What was all of it for…

They were everything to each other in those months together.  He thought he found his soulmate. The smile on his face said it all, happiest He had ever been in a long time, Pure love. The touch of her skin, the smell of her hair, the feel of her curves, her big blue eyes, and that charming smile. He wondered how he got so lucky.

Planning a future together. Looking at homes to build a family in. Planning their children. Those wonderful morning texts. The beautiful good night texts, unless she stayed over.

Him watching her fall asleep and feeling like he had everything in the world to be happy about. He saw her as the most beautiful creature god had created, even   in the mornings. Them spending time together. Couple stuff: arguing over where to eat, why he sucks at directions,so she’ll be his navigator. Life couldn’t get better than this.

Then it happened… No more texts, no more calls, the occasional Snapchat pic. No time to be together. No more her in his bed next to him. No more trips. No more plans. No more seeing her a mess in the morning when she wakes up.

The pain is real, but being a man in this world you’re not allowed to cry. His heart is bleeding. How does he tell her goodbye. Where did it all go wrong. How do you go back to just being you, once you’ve met the woman of your dreams ,your soulmate. The woman that you gave all your love to ,your heart, your soul. 

He feels never wants to love again. Who could blame him. As he’s lost right now ,his thoughts go to ‘ will she ever return to him’. Every time he closes his eyes he can still picture her there. He can still see the body of her before him. He won’t hear her laugh anymore, nor see her smile at him,or laugh at his stupid jokes. As he wonders when will these images pass instead of keep making him hurt so bad. He shows no emotion right now. His mind and body went numb. 

How do you recover when you’ve lost the love of your life. The only female you’ve ever wanted, more than you want to breathe? How long will it take to forget her, for the images in his mind to fade. For reality to set in, ‘She’s just gone’.

What was all of it for, if it wasn’t meant to be forever…


8 thoughts on “What was all of it for…

  1. A sad tale. If true, I can state that there is still hope. All the best!

  2. naughtynora00 says:

    I’m so sorry….

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