Together 2 years! And counting…

We are celebrating 2 wonderful, fun filled years together! I can honestly say, I don’t remember ever having this feeling last this long for anyone. In the past I wondered why, ppl would just tell me that we had gotten used to one another, that made no sense. Well, I’m used to my Daddy,but each day is exciting. We still have a kick ass sex life, love and respect for one another! This is definitely all new to me. I find my man interesting to talk to. I love learning new things, we still find more things we have in common. He makes me important, as a slave I’m so NOT used to that. I’m used to serving, never being heard, or treated with great importance. But He’s been different from the start.

This man in my life leaves me speechless. Makes me so happy. 

I told Him how much He’s changed my life, the lives of my children. All I can ever tell Him is how much we all need Him. It’s true, we do!

Where would I even begin to tell Him how much He means to me. There are no words in the English language that can express exactly how I feel. When you feel something for someone that you’ve never felt before, it’s hard to describe. I just know when I’m with Him, I feel loved​, protected, cared for, like He wants the best for me. If I have a problem yo He’ll solve it. ( Sry, vanilla ice ran thru my head!)

I know I repeat myself when I talk about Him. It’s really because I am still trying to process how I got so lucky. I’ve never had anyone in my life ,up to this point that made me feel so happy, usually by this point it was boring, but not Daddy. Plus we still have so much to do together, learn about each other, experience together. Sounds fun and exciting to me!

So, to be able to be with the man I love, have some dinner, enjoy each other’s company. That is my heaven. Sounds pretty perfect to me! 

Thank you Daddy that you want to be here after two years! That you must feel what I feel, how great is that! I’m so glad you’re in my life. Who could ask for anything more.


Evolution of a relationship

We met online, a dating site. It sounds so cliche, but that’s how it really happened.

We got to know each other first, before we started dating, but it didn’t take long to know we felt something different

This wild boy from Cali, and this sweet girl from Jersey just fit perfectly together!

Soon spending time together, learning about each other, likes/dislikes. Hoping we both felt this magic that happens between us!

From the start we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. In two years we’ve had one night of sex that didn’t wake the neighbors, sound like He was killing me! We have an incredible sex life, keeps getting better! So does all aspects of our relationship.

He’s my everything!

Even things I didn’t know I wanted, or craved. How could I not fall in love with this man.

Romantic times together

Watching TV together

On our phones together

Even when we have fights or disagreements, which I’m glad we do, we can tell how well we still love each other, and we don’t stay mad, don’t try to hurt each other. We say it, deal with it, move on. 

He is my King! How He’s changed my life, my children’s lives, He most definitely deserved an upgrade! He’s the most wonderful man in the world! I would shout that from any mountain top. 

Love it when we cook together! Damn, He can cook!! Is there anything He can’t do! Haven’t seen it yet, He’s my hero! He’s just there when you need Him, me/kids/family/friends/His club/strangers

One of His favorite toys! My ass!

We have this wonderful blended family coming together very nicely. There is one us that I hope gets to be a part of our lives in the future,(R). 

Thats us!! Five kids!! Daddy and me!! And a grandson!

One day soon put our stuff together!


Daddy, you are my life! You’re everything I want, could wish or hope for. Our life is crazy but I doubt we care, it’s our kind of perfect ❤️ love you Daddy!

Love, babygirl 

Love me, feed me, never leave me!

Hold onto me

Our story begins like any other, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they talk, they text, send naked selfies,  they get it on! From the moment we met I knew something was different about this man. I just didn’t know exactly what, but trust me I was gonna find out! Two yrs later , I’m still surprised, of course happy.  He makes me feel special. My life will never be the same. He’s one of those ‘ once in a lifetime’ kind of men.

I can say, I’m still excited to be here in this relationship with Him. We have gotten much closer, we have formed bonds with all the kids. I’d say things came together very nicely. I get my romantic Daddy. The Master I serve. My badass biker. Could life be any better? 

