Time off for good behaviour.

I think this title is seriously stretching it. I honestly think Daddy gave me time off cuz He’s busy, I’m a brat and every once in a while He unleashes me on an unsuspecting world and hopes for the best. Right Daddy? 

I try to be good, I really do, but ppl piss me off. If I exhaust those around me, cuz only Daddy can handle me,then how must Daddy feel? He deserves an award!  

Yes, it’s a fact. Daddy is the only man in the world who can handle me. He does a great job. I don’t know how He does it, but if I wasn’t the one I’m talking about I’d probably congratulate Him. Instead I will just keep writing and be thankful that He keeps me in His life! Cuz I’m very thankful 
I really don’t want to give Him more stuff to write down. I can only hope that He’s so tired, or busy that He misses this writing?! The stuff He writes down are the infractions that He feels must be dealt with. Plus I’m a blonde so some things just get passed me without me even trying, fact.

Like tonight for instance, Daddy let’s me off His leash, sort of. He’s always in control, He knows He can’t totally. I’m not good with freedom. But I spent hours with my bff and my son. Not even realizing I had forgotten my ID somewhere, but Where? We get through the Movie “suicide squad”. While my son and bff decide to point out the many ways that I’m like Harley Quinn,  or is she like me? I’m offended. But then realize they may have a point. We will get back to my ID soon…

So let’s recap my week, and  tonight. During the week, I got a very expensive ticket, i ran a red light, as I sped thru it, while being in a school zone, and I was on my phone. Ugh. I really didn’t want to show Daddy the mail. As I sat there intently waiting for Him to lower the paper so I could smile and try to talk my way out of it. The state may have given me a ticket,  but Daddy scares me more. 

He looked at me, I sunk in my seat, tried to tell Him they have the wrong person. I have a twin, she did it. I was coerced into doing it. I was kidnapped. The person on the phone dared me? Is any of this working? Nope. He took out His phone, and made a note. That’s the worst thing ever. 

Sort of like a detective asking questions and writing down all the evidence they see, while they take your statement. Lost control of my car during rainy conditions, not once, but twice. Yes I  slowed down. Daddy was happier, not so irritated. Today, I yelled at a manager ,but he had it coming. AZ doesn’t get many downpours but this morning we got one, could hardly see the lines on the road. I was soaked already from a different stop. I arrive at my next stop give the manager his Auto parts and ask for help with a very heavy part. The manager tells me off cuz it’s raining. So I do it back since I’m on a time frame to deliver. Which means I have to head back out into the rain grab this heavy part and bring it to him, try to be nice. I do it, I’m soaking wet and he could care less. I yell at him and his crew for being such weenies, it’s just water you will dry. My boss wasn’t upset with me, He thought it was bullshit too!  Tonight we go see a movie only to be bothered by someone getting up to many times,sit  your ass down.  This is like the tenth time you’ve gotten up, you’re pissing me off now. So, the last time the guy walks thru I kick him hard.  Was that mean?  Maybe, but he never got up again. If your bladder is that weak, or you’re that busy, sit on the end or somewhere else. So, ok maybe I see a few things like Harley Quinn. Plus  I couldn’t find my ID,  looked everywhere, called home, which I drove without ID all night, at least I thought so. It finally hit me, I left it in my car.lol. Then out to the parking lot,  i was pulling out of a spot.  This person pulls out of their spot and Im expected  to move out of their way.  I do cuss and threaten that if I get out of my car I will kick their ass, bff and son start to laugh and say,”yeah you’re nothing like Harley Quinn “. I try to be good, honest. It’s just not easy to do at all. 

So, will I survive whatever Daddy has in store for me? Wonderings in my head.

Let’s hope for the best.



His perfect timing

For me to know how He see’s things I really need to do a whole lot of listening.  I do anymore, pleasing Him is my goal. So, making sure I know what He wants, how He wants it is what I’m all about. That is part of being His slave, some of what I hear from Him raises more questions for me. He permits me to ask the questions I need to in order to serve Him to the best of my ability. I need Him to do that for me. But He needs me to communicate as well, so He can tell if we are working together, learning all we can about each other. 

