Nothing to do ( my original story) 

WARNING:( my Master is pushing me right now to see how dirty and filthy my mind is. This story is NOT for everyone, NOT meant to offend anyone, but it is deeper and darker kinks)

Kitten and her friend are bored, didn’t want to see a movie, not hungry, but both girls were horny! Daddy was away on business, so she thought to herself, ” while the Daddy’s away, the kitten will play”. She smiled at her friend and started to gently touch her thigh. Kitten knew what got her going! 

” Wanna play? I do mean dirty! Dirtier than we ever have” kitten said with a smile

“Sure! How dirty?”

” Just close your eyes and trust me” 

Kitten was on her knees before her friend, she grabbed her knees pulled her legs apart, and was inching her way up to her wet spot. Kitten decided to just pull off her shorts, full on spread her legs. Rub and suck her clit,

” I’ll be right back, stay just like that”

Kitten came right back. Her friends legs wide open for her, eyes closed. Kitten put something between her legs, her friend felt this wonderful sensation, started moaning a little. Kitten took her hands and opened her slit further,exposing everything. That sensation was back. Oh it felt good, the moaning was louder. Kitten was getting wet too by just watching. Kitten stopped the sensation, repositioned her friend on the couch so she could take it from behind. Kitten was playing inside her pussy, and let her know she was gonna like what was coming. Kitten could tell that her dog was turned on, and ready to go. She added some lube to her friend since this would be new for them, but kitten had heard how fun it was. Once the dog was really ready she positioned him on her just right and helped him slide it in. The dog started going to town just fucking that pussy. Kitten wondered how her friend would react when she found out who was giving it to her good. 

Her friend was moaning, and let her know she needed to come. This lasted for several minutes. When her friend was done cumming, kitten had hold of the dog and as the friend flipped her towards kitten the smile left her face,

” You let your​ dog fuck me?”

” I just wanted to try something different, did you like it?”

” Well, yes I did like it, but I would never do a dog. But …

” Well he also licked your pussy too”

” That was the dog too? I thought it was you?”

” I just wanted to try something different, if you’re mad I’m sorry”

” I’m just taken aback. You never hear about this sort of thing, it’s so taboo” 

” Well, I won’t tell anyone, want to play with him some more?”

” Can we?”

” Sure, let’s see what happens”

Both girls decided on some naked fun with kittens dog. They sucked off the dog til he came all over them, kitten wanted him in her ass, lots of lube! But she loved it too. They both gave him breaks and played with each other.

One thing they never paid attention to was Daddy had slipped in a while ago, he was watching. He didn’t ruin their fun, but kept an eye on how the girls were enjoying themselves. He did wonder if they’d be up for other animals stuffing them. Maybe even suck off a dog while one fucks from behind, doggie style! That term just took on a whole new meaning!


2 thoughts on “Nothing to do ( my original story) 

  1. Sometimes the most taboo things are the most fun –particularly when a fantasy.

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