Something real…

Believe it or not a real man will want a real connection with you, your heart, your soul. It will feel like a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection all at once. 

He will consider you as part of his own flesh. So he will feel he must care for you as deeply as he does his own body. Worry about you: your safety, have you eaten, has you’ve spent quality time together.

His goal will be to accept you at face value. But when he notices weak areas , to build those up. That’s what men do to themselves. Not all men, only those who truly have their own life together, then you will be an extension of him. 

He love and care for you as he does himself. If you don’t understand how much that is, let’s break it down. 

Real men work, does he earn a living? If not, move away from him fast. Unless between jobs, or independently wealthy, he will be taking care of himself. If he’s great at being a caretaker over his life he will know how to support himself, and those he must do for (children). 

He feeds his body, his mind. If he is feeding his body than you have a good idea that he knows how to care for his own needs. Supports his body. I’m not saying he must look like a model, but he must have his life together and not cause himself harm. Feeding his mind, is he well read. Can he hold a conversation on many levels, about multiple subjects. Does he like to learn new things. All of this shows you a man who enjoys his life, and the world around him. Do you have to agree with all his beliefs? No, but I enjoy a great conversation with my Master. He’s smart, well read on many subjects, and even though I may not agree with his stance on any particular subject, I respect Him enough to listen and really see His side. It doesn’t change my mind on my opinions, we agree to disagree. But I still love a good conversation with Him.

He will want to build you. Actually maybe break it all down to build it up. Men love to build themselves, it’s sort a gift of theirs. They build themselves, their path for life, look for a mate and build with her, children should be built on his strength, care, love foundation, he will build a future. If you trust him, he will build you as well. This is not to say you are not ok in any way. But a real man can see what you can become, your potential, weakness in areas that they know how to build that strength. He won’t build you into a female version of himself. He wants you to be you, but the best version of yourself. Women in turn, always take this the wrong way, poor men! We are fiery and ready to pounce or argue the moment a man opens his mouth. He sees it, he knows the areas in you that could use his help. Men know this real well. They put themselves thru this first. So, if you fell in love with this Real man, look at him carefully. He would really know how to help you. It’s like a quest for them. They automatically do it for their own children. Study him carefully, but mark my words, he can be trusted. 

Men, real men, didn’t fight against us when women wanted to vote, have equality. Your real man wants you to be able to fight for what you want. Be able to take care of yourself. Earn a living. Raise the children. If you have a real man, then he’s been in your corner and pushing you to be the best you. He will be proud of you. More romantic, because even he needs that connection to his other half. 

Real men are givers. He will want to give you everything, but also knows not to cuz it’s for your own good. My real man knows I don’t like making decisions. I can’t make a decision unless it’s an emergency situation. So what does he do? Makes plenty of ways that I must make a decision. I will say, ” but I’m your slave ,you make my decision for me Sir”. He will smile and add that He could find a million girls each day that would do everything His way. But that’s not what He wants. He is making sure I can take care of myself, and helping me to know it should be my decision. Now when I start making decisions in parts of our life that are off limits, and only His decision I’m promptly put back in my place. Balance. 

Real men are not as much into words as women would like. But that’s the difference between us. If he is doing these things you are being shown real love in the only way he knows how. He’s showing you, mostly without words. If you aren’t sure then just watch him. Make a list for yourself and read it often.

Did he care if I ate, did he want me to text where I am/ when I’m home. Did he mention something that could use change and maybe I took it the wrong way( gym, your cooking, laundry, shopping, cleaning, people your around, your driving, etc.. ) if it’s weakness or he knows you can improve he will mention it and push you-try not to be offended he treats himself the same way, and any others he cares deeply for. Pay attention! Are you hurting- he will try to fix it. Be honest with him if this is just something you want him to listen to because that man’s first thought is ( she has water leaking, I can fix this!) He will proceed to tell you what to do to change it, or show you how. Women typically get offended and we think he doesn’t care. In fact it was just opposite, he showed you the highest respect, he wanted to help change it so it’s not a weak spot for you anymore. See the love? Ever been there? I know my Master and I have, and even very recently. Although what I want changed, isn’t my thing, it’s His. This must be His timing to change things. He’s already said so. Remember their timeframe is not like ours at all. So ,see I’m not perfect either, I’m just gaining insight. See things I didn’t see before. 

Here’s the biggest tip of all! When your real man is in a situation that is not good for him, his family, he will change it. Just sit back and watch. Real men hate drama. They will assess each situation and see the weakness, make the change. It’s all about trust. Your real man won’t work on your timetable either. He loves you, but he’s got this. This is how he was born. This is what real men do. If change happened so quickly you would change faster, but we don’t. We fight the process. Thank God men have great patience too, cuz we would be cut out of their lives quickly if they didn’t. Other men see his woman acting crazy, men conversation is like this: ” what’s wrong with her? . No idea but I’ll assess and implement change, she’ll be ok”. 

Men just get it! Real men that is! If you are so unlucky as to find yourself with just some other kind of guy, well I hope you can find the kind of man you need. One to push you in life to find yourself. One to care enough to want to change things, or show you how. Cuz if he doesn’t care or try to change it, that’s a man who doesn’t give a shit about you. 

He won’t always express everything with words, but he will leave some sort of sign that he notices. He will make sure you feel everything he has to offer. Now that’s real love.
Thank you Daddy, you love me! Plus your job with isn’t easy, those before you didn’t care and left a damage path that you’ve been cleaning up for 2 yrs now. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for pushing me, thank you for guiding me to be the best me! I wouldn’t be here now without you. 

– babygirl

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  1. I love this! Thank you for writing it! Pixie x

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