The type of things we talk about anymore are about the new things in our life coming up. I’m learning to be His ‘Ol Lady’. I am learning how to please Him in every facet of our relationship.  7-8-16, yesterday was a year for me being His slave. I was reluctant to be a slave ever again. So this got its own date . 
I’ll explain why… When He and I met , the 2nd time, I was a sub/babygirl. I had put away the ‘slave’ in me. I was done being hurt, done giving 100% of myself to come back empty handed. But He noticed right away that I had these strong slave tendencies, damn. I was so afraid to let it come out, but it was really who I am. I was tired of blindly serving and having to do as told when I had no more respect, but kept getting hurt, no one carin about me. But He kept talking to me, coaxing me to show Him my slave side, cuz to Him that was beautiful,  and worthy to be myself. He promised me to just try for Him. It was really the hardest thing I’ve ever done. He kept right on praising me, encouraging me. I took baby steps, which really slowed down the lifestyle process for us.  We weren’t learning so much about each other at this moment, since He really needed to invest the time in me, for me to be my slave side. He slowed everything down to meet me where I was at. Fast forward… a year later, I’m happy and content being His slave. I did trust Him and while it was hard to do, the payoff was huge, He meant what He said. He told me He’d never hurt, well except for my ass, but that goes without saying! He meant it. If I had to do it all over again, I might go a bit faster. But then He helped me learn to trust again. I needed that, priceless. How could I ever serve again if I couldnt trust, respect,  eventually love Him. I had no idea He was going to be so important to my life. I just knew something was different.Yesterday was the best day I have had in a long time! All because of Him. I smiled all day. I kept thinking to myself, 

“It’s been a year of serving Him, I’m still granted permission to serve Him. I must be doing great.  I haven’t felt this good about serving in a very long time.” 

Going to dinner the other night, it was fabulous. Daddy had a bad day ( not the fab part), He needed ‘Happy food’. The place He picked was great. The dish He helped me pick was great! Conversation was great! Can life really be this good? I’m actually afraid to be completely happy. Will life find a way to fuck that up? I don’t want it to. 

Conversations with Him lately are reminding me that He’s a thinker and a planner. He talks of us living together. I’m assuming it will be closer to my lease being up (spring time). He has briefly hit on marriage, I think He knows I’m interested ,but in the future . The thought of living with Him excites me, and worries me (my poor ass). The one thing I am sure He understands is that I’m not looking for Him to save me, He’s had to work hard for me to hand over the reigns of my life. Give Him everything. I didn’t expect anything in return, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I truly am happy.

I’ve been waiting my whole life for this man. I nearly screwed it all up, but fate stepped in and gave us a second chance, I don’t take that lightly,  I’m so thankful. I have found the man I’ll grow old with. The one I can be myself with. He knows I’m a dumb blonde, I do have my moments, and He loves in spite of it all. He knows my temper. He also knows that I get angry, but 10 mins later it’s usually done. I try to not push past mistakes back at Him. Our fights have been relatively small. I do stick up for myself, and make sure He knows how I feel. Granted those are the moments I do forget I’m a slave, but He has shown me mercy and grace. He knows I’m not afraid to bow down before Him, or apologize for any wrong doing.  I think these are the reasons , some of them, that He has chosen me. That I’m the one He’s planning a life and future with. I’m excited about those things with Him. But I stay calm, and wait for His guidance.  I know He has the plan. It will be His perfect timing. 

Good luck Daddy!

As Daddy knows, and fully aware of, I’m a brat! I also like to find ways to be playful and those can be risky. As I know that Daddy drew His line on concrete, but I draw mine in sand. Not that mine even matters.I can move my line, bend it, make a different shape!
I don’t do things to be disrespectful,  and when I’ve crossed the line, I give myself up. I am at a full confession over anything that went wrong, at that point you would swear I was catholic and Daddy my priest. Well, when I screw up badly that’s about where I’m at. Praying for His mercy, and angelic protection.

” please don’t let my Daddy kill me”, I sound something like that. 

