Happy birthday Daddy❤️🎈🎂

A list of stuff I wish we did for your birthday!!!!!

A romantic birthday toast! 

A beautiful birthday dinner for two!

A sexy strip tease just for Daddy❤️

Some sex! Birthday or not, we need it!


Oh my god, there’s a man in the house😨

No worries! It’s just Daddy! 

So, Daddy had plans but they fell through, so He made ‘other’ plans, with me!  He came over Friday and we spent the whole weekend together. Much to my dismay Monday came to damn fast.

I looked at this time together as sort of a precursor to living together. I’m not sure He wanted me to, but I felt it would be fine to do so. I haven’t lived with a guy I’ve dated in 8 years. I’ve been single off and on, but meeting Him , well I knew what I wanted. Him! I have my kids living with me, I’ve had roommates, but never lived with anyone involved with, not for a long time. 

My plan was… To just be myself. This time wasn’t about sex, or getting my needs met. But I wanted to see for myself how well Daddy and I meshed together. 

From the start it was amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it. Of course I was nervous, just because I was happy, didn’t tell me if He was. 

By the next morning,waking up to Him, well that’s familiar to me when He stays over. But the rest of the day was what I was paying attention to. He showed me how important I was, by how He treated me. I was totally enamored with Him all day! Once we got home Daddy wanted rest, I made sure He got it. He works damn hard , He takes care of everyone ( me, the kids, family, friends,club. My job as I see it, is to take care of my beloved Master the best I can, to the best of my ability. It is exactly what I want to do!

I tried my best to anticipate what He might need, before He asked, that’s what a good slave does. I was like that as a wife, but definitely to the wrong man. I even wondered if it was in me to be like I was? Omg!!! Much to my surprise I was still me! Once the weekend was over for us I texted my girls. I let them know about my incredible weekend with Daddy. I even got to gush over that feeling!! The feeling of taking care of a man, your man! There’s nothing like that feeling in the world. 

How wonderful it was to be me again, but with the most deserving man on the planet. I was on cloud 9 the whole weekend. I noticed all my fears of living with Him diminished. I really needed that too. I needed to know I was really ready to live with Him. I needed Him to see I will put Him first in thought and deed. 

I am definitely looking forward to life with Daddy. It was an incredible weekend! From eating together, Him treating me like I was the only woman on earth, playing together!, And Him helping me with major decisions. I felt more alive in this one weekend then I have in years. I owe it all to Him. I know His weekend didn’t go as He had planned, but I needed this weekend more than I needed the air I breathe. 

I love my Daddy ❤️

Today is national ‘ I love you day’

❤️❤️❤️❤️I lOVE YOU DADDY❤️❤️❤️❤️

Trouble is my middle name ( original story)

Daddy is always clear about ‘ no men’, I’m feeling very bratty. I need someone to play with me, I don’t need a man for that but some hot girls and toys sound just fine.

I wait for a weekend that he’ll be gone, get some girls lined up for a ‘ girl weekend at my House’. It looks as though I’m gonna have a great weekend! I do set up an online ad for some extra girls to come over and have fun. I got plenty of responses. The house will be full from the sounds of it. My girls and I will need plenty of food and alcohol. 

Daddy left  for his weekend trip. That was cutting it close. Hope he didn’t see anything, food/ alcohol. He didn’t say anything just kissed me good bye and said to behave myself! I get to making snacks and ‘finger’ foods for all the girls coming over tonight. I’m ready for guests!!

By 8 pm there is the first knock at the door. It’s a cute blonde in shorts and a revealing top,she’s got friends with her, all girls!  oh my am I horny! Sort of wish Daddy was here to see this. I’ll take pics for him. Umm no I won’t, if he knew what I was up to he’d be pissed. Ok, no pics, no mention of this on any of my social media. 