I know I go slow. My friends, the ones who have remained in my life, have reminded me how slow I go! But then what was the rush. I want it to be right. We both still arrived at the point where we are now. I’m glad I took my time. The ‘what ifs’ aren’t so many. We have built that trust, and communication slowly. I am so happy about that. I needed to know that when life happens we won’t crumble like a piece of paper. That we work together. That He talks to me and listens. He waits for me to process, so I can find the words to express how I’m feeling. I notice at times it might not be a subject He wants to talk about, or He maybe temporarily pissed with me for how I said something, but He’s not pushed me away, not left me. He will talk, even about the tough stuff. He will be honest with me even if it’s hard for me to take. He used to want to sugar coat things, but I showed Him I don’t need that, I know He cares about me. 

We’ve been through plenty of tough things together, and have come out stronger, that to me is a true testament to how much we belong together. I’m glad we have had the time to get to know one another so well. If not, who knows how this would have gone. But He did the same for me. He had thanked me for that too, He was used to rushing into prior relationships​, only for them to end quickly. 

Two years! That’s a new one for me! He’s been reminding me that there are future plans. That definitely sounds like something I want. I like the idea of waking up to Him each morning. I like idea of being together under the same roof. I won’t lie, I’m rather happy and nervous at the same time about these future plans. Will we be able to live together? Or will our daily quirks be to much for either one of us to survive this relationship. Ok, I may be thinking to much about all things that could go wrong, but that’s what I’m like, that’s what I do. 

There is still one obstacle for us to get through. This one could push us together to be even stronger or really pull us apart. I’m prepared for either way it could go. My mind is set to ‘ I’m doing my best to stay here and be strong’. The other part of me sees the obstacle as something immovable, and I worry that all we’ve built will gone soon. This is starting to hurt more and more, when I think of everything we have gotten through together, that this one last thing could be our breaking point, for which we may be changed forever. Self preservation. I know what I want, but neither of us can foresee the outcome, so we are struggling against each other, while holding on tight. I want to scream to the universe, ‘ how dare you test the strength of our relationship,what we’ve built’. But then part of me is curious as to how this will go. As I look at Him, I see He’s trying His very best as well, there’s no one to blame. Hardest part for me is if this goes badly at this eleventh hour feeling, we’ve made plans. We’ve bonded with all the kids. We act like a family, which is everything we have both wanted. He knows me better than anyone. I can read Him like a book as well. I love taking care of Him. Will we still be standing here, hand in hand. Or will it be over… My heart aches, as I know the answer will come soon enough, I just want to know which way it will go.

So, goes without saying, our anniversary is sort of bittersweet. I’m so happy with how things are. But my mind reminds me this could be the last time for anything… 

Time will tell… 

In the meantime, we are still very much together. I’m so thankful that I’m here with Him. Our lives have gotten busier, crazier. But we have rolled with all these punches! There are moments when I need Him, a strong connection. He stops Everything, He’s right there. He’s right fucking there. Holding me, tickling me, talking to me, kissing me, making love to me. I don’t ever want to let go of Him. I can’t imagine my life without Him. I love those texts that tell me everything! It will come across my phone, ” why am I here in this meeting?” ” Missing you” ” I’m horny” ” I love you” ” I need a threesome”. I’m as close to Him as He is to me. It’s a beautiful place to be. He IS my best friend. Am I His to? Lol

When I say He’s my everything, I mean it. He just fits into my life so well, into every little nook and cranny in my soul. He and His love are coursing through my veins. Now maybe you can imagine my pain at the thought of this possibly ending soon, or even at all. 

I had a difficult time writing. I can hardly write at all. My thoughts are way to jumbled. My soul is not at rest. My heart is weeping as my emotions are so unsettled. My blood pressure is thru the roof. How does one prepare yourself for something you don’t want to happen. How will we survive, will we.

As I will be happy for these 2 years with my King, my Master, my Daddy, the love of my life, my best friend, my confidant, fuck He’s my everything. I need Him. I want Him. I love taking care of Him as He does me. Feeling His head on my chest at times, breathing life back into Him. Preparing Him to face the world again when it’s kicked His ass. He’s beautiful to me, because it’s His soul that I see. He’s given me every part of Himself, and i gave that to Him, as He gave to me. I’m trying to hold on, only my grip isn’t as tight anymore, I can tell. Life has a funny way of giving you everything you had ever wanted, needed, desired, only to feel that in one breathe it can be gone, as fast as the blink of an eye. 

