All the things I appreciate about my Daddy, cuz He asked why and I didn’t know He wanted a list. But I wrote a list, so He won’t ever forget, and won’t ever doubt all He does in my life! 

So, I tell Daddy all the time that I appreciate Him, that He’s important to me. He seemed to want examples not just words. No problem! Ok, there’s a problem… This is hard. To tell another person all that you see in them, how they affect your life. That’s not easy. I don’t like being vulnerable, but for Him I’m gonna plaster this here:

You make me look at myself, be honest with myself. I hear from Him, “you’re not stupid, so just stop”. 

When I want to go shopping, buy pretty things but He knows I have enough stuff, but lovingly allows me to buy a few things just to feel pretty!

He’s taught me not to be afraid of my ex. Enough said!

He’s taught me to listen to Him the first time, stop excuses, if I don’t He’s going to hang up til I just get the balls to do it his way. I do it His way.

He doesn’t let me give up on myself

He’s my biggest cheerleader when things go my way! Without the short

He is the first Master I have ever had to include me in decisions. He has said plenty of times, ” I could answer for both of us, and you would have to go along, but I want someone sharing my life, not a robot”. I tear up just writing that. He gave me worth!

I am so loved by this man. I’ve never had that before.

He surprised me! He had a business trip, once done He was back in AZ, and knocking on the door, He was a most wonderful surprise!

He will send me lil texts that tell me He loves me, misses me, or tells me how His day is going. I know I’m clearly on His mind. 

He cooks for me! It’s delicious!

He tells me the plans He has for our lives. I feel comfortable in that, like He’s not going anywhere.

He will look at my car

He will help me when I’m stuck on any problem. Offer solutions, or if I say I just need you to listen, He does.

When I am sad, crying, near tears, having a shitty day He’s the only person I look forward to talking to. He can always make me laugh, or let’s my tears fall and just holds me. How He knows exactly what I need at any given moment is beyond me.

He will let me be my babygirl self, only a tiny bit bratty, but when I’ve gone to far He is right there to knock me back in line. It’s not a light nudge, or walks me there, no! This is I notice the line and watch myself. I think He’s to busy to notice, no He’s not. He notices all, sees all, hears all. Like a gypsy with a crystal ball. I’d ask Him my future but I’m sure somedays I’m gonna live a long happy life, other days I’m lucky to be alive. 

The saying, ” don’t mistake my niceness for weakness” yeah don’t do that to Him. 

I have more respect for Him when I don’t get my way, or how I know how much He loves me but puts me back in my place.

He always wants the best for, himself, our kids. Plus He doesn’t just hope for the best , He’s very much involved.

He will tell me how hot any woman is, cuz we both like females, but then acts like I’m way more beautiful. I sometimes just don’t get Him, the girl is hot. I see me, not so hot. But try telling Him that.

How we can be in the moment together and not have to add words. Sometimes it’s just a perfect moment being with Him, there’s just nothing to say! 

Before/ after surgery He was so wonderful to His slave. Being there for me, I felt fragile. He checked on me, made sure I was doing great. 

On His birthday, I’m the one that got the gift. Lol, that’s my Daddy!

He lets me know that I’m appreciated, I’ve never had that either. Thank you

He could cheat on me, but hasn’t. We both know that pain, and the damage it can do. So we don’t do it. 

He has His ‘guy’ time with His club, His friends, His family. I don’t feel the need to interrogate Him, He always says ‘ thank you.’

He took me someplace that was very important to Him. Only one other person shared this place with Him.

He knew of a celebration that I guess I had forgotten. He still made me feel very important.

He has had several business meetings,and He will bring me along as He says, ” I want you there for me, this is going to change our lives” . I believe Him
**This list is not full, not by a long shot, but I hope He knows how much He really means to me. There’s never gonna be anyone who ever take His place. Once you’ve had the perfect man of you’re dreams you just know. He’s my soulmate, I’ve waited a long time for Him, I don’t take any of this lightly. I love you Daddy

2 thoughts on “All the things I appreciate about my Daddy, cuz He asked why and I didn’t know He wanted a list. But I wrote a list, so He won’t ever forget, and won’t ever doubt all He does in my life! 

  1. naughtynora00 says:

    This is such a great idea! I hope you won’t mind if I write a list like this for my Daddy 🙂

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