More girls come through the door, as does more food and alcohol. Music up loud, alcohol flowing, beautiful women dancing. Party seems like a success. Women wearing barely anything at all. Nature took it’s course, a few girls have already had the same idea I had, fun! Girls kissing, some heading down the hall to the bedrooms. I need to find a girl for me though. I see her at the other end of the room. I’m looking at her, she’s staring back at me. She’s so hot. Dark hair, blue eyes, cute outfit with plenty of curves, and just a lil dominant. I’m not sure how submissive I feel but i gonna see where this goes, if the dominant one goes badly I’ll bring out my bitch side, she’s not my Dominant. Lol. My dominant is gone for the weekend and I’m in charge of me! 

She makes her way thru the group of girls and she’s standing in front of me. She wants to get me a drink, get to know me. I’m up for that. She hands me a drink, we make small talk for a few mins. She pushes me up against the wall and her hands are all over my body. I’m wet before she ever gets between my legs, once there she feels how wet I am, smiles at me, goes in for a hot steamy kiss. She grabs my wrist and we head down the hall to mine and Daddy’s bedroom. I hear more and more girls enter the house, I don’t really care.

Once in the room, there’s already a girl sitting on the bed,naked. I’m liking where this is going. The dominant girl pushes me towards the girl on my bed. Girl on my bed opens her legs and the dominant one wants to watch, there’s a big surprise. Who does that to me? I’m thinking… Wait for it… Daddy. I kneel before this girl and my hands slide over her body. My tongue needs to explore as well. She’s moaning and I love that sound. I’ve got my fingers inside of her while working her clit, dominant girl is off to the side playing with herself while watching. Now that’s different…Umm not really, I’m thinking all dominants must be pretty much the same! 

While me and the girl are switching our positions, I hear this loud ass noise getting closer. It’s from outside the house. OMG! It’s bikers. No no no… It’s not him is it? How the fuck did he find out what I was up to? I’m dead. I need to hide. Oh Fuck.

I move the girl off of me, to peek down the hall hoping I’m wrong, front door flies open, holy shit this time it’s not girls. But it’s Daddy and his club. Apparently one of the girls was making a video of the ‘ wildest girl party’, plastered it all over YouTube and lo and behold, he saw it. He sees me down the hall, naked, in the doorway of our room, “stop right there” he says in his angriest voice. I’m thinking ‘ fuck that, I need a window, a guardian angel, or just let me die right here’. He’s down the hall before I could move, he’s got a hold of me. 

” Care to tell me what the fuck is going on?”

” I get a choice? Then, not really,no”

” You have 2 mins to explain, that’s your only choice” 

The dominant female is heading his way, trying to tell him that I’m hers. He laughs and pushes me aside, grabs her by the throat, “She’s fucking mine, that was her only choice years ago, she’s not allowed to go now, but having a party without my knowledge” he shoots this look of death at me. I want to run,but for some reason I’m frozen with fear. The naked girl starts caressing his dick, he looks down at her,

” You’ll get that soon cutie, once I know WTF is going on” he pushes her on the bed. 

” I didn’t invite any men, only girls, your rules” I say

” What about all the other rules?” He says

” I can only do one rule at a time, I wanted some fun, I was horny, I also wanted some alcohol, and you were busy and you were supposed to be gone all weekend, how did you know what was going on?”

” Next time you throw a huge ass party Babygirl, confiscate all cell phones, the girls in the living room gave it away, it’s all over social media, we are throwing the ‘ party of the year’, next time, there won’t be a next time, but get rid of the phones. Now you’re gonna play hostess and feed a shit ton of bikers. They are pissed, hungry, and horny. I’ll take care of you later” 

My night of sex and alcohol became a night of serving bikers food and alcohol. Watching a bunch of ppl get it on right where they were. Our couch had lots of cum on it, eww. Have this feeling once I pay for this party, I’m cleaning up by myself .
Daddy was mad, but after I pulled off ‘ the party of the year’ there was a bunch of happy ,well fed ,liquored up bikers, happy half naked chics, well let’s just say Daddy was pleased, sort of. Man has a memory like an elephant.  As the last person left the party,He took the three of us girls to our bedroom for sex and punishment. You can figure out the rest!!

I said my middle name was ‘ trouble’. Lol, what did you expect.