Hold onto me my love, I’m alittle unsteady at the moment. I’d ask for help, but you can’t give it. I’m hoping its all a bad dream and I’ll wake soon. Nothing is wrong, nothing will change, nothing in our way. Could it be, that just once, maybe, I get everything I ever wanted and more…  Time will tell…


Who’s the fairest Master of them all?

Mine of course!
Last night was our special anniversary. You may not ask me any more than that, because I have no idea of what kind of anniversary. I asked and asked, but after awhile I started thinking that maybe He just made it up to spend time with me, except that doesn’t sound like Him. Plus He kept hinting around it as of why it made such a memory with Him. I really did wrack my brain. I have the worst memory. I have plenty of things in my phone to remember, I must write everything down, for what about this particular day stood out for Him. I might never know.

He wanted to know why I was moody? Well, as His slave I feel I failed Him, there was a special day and I have absolutely no memory of it. That makes me sad, I don’t like failing my Master. The other part was failing myself, that something significant happened last year on this day, and my mind couldn’t keep it, how many other things are just gone… Makes me very upset.

He had me drive us to a restaurant that was waiting for us, He had made a reservation. ( Smiling) It was a place we talked about months ago, I had never been there. I was excited, but nervous too. I was wondering if I had been there before, but couldn’t remember that either? Thank God He said no we hadn’t been there, ahhh fresh memories! Let’s hope I keep this one in my head.

He picked out a lovely selection for us, four courses. That sounds like a lot of food, I’m not a big eater. When they brought the food, it was like it was made just for me! It was tiny bites, now your talking, food I can get behind! And it was delicious! Apples and cheese, that’s just wrong. Just sayin.

As our night went on, my moodiness left. But I’m always a babygirl. I wondered how to use my fork to stab my food, on chips. Little did I know it was OK to use your hands, I was waiting for Him to show me tiny tongs. He just laughs! Our life together will never be boring, His words. 

As I had to wait 2 mins for food to cook in something called ‘ Moho’, I’m not patient, I want my tiny food NOW! So I take it out run it thru some yummy sauces, all the while burning my mouth. He’s still laughing! Then He gives me veggies, hot veggies. I run them thru sauces and burn my mouth again. I swear at this point He’s not sure how I’ve gotten thru life without Him. I wonder that too! The last course was fruit and cakes in chocolate sauce, oh myyyy goooooddddd! That was heaven. The food was fantastic all night. And Daddy let me know that no one had been there with Him except one other special person. Wow! I heard Him, I know Daddy loves but to spring something like that on me, tears welled up, I just didn’t let Him know. I guess he’ll know now. This man loves me, it’s awful that it’s so foreign to me to be loved by anyone. But it is. I just watched Him, listened to Him. I am so in love with this amazing man.

We are talking, and He lets me know He could tell I was not OK as we left the house tonight. ” Daddy, I need planned spontanaiety”. He laughs, says there is no such thing. I chime in, ” yes there is if you’re a Libra!”. Libras don’t do most things spontaneously, unless it’s an emergency count the Libra out. If you throw a surprise party for me, tell me in advance or I can’t process. I will feel so awkward and out of my element it’s not funny. Plus there’s high blood pressure, I might have had to many spontaneous moments, see. Does He want my heart to just explode in my chest? Tell me what’s happening before it happens, so as it happens I can get thru it.

Then He’s laughing cuz I have no idea where we are, Arizona was NOT the answer He was looking for. He goes so far as to come up with what would happen to me if a hostage situation happened, and calling 911 won’t help me ,cuz I don’t even know where I’m at. One thing for sure if I call 911 I know they bounce off cell phone towers to triangulate where I am. Lawyered Daddy!

We even got the chocolate covered strawberries for our special anniversary. The staff kept wishing us a happy anniversary, I did think about pulling one aside and asking them if He said anything to them about what anniversary? 

As we were leaving He always does the gentleman thing, ‘ ladies first’s. But does He have any idea I don’t know where I’m going? Twice He had to put me on the right path to get out the door. I was thinking to myself, ‘ thank God I didn’t have to pee, I would have never found Him again’, maybe they’d call search and rescue, get out the dogs, reunite me with my Daddy! It was a big place and lots of ways to go. I was bound to do it wrong. 

All in all it was a lovely evening, it really was. I got a great pic with Him. And of the fire! No I didn’t light the restaurant on fire, Daddy was with me, the world and I were safe!

