Heart of a cowboy, soul of a Master

We’ve been together for almost two years now. And wow that thought makes my head​ spin! I never saw Him coming, so of course He was a surprise. 

As I’m thinking over the last 2 years I smile to myself, all the dates, the gifts, sleepovers, time spent together, the wine, the kisses, the cuddling, the spankings both good and bad. Just bonding closer than I ever have with anyone. The magic that’s still there that has made our sex life so phenomenal, only one bad night of sex,and knowing us we could blame it on being tired. I’ve never seen two ppl work as hard as us. We know what we want, plus we’re workaholics, so we both understand one another.

I think of the past, I’m grateful for the present ( it’s a gift), but I look forward to the future. I wonder what’s really in store for us. We’ve talked about living together, talked about marriage. Nothing has been set in stone, we live in the moment. I guess He will have to surprise me, lol. I hate surprises, I need planned spontanaiety!

Our lives have been intertwined since that first moment we met, I could feel there was something different about this man the moment our eyes met, the moment He touched me, the moment He kissed me. I’ve been in awe of Him since. He’s taught me so much, how to love again, I thought I was broken. He gave me purpose. I was already independent and taking care of myself, He just made it stronger. He didn’t take it from me, He cherished it. Help get stronger in areas of weakness. Showed me new ways of doing things. 

We’ve been thru so much, dear God we really have. Some of it good, some not so good but we’re still standing. He and I bonded close and became ‘us’. We remind each other we don’t do this life alone, we are not alone, we do this together. I’ve been able to tell Him things I’ve never told anyone. Things that could destroy me, and some things I’ve tried to share with ppl in the past only to feel worse, He didn’t judge me, harm me with words, just accepted me as I am. Just that plain and simple. 

I am so happy, I can’t say enough good things about my Daddy/Master who owns me, my heart, and my soul. I was so broken when He found me, I really like who I’m becoming. I like who I am when I’m with Him. I like my life. I can hardly wait to see where we will be at six months from now, another year together…Five years…

I do love serving Him, and in return someone who won’t take me for granted. Whether He believes it or not, there won’t be anyone after Him should anything bad happen, or if this was just to end.Hes ruined me for all other men showing me unconditional love, care. There is never going to be anyone who can compare with Him, nor take my eyes off Him. Finding someone like Him was rare, men like Him are not born, they’re made. Finding Him, Him finding me, was shear luck. There could never be another man like Him, needle in the haystack theory. Not so much theory, but fact. I waited my whole to find someone to feed my soul, only Him. I waited to fall in love, find the one person who could make me believe in love, Him only. There’s never going to be another like Him. I understand that. If He chose to walk away from me tomorrow, I would have to accept my fate, being alone for the rest of my life. He would be the happiest memory ever. I was ready for life alone before Him. I didn’t make plans, I didn’t look for men. I was living my life. How on Earth would I do that without Him?  I really don’t want to. He’s mine! I’m so very happy. 

I love my Daddy! My Master! My King! My best friend, my confidant, my guide, my ol Man (lol), He’s my everything 💖 



One thought on “Heart of a cowboy, soul of a Master

  1. naughtynora00 says:

    Beautifully written!

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