What love feels like

I had to try to figure out what love feels like,  what it really is. I have it for my kids, some for my family even though they aren’t a part of my life any longer. But for the first time in my life, a man! I cared about people in the past , but never had this feeling about any of them , that no matter what ,I want you in my life. 

Recently, I had been more unhappy , but only with myself, my actions. I had made my mind up that I felt i might need to leave our relationship, all because things got tough over a situation from His past. It’s not really what I wanted. I should have just gone to Him to talk it out. Plus I forget, that as much as I hate drama, now I was causing some. I was  so unhappy with myself. 

I had let Him know that if the situation didn’t go my way, I would need to go on my way. That’s not what I wanted to do either. The people around me kept telling me I was doing the wrong thing. I think I knew they were right, but refused to acknowledge it. Then I was making Him miserable over things He had no control of. I didn’t look at things from His point of view. How does a dominant deal with a situation they have no control over, I don’t know, I never asked. I was so focused on my own point of view, my own feelings, my anger.

I had to think hard about how to get happy again. All I could think of was ,apologize to Him, and accept I had no control over the situation but only myself.  I truly have a slave heart, I hardly ever put myself on ‘ The List’. But how do I survive something that feels like it’s killing me? I don’t know, so  I thought, ” if the situation won’t change, I felt I had the right to think about leaving our relationship”. That became my only thought. I knew it would hurt Him, I knew it would kill me. But I didn’t see any other choices, nor did I talk to Him. I was so wrong. There are two people in this relationship, He deals with my crap. But He also has to trust that He’s as important to me, as I am to Him. How is He to do that when I’ve let Him know I wanted out if this situation gets to be to much for me.

I needed time to reflect, and I did that recently. If I wasn’t  leaving over some stupid crap then how could I deal with  it? At first, i felt sad that I could hurt the people I love so much. My kids have come to love and respect Him. I’ve bonded with His daughter, and how could I be without Him?? Was this situation so bad that it was worth so much damage. Could I ever apologize to all these people in my life over something that felt was so damn important?I knew I had to apologize to Him. I finally got the strength to say the words. Did I expect Him to be happy with me? Not really. I’m reminding Him that I almost hurt Him over my irritation. 

After lots of reflection of our situation, I finally found answers I was looking for, they were in me the whole time, who knew…I couldn’t leave, I’m a strong woman, and it’s not like my own life is without drama. Plus it’s not drama He caused. It’s that He’s stuck, but He has said He’s working on it, I trust that He is. but this situation is not fun to be stuck in. He keeps saying we have a future,  like the sound of that, it’s great, but it won’t happen if I can’t deal with this situation.

The time I’ve spent on my own over the past few weeks, just wondering how to make things right with Him. I decided I should let Him know I was truly sorry for any unkind words, for letting this situation drive me up a wall, for even saying I might need to leave , that’s not what I want at all.

I processed the situation all by myself. I thought about what parts hurt me, made me angry, and was honest with myself about “what was my real problem”, this was not easy, but for the first time I released all my anger. I saw His side, if I thought I had it bad , He had to deal with situation everyday, no matter what. I admired Him for that. He has such patience, doesn’t let this situation get to Him so much. I knew I had to let Him know that I love Him, and how could I mean that if I thought it was ok to leave and hurt Him. I couldn’t. I had to make sure He knows I can’t go. This situation after processing wasn’t difficult as I had made it out to be. I came to the point of no matter what, this situation will be around for a long time, if I couldn’t deal with it now, how would I get stronger later. I needed to be strong now. It was my decision. 

I’m sure this subject wasn’t fun for Him. But I really am sorry for what I said. How I got to caught up in my anger to see the other persons side.

As we spent our anniversary together last night, it was a beautiful night together. Wish we could do that more often. As I looked at the man in front of me I realized I want more with Him, for real. Running away when things get complicated is not what I want. When I thought about our situation I am much calmer than I have ever been. I accepted that nothing is ever perfect. I feel really good now. I processed my anger.Even others have noticed! Saying you seem better about all this. I love that ppl notice.  I am owning the bad stuff too, I hurt Him. I don’t like that, the past few weeks have been good for me. I’m seeing things differently. I’m seeing His side of things. I’m trying to be understanding that He can’t control the world, He only controls me. He’s a very patient man. He’s a good man. He loves me! I hope He knows how important He is to me, that it was super important to me that I accept His life ( good and bad), as He has accepted mine. 