As our lives intertwine more and more, I aware that Daddy knows me like a book!   He’s knows when I’m on my own, if I’m not busy, if im on task. I do try to be bratty cuz I’m bored. Like for instance, a few weeks ago!  I was bored, Daddy was busy. After doing laundry, I see His work shirt, and now I start getting this scathingly brilliant idea. ‘ Let’s mess with Daddy!’ . This thought in my mind seems relatively harmless.  But to those around me, they laugh and let me know I must love getting my ass beat.  I don’t love it, I just want to play!

So, I take Daddys work shirt to my room. I own a professional camera, so I slip on Daddys shirt, and set my timer. I do love to be His naughty girl. I kept the pics light, they could have been dirtier! But that’s not what it was about. I wanted Him to see His work shirt on His slave. He works so hard, out in the heat, the cold, rainy days, windy days,Daddy puts everyone else first. But I’m at the top of the list of putting Him first. I love that! If anyone ever deserved to know how wonderful they are, it’s Daddy!

I send Him a text, letting Him know that something happened to his work shirt. Within 10 mins, I get a text back from Him,

“Wtf, don’t be messing with me”

Oops, well to late for that! I already messed with you Daddy. But I figure once He sees what happened to His shirt! It just happened to appear in some hot pics for Him!  So, once He got His pics , He let me know how He felt about them!  And that He was undecided about beating my ass since I did mess with Him! Oh, believe me, I did mess with Him! When I get these great ideas I don’t think them thru.

“On a scale of 1-10, how mad could be get?” This never goes thru my mind.

Daddy did bring up a good point this morning! When we live together, what will I do then? Hmm, I definitely need a plan for that. I can’t run from Him, He’s faster! I can’t take Him on, He’s stronger! I can’t runaway from home, He’d find me! Sounds like I’m running out of options. I will just have to be good all the time. I say, ‘Let’s stick to achievable goals’ . I cannot be good all the time, most of the time ,Yes! All the time, No. Daddy will have to let me have like one weekend a month where I can try to get away with anything. I can think my way into bratty stuff. Hopefully if He let’s me have fun, lil bit bratty, I get a reprieve from ass beatings. Or life with Daddy will be painful! Hmm, I’m guessing painful. My reasoning: cA use we talked about it and He smiles, then there’s this evil laugh, from the bowels of hell. He’s enjoying whatever thought just went thru His head. 

Maybe, just maybe I can learn mind control before we live together. Like in star wars! “This is not the brat I’m looking for, move along” . Lol, something like that?! I’m guessing mind control only works on the weak minded,  then that’s definitely not Daddy. Maybe a bodyguard? A twin? I could have a lab clone me, grow second quickly, that’s the one He gets to give pain to! Knowing Daddy,  he’ll figure it out, beat us both! I am running out of bratty options. Any ideas????  I still have some time before we are together permanently.  

A bdsm contract! Write it in legaleeze. That way maybe Daddy can’t understand what He’s signing, but is all about not beating my ass! 

I sound desperate here, I am! I don’t get beat so much now, but I just have this feeling…(Daddys evil laugh here).


A brats prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I hope that Daddy’s slow to creep.
By my bed to spank me good,
Like I already know He should.

If I’m bruised as I wake,
I hope I can still work, even if late.
I’ll be moving slow from all the bruises,
It always goes as He chooses.

I’m not saying the word that makes it all worse,
It somehow always makes me curse.
It’s not good, it’s not fun,
It’s usually makes me want to run.

Daddys fierce and quite evil,
The very reason He’s nicknamed ‘The Devil’
He’s sadistic, more than most
But before He will spank, there will be a toast.

If I dont live thru His awful beating,
Guess I know who I’ll be meeting.
It’s either pearly gates, or a fiery pit,
Here He comes ,’Oh fucking  shit’.

So long world, my ass is cooked
Cuz He doesn’t like my attitude.
If I die from Him beating me
Just know I’m now set free.

No more beatings,No more lectures
Unless He really is the HEAD devil.
I’m worried that it might be,
Beatings for all eternity.

I promise I won’t be bratty ever again,
Oh Fucking hell, whom I kiddin’
Rest in peace won’t be what I’m dealt
As long as Daddy has a belt.

