I’ll be your oxygen

As He approached the bed, He knew His babygirl missed Him. He’s been so busy, but being the strong woman behind your man is tougher than it sounds. How can He help me feel connected on all levels, I really need that. 

My body has ached for His touch, His hot breath on my skin, His moan when we cum at the same time. To watch a movie with Him, even a conversation. I won’t tell Him how much I missed Him, I was just being distant and argumentative, I didn’t even notice til pointed it out.

Last night, He blew me away! When He said I get Him all to myself. The later it got I thought He was going to cancel, He didn’t. Once He walks in and my heart still beats faster! This beautiful man in front of me is all I need. All I want. He’s my life. It’s no longer about the sex, bit feeling whole when together.

As He talks to everyone I’m feeling more at ease, but I really just want to crawl up into His lap, feel His arms around me. Let Him be my oxygen. 

I am ready for bed, He soon follows. I start to feel like He’s going to be to tired for anything tonight, so I reserve myself to that thought. Little did I know that He had plans just for me, that did not involve sleeping! He starts undressing me, touching my skin, His touch made me come alive. All I wanted was to be connected on every level with my man. And connect we did! He is absolutely the most amazing lover I’ve ever had. Missing Him, that feeling left. I felt complete balance as He entered this body I gave to Him yrs ago. The way He moved me! Omg! I’ve never had missionary position like that before, it’s usually so boring. But not with Him it wasn’t! Fuck! That man had me coming again and again. I definitely needed to feel Him, His energy, His love. Just writing I feel tears well up in my eyes, no one has ever cared like this in my life. Since He got so busy now, I thought I could be replaced with anyone. He showed me, without words, that I am Everything to Him. I so needed that. I need to feel needed. I need Him. 

I realize He’s my whole life now, He’s ruined me for all other men. No one can do to me what He does. I love that. He is my oxygen! 

I love you Daddy ❤️

This morning I could still smell His scent on my skin, mmmmm delicious


2 thoughts on “I’ll be your oxygen

  1. naughtynora00 says:

    Definitely delicious!!!

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