Now you know what love feels like, it’s doing the right thing no matter how hard, like apologizing to Daddy.

I love you Daddy, I hope you know that

Together 2 years! And counting…

We are celebrating 2 wonderful, fun filled years together! I can honestly say, I don’t remember ever having this feeling last this long for anyone. In the past I wondered why, ppl would just tell me that we had gotten used to one another, that made no sense. Well, I’m used to my Daddy,but each day is exciting. We still have a kick ass sex life, love and respect for one another! This is definitely all new to me. I find my man interesting to talk to. I love learning new things, we still find more things we have in common. He makes me important, as a slave I’m so NOT used to that. I’m used to serving, never being heard, or treated with great importance. But He’s been different from the start.

This man in my life leaves me speechless. Makes me so happy. 

I told Him how much He’s changed my life, the lives of my children. All I can ever tell Him is how much we all need Him. It’s true, we do!

Where would I even begin to tell Him how much He means to me. There are no words in the English language that can express exactly how I feel. When you feel something for someone that you’ve never felt before, it’s hard to describe. I just know when I’m with Him, I feel loved​, protected, cared for, like He wants the best for me. If I have a problem yo He’ll solve it. ( Sry, vanilla ice ran thru my head!)

I know I repeat myself when I talk about Him. It’s really because I am still trying to process how I got so lucky. I’ve never had anyone in my life ,up to this point that made me feel so happy, usually by this point it was boring, but not Daddy. Plus we still have so much to do together, learn about each other, experience together. Sounds fun and exciting to me!

So, to be able to be with the man I love, have some dinner, enjoy each other’s company. That is my heaven. Sounds pretty perfect to me! 

Thank you Daddy that you want to be here after two years! That you must feel what I feel, how great is that! I’m so glad you’re in my life. Who could ask for anything more.

Evolution of a relationship

We met online, a dating site. It sounds so cliche, but that’s how it really happened.

We got to know each other first, before we started dating, but it didn’t take long to know we felt something different

This wild boy from Cali, and this sweet girl from Jersey just fit perfectly together!

Soon spending time together, learning about each other, likes/dislikes. Hoping we both felt this magic that happens between us!

From the start we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. In two years we’ve had one night of sex that didn’t wake the neighbors, sound like He was killing me! We have an incredible sex life, keeps getting better! So does all aspects of our relationship.

He’s my everything!

Even things I didn’t know I wanted, or craved. How could I not fall in love with this man.

Romantic times together

Watching TV together

On our phones together

Even when we have fights or disagreements, which I’m glad we do, we can tell how well we still love each other, and we don’t stay mad, don’t try to hurt each other. We say it, deal with it, move on. 

He is my King! How He’s changed my life, my children’s lives, He most definitely deserved an upgrade! He’s the most wonderful man in the world! I would shout that from any mountain top. 

Love it when we cook together! Damn, He can cook!! Is there anything He can’t do! Haven’t seen it yet, He’s my hero! He’s just there when you need Him, me/kids/family/friends/His club/strangers

One of His favorite toys! My ass!

We have this wonderful blended family coming together very nicely. There is one us that I hope gets to be a part of our lives in the future,(R). 

Thats us!! Five kids!! Daddy and me!! And a grandson!

One day soon put our stuff together!


Daddy, you are my life! You’re everything I want, could wish or hope for. Our life is crazy but I doubt we care, it’s our kind of perfect ❤️ love you Daddy!

Love, babygirl 

Love me, feed me, never leave me!

