Trouble is my middle name ( original story)

Daddy is always clear about ‘ no men’, I’m feeling very bratty. I need someone to play with me, I don’t need a man for that but some hot girls and toys sound just fine.

I wait for a weekend that he’ll be gone, get some girls lined up for a ‘ girl weekend at my House’. It looks as though I’m gonna have a great weekend! I do set up an online ad for some extra girls to come over and have fun. I got plenty of responses. The house will be full from the sounds of it. My girls and I will need plenty of food and alcohol. 

Daddy left  for his weekend trip. That was cutting it close. Hope he didn’t see anything, food/ alcohol. He didn’t say anything just kissed me good bye and said to behave myself! I get to making snacks and ‘finger’ foods for all the girls coming over tonight. I’m ready for guests!!

By 8 pm there is the first knock at the door. It’s a cute blonde in shorts and a revealing top,she’s got friends with her, all girls!  oh my am I horny! Sort of wish Daddy was here to see this. I’ll take pics for him. Umm no I won’t, if he knew what I was up to he’d be pissed. Ok, no pics, no mention of this on any of my social media. 

More girls come through the door, as does more food and alcohol. Music up loud, alcohol flowing, beautiful women dancing. Party seems like a success. Women wearing barely anything at all. Nature took it’s course, a few girls have already had the same idea I had, fun! Girls kissing, some heading down the hall to the bedrooms. I need to find a girl for me though. I see her at the other end of the room. I’m looking at her, she’s staring back at me. She’s so hot. Dark hair, blue eyes, cute outfit with plenty of curves, and just a lil dominant. I’m not sure how submissive I feel but i gonna see where this goes, if the dominant one goes badly I’ll bring out my bitch side, she’s not my Dominant. Lol. My dominant is gone for the weekend and I’m in charge of me! 

She makes her way thru the group of girls and she’s standing in front of me. She wants to get me a drink, get to know me. I’m up for that. She hands me a drink, we make small talk for a few mins. She pushes me up against the wall and her hands are all over my body. I’m wet before she ever gets between my legs, once there she feels how wet I am, smiles at me, goes in for a hot steamy kiss. She grabs my wrist and we head down the hall to mine and Daddy’s bedroom. I hear more and more girls enter the house, I don’t really care.

Once in the room, there’s already a girl sitting on the bed,naked. I’m liking where this is going. The dominant girl pushes me towards the girl on my bed. Girl on my bed opens her legs and the dominant one wants to watch, there’s a big surprise. Who does that to me? I’m thinking… Wait for it… Daddy. I kneel before this girl and my hands slide over her body. My tongue needs to explore as well. She’s moaning and I love that sound. I’ve got my fingers inside of her while working her clit, dominant girl is off to the side playing with herself while watching. Now that’s different…Umm not really, I’m thinking all dominants must be pretty much the same! 

While me and the girl are switching our positions, I hear this loud ass noise getting closer. It’s from outside the house. OMG! It’s bikers. No no no… It’s not him is it? How the fuck did he find out what I was up to? I’m dead. I need to hide. Oh Fuck.

I move the girl off of me, to peek down the hall hoping I’m wrong, front door flies open, holy shit this time it’s not girls. But it’s Daddy and his club. Apparently one of the girls was making a video of the ‘ wildest girl party’, plastered it all over YouTube and lo and behold, he saw it. He sees me down the hall, naked, in the doorway of our room, “stop right there” he says in his angriest voice. I’m thinking ‘ fuck that, I need a window, a guardian angel, or just let me die right here’. He’s down the hall before I could move, he’s got a hold of me. 

” Care to tell me what the fuck is going on?”

” I get a choice? Then, not really,no”

” You have 2 mins to explain, that’s your only choice” 

The dominant female is heading his way, trying to tell him that I’m hers. He laughs and pushes me aside, grabs her by the throat, “She’s fucking mine, that was her only choice years ago, she’s not allowed to go now, but having a party without my knowledge” he shoots this look of death at me. I want to run,but for some reason I’m frozen with fear. The naked girl starts caressing his dick, he looks down at her,

” You’ll get that soon cutie, once I know WTF is going on” he pushes her on the bed. 

” I didn’t invite any men, only girls, your rules” I say

” What about all the other rules?” He says

” I can only do one rule at a time, I wanted some fun, I was horny, I also wanted some alcohol, and you were busy and you were supposed to be gone all weekend, how did you know what was going on?”

” Next time you throw a huge ass party Babygirl, confiscate all cell phones, the girls in the living room gave it away, it’s all over social media, we are throwing the ‘ party of the year’, next time, there won’t be a next time, but get rid of the phones. Now you’re gonna play hostess and feed a shit ton of bikers. They are pissed, hungry, and horny. I’ll take care of you later” 

My night of sex and alcohol became a night of serving bikers food and alcohol. Watching a bunch of ppl get it on right where they were. Our couch had lots of cum on it, eww. Have this feeling once I pay for this party, I’m cleaning up by myself .
Daddy was mad, but after I pulled off ‘ the party of the year’ there was a bunch of happy ,well fed ,liquored up bikers, happy half naked chics, well let’s just say Daddy was pleased, sort of. Man has a memory like an elephant.  As the last person left the party,He took the three of us girls to our bedroom for sex and punishment. You can figure out the rest!!

I said my middle name was ‘ trouble’. Lol, what did you expect.


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