* The title: there will never be anyone like Him in my life. Only Him. How I got so lucky to have such a wonderful Master,Daddy, Lover, mere mortal man in my life, Well I don’t know. I just know I feel so lucky all the time. He thinks about me, as much as I think about Him. He misses me as much as I miss Him. I love my life! For the very first time ever, someone loves me as much as I love them! I never want it to end, I just want more with Him. I love this man❤He teaches me, helps me, protects me. He is everything to me! He the fairest Master of them all! There are none like Him, He’s one in a billion. He chose me, still brings tears after all this time together. 
Just one thing…  WTF anniversary was it?

See? Fire!!


It was fireworks♡

When you’re in love ,yep, it’s like fireworks!


From the moment Daddy and I met, something seemed different between us. I have never felt so comfortable with anyone like I do Daddy! Now, it’s been a year. What a year! It’s had its ups and downs, it’s good moments, great moments, phenomenal moments, bad moments, awesome sex, lots of punishments  ( I’m sort of a brat).

But if anything is true, I feel closer to Daddy all the time! I’m right where I want to be in my life, and oh Daddy seems happy too!!!

So, for our first year celebration we ate at a nice restaurant , we wrote a letter to each other. Ok I put mine on my phone and sort of cheated, while Daddy gave me a hand written sentiment. I wrote from my heart, I was completely honest. Once I read Daddy’s letter, I felt like He just put it all into words way better than I did. Yes, I’m critiquing my letter to Daddy. It’s allowed! 

I read Daddy’s letter to me over and over. I feel so loved, cared for, like I’m definitely with the man of my dreams!

Then there was this moment between Daddy and i… it was like…


Almost as if an explosion happened! It was the coolest thing! Definitely a surprise! Most wonderful surprise! Thank you Daddy.  It went like this…


It was just… WoW♡. How did Daddy do that! It was fantastic, just what I wanted.  Daddy is always so full of surprises. I’m a spoiled babygirl!!!

I love you Daddy♡



It’s been 11 months for Daddy and me♡





Since I first met Him, I was hooked. Granted I had already established thoughts about Him from the year before ,when we met briefly.  How fate, the universe, whomever it was… I had a second chance with the man who put stars in my eyes. Even though for me the timing was bad. I wasn’t about to waste my moment now that I knew second chances don’t always happen.

I needed to know if He, ‘was the one I’ve been searching for ,my entire life’. YES, YES, A MILLION TIMES, YES. I didn’t know how to tell Him. I’m not even sure He felt it.

The first time we were face to face , it took every ounce of courage in me to stay by His side, as I felt like I was in the presence of royalty and I wasn’t sure I belonged. Daddy just has this commanding presence about Him. It’s actually quite unique. I was just myself all night long, but it was hard to make eye contact, still is. His eyes always feel that they can see deep into my soul.

The man I met that night, impressed me. He was such a gentleman.  He spoke eloquently,  asked insightful questions.  He didn’t show anything but excellence. My thought was then, as it is now, ‘ Fuck, I want to be all His, forever, and ever, and ever’. Females just know, 30 seconds or less. ( I said He was eloquent, not me! LOL)

Once we began to call it a night, I knew I would want more, He’s like a drug, I’m His addict. I still cannot get enough of my Daddy. I know He reminds me of plans He has for our future. I just count myself lucky, blessed, or whatever you call it that I get to wake up each morning , and tell my Daddy that I love Him so much! He is my first love♡ He is the man I want to spend my ‘happily ever after’ with. He’s the man who is my everything! 

I’m the luckiest babygirl in the world. No one has a Daddy like mine. Next month is a year!  I have never had that with anyone who actually mattered to me. I am so excited! Life does give you what you are looking for, if your patient! I’m patient, I don’t need to know what our future holds, as long as Daddy is in my life! I’m His! He’s mine! 

I love you Daddy!  There aren’t enough words in any language to tell you how much , hopefully I can show you♡



Has it been 9 months already???

Yes, Yes it has! This is still exciting to me. To have someone be in my life this long, and still care about them, and be cared about! To still get butterflies when I see Him. That just doesn’t happen very often to me. It’s going to be a great day. I am so thankful for many things!









I love you Daddy♡♡

-Your babygirl