikes are. 

This female has male friends, but also a love interest. After talking to a guy friend,she’s confused. But that’s what men do.

Your asshole species takes a totally disarmed female, she’s in an emotional state, most men’s bread and butter. Come on guys, you know I speak the truth. You set her on a path of questioning her choices. You work the convo to see where her vulnerable spots are. Once you have located the necessary info you go in for the silent kill. 

Make her doubt herself, her choices, her whole life. You become the trusted male who reassured her that you have her best interest, you’ve known her longer, or better. Tell her all men are scum and only want one thing, but you just want to protect her, see her safe. Yet she has no idea that as you go in for the silent kill, you are setting her up to fuck you, try a relationship with you. You will say all the right things, and while she’s confused and doubting everything, even her own name you have now acquired your target.

But, it’s a big but. Do you really care about her? Probably not, if you did you wouldn’t confuse the fuck out of her.

Do you just want to get inside her, and then push her away like most men will do? Probably. And here starts a long line in her head of why she won’t be good for any man. Cause you acted like a friend only to destroy her too. She thought she could trust you. She thought you cared. But it’s her own fault for being so stupid and naive, right? No. You’re still a complete asshole.

 Hopefully one day a female does matter to you, and you will grow up, treat her right. Because​ we all know that men, real men are capable of real relationships, real feelings, a real life with our species.

As I explain what this male just did to her. My son, who used this tactic, just like his father did to cheat, my son was an asshole too. He did and said these same things listed just to fuck any girl. Karma does come around, she’s a bitch. Now she’s alerted to the game. She didn’t sleep with him, but you know it could be coming. He confused her til he saw the deer in the headlight look. Now just reel her in, nice and slow. Destroy any other guy in your path. Men laugh manically here as you know you’ve done it. 

Once a female is alerted to all that will be said/done she gets to play her own game of payback. Or just give up on men til she’s lonely and ready to test the waters for a real man. 

Real men are few and we know it. For all reasons above is exactly why my Master forbade me from having contact with any other men while we were vetting. It was a requirement. If I was going to get to know Him, then He deserved my undivided attention. If at anytime I didn’t feel this was the Master for me then please tell Him, and I woukd be on my way. He was the first man who ever did this to me. At first I was offended. But I am a thinker, I saw His side, what He was doing. It’s a brilliant thing to do. No men destroying what could be. No men confusing me, and He didn’t either. No men wanting my time whilst I got to know Him. The fair and balanced part of my Libra brain was moved and agreed. I didn’t talk to any other men. No texting, no sexting, no pics, nothing. He had my undivided attention. He used it wisely too.

He really did get to know me. He really did listen. He gave me attention. The way He handled me and Himself i was impressed. How would He know I’d be the slave for Him? Once a few months went by, I was ready to give myself over to this Master. I did commit to Him. But completely becoming His slave was a process. Now 2 years later, I’m glad He didn’t push me to go faster. 

He has molded me the way He wants me. He has spent plenty of time on us as a couple. He does let me know that we have a long and kinky future ahead of us. 

When I tell ppl how my Master handled this in our beginning. All females , vanilla or kinky, are immediately offended that He required my full attention, no other men. When I explain that is should be required by both parties getting to know one another. Think old fashioned, my Master is correct. Look at courting many years ago. It’s the exact same process. My Master is a brilliant man. 

I’m not so dumb either, for a blonde! 
As for my friend, I can only hope she gets her head out of her ass. Sees the truth I shared with her. Before it’s to late. 

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