Taken by force. ( My original story)

Daddy was headed to Vegas for the weekend, a business trip. He kept hinting about wanting me to go. I wasn’t thinking about it being romantic, just that I thought He’d be busy the whole time, I’d hardly see, no fun for me…

Before He left I sent Him lots of very dirty pics. I like to tease Daddy, plus some I’d like to try. I knew He’d been talking about forcing me into consensual non-consent. Whatever it was, I wasn’t agreeing to it. I came up with every excuse. He always let me off the hook. Something seemed different this time when I kissed Him goodbye for His weekend business trip. He seemed to controlled, very dominant. Not like I’ve seen Him before. 

I thought no more of it, I turned to close the door, I hear a vehicle pull up, the brakes squeal to stop fast. I feel the door being pushed open and I don’t have enough force to push it closed. A masked man is looking right me. I turn to run but he’s to close and already has a hold of me. He picks me up, flings me over his shoulder, and dumps me in the van. He closes the door, hands me off to two other men who within seconds of me being inside and tying and gagging me. I’m trying my hardest to fight them off, but it’s no use I’m not strong enough.

I hear voices talking outside the van, but can’t understand anything being said. I’m confused as to WTF is going on. A guy from behind puts a blindfold on me, everything goes dark. ” As long as you don’t scream I won’t gag you, do you understand?” I shake my head yes. He takes off the gag.

It feels like hours of driving and I decide to ask a few questions, ” where are we going? My boyfriend will know I’m gone, if you just let me go now I won’t say anything to anyone,OK?”. The only response I get is, “:when we get there the boss will tell us what to do with you”. Now I’m more scared, I don’t know where I’m at, what’s happening. 

We finally stop. I’m being helped up so I can walk. Still blindfolded and tied, but my leg restraints are off so I can walk. I am struggling against the ones who took me, so maybe I can get free. They tighten their grip. I hear doors open and close. I’m put into a chair and someone behind me has a hand on my throat. I don’t move.

I’m being moved once again. This time I’m thrown on a bed. I start to really fight for my life. Since I cant see I’m at a complete disadvantage. I feel my arms being unrestrained and moved up, like I’ll be tied to something. Then someone moving my legs apart and each one being tied as well. I am trying my hardest to fight, but no one is there. I hear the door open and think someone came into the room. I can hear footsteps heading to where I am. I get tears cuz now this is to real. Whoever it is ,has their hand on my thigh lightly caressing it, I feel it moving up to my wet spot and I’m trying to wiggle so they can’t touch me, it’s to late it’s already happening, my shorts and panties slid to the side and now deep inside is several fingers. I can’t fight much more I get so horny when my Daddy does stuff like, but I have to fight. But I’m getting wet. It stops. I feel tugging on my shirt, it rips up thru the middle. My breasts exposed. I feel cold steel on my skin and my bra is cut from between my breasts and now they’re free. The hands move down to my hips to my shorts being cut, now all that’s left are my panties. I feel the cold steel again slide between my skin and the material and they are off. 

Now I’m just naked tied to a bed. I’m scared, no one is saying anything. I’m fighting with everything in me. I feel a smack on my clit. Oh fuck. Another and another, Daddy usually spanks my clit if he’s not happy with me. This couldn’t be my Daddy, could it? I push that thought out of my head. I hear the person fumbling for something on my left. I can hear buzzing, like the sound of Daddy’s favorite toy. Oh fuck, I feel it between my legs. My body starts to shake, and the toy goes from clit to inside me, there’s no holding that orgasm back. I don’t. My body shakes and shivers, I’m moaning. 

I can feel the blindfold being taken off me, my eyes are adjusting. I see someone in front of eye and now  it’s clear, I smile and say, “Daddy!”. He’s not looking so happy. ” I gave you a choice to go with me to Vegas and have some fun. And you thought it wouldn’t be. Now we’re gonna have my kind of fun. And you will be doing everything in the pics you sent me, every position. You’ll get breaks, but this weekend your mine, all mine.” 

Now I’m scared for a whole new reason. Daddy looks mad, and I remembered what was on those pics, fuck I’m gonna be so sore, that is if I live thru the weekend…
*This is my original story. You may not use any part of it. Thank you for respecting my property.- Babygirl*