So long, it’s been fun
This is where I need to run.
Faraway from this place,
Hoping that I leave no trace.

I’m a brat I don’t know why
I don’t even have to try.
But if this is the last you ever hear from me,
Then this was my fucking eulogy

*hope I live thru what’s coming*

– babygirl


Oh what a night!

Let me start by saying: I have the best Daddy in the world!

Why? Glad you asked. Well if you follow my blog (thank you for following) then you know I’m a handful. You probably feel for my Daddy that He has His hands full with me. Then add in that He has to work, raise kids, be with family and friends. I’m like a part time job?… full time job?… not sure which one!

Yesterday was Daddys birthday, and I tried to give Him everything He asked for plus some extra things. I like to spoil Daddy too! Well, things fell apart, Daddy didn’t get His most wanted gift. I worked hard but I failed. I don’t like failure, I took  it very hard. Daddy was kind and powerful, as He is over everything.

While I was feeling moody cuz it all went wrong, Daddy had other plans. I’m glad He did ,cuz it was the best time. We spent time watching a show together, just laughing. Then we decided to go out to dinner for sushi, Daddys choice. But before we leave the parking lot, Daddy hands me something,  it’s a ring! How is it that it’s Daddys birthday but I get the present? It’s beautiful! I love it! The whole night was just fun after that moment. Dinner was good, I’m glad I tried new things. Well He made me! Lol

Once back home we talked to my kids and once Daddy was out, I got Him to bed. It was the first time, that I remember,  that we didn’t have sex and then fall asleep. It didn’t feel like sex was missing at all. It was still a great night together! I had one of my kids take a pic of my ring so I could show my friends.

Daddy, did wake me up early for some play time! Oh!!! My!!! God!!! He breathed on my neck,  oh fuck, and then lightly sucked it. My body went off the deep end,I was horny as fuck, ok more than usual. My neck is one of those areas that get me going. Then we fell asleep, woke a bit later to do it again! My ass is sore too, not from what you think, dirty minded people. It’s sore cuz He’s been leaving some marks on it. They sting, I say ‘ow’ He starts all over again. Not the funnest game for me.

If this is even close to what life will be like with Him, damn…i am the luckiest girl ever! The way He talks to me , shares with me, shows me the way He wants me to go. He doesn’t let me get out of hand. There is more but these are the things I notice the most. The respect I show Him cuz I love Him. I’m a very happy girl, that is until He had to go this morning. I got teary, I missed Him the moment the door closed behind Him. I’m so in love with my Daddy!


My gift from Daddy, thank you Daddy♡ The part makes me tear up about Daddy, is no man has ever cared for me like He does. I would like to stop crying, I’m not much of a cryer, or I wasn’t before Him. It is everything to me to be loved like He loves. That He wants the best for me/Us. I know I’m on His mind. I know I’m important, even when I screw up or can’t give Him everything He desires. But threesomes are a ‘must’. I want Daddy to have that as long as we are together!



Wow, was my ass sore!

This was a rare treat! I got to be in Masters presence before my day really started. Serving Him is my ultimate pleasure. Him leaving marks on the ass attached to my body, that He owns, was hopefully great for Him too. I felt my ass all morning, all afternoon long.

He let me know this morning how He sees things. He’s always so honest it’s scary. I’ve never had that before. He noticed since we’ve been together, I am feeling better about myself, my worth. He knew I owed that to Him, Him only. To many see a pretty slave, destroy all in their path,  including me, and move on. But my Master is different,  He deserves my time, love, care, and respect. I have waited to be harmed, or scarred. Bruises only, but those were to be expected. The big plus is He’s still here, in front of me. Guiding,  teaching me. I have done nothing worthy to deserve to be treated so well, I’m so thankful that He has found something in me that males Him want to stay.

As He spoke, He talked physical qualities. Except it’s not His physical qualities that keep me here. Ok, I love His blue eyes, and that smile of His! It’s a panty dropper! But that’s it for me. There might be a few more things! The things that keep me here are:

*how He handles me
*how He turns the tables on me , I can’t have my way
*how He treats me
* the way He shows me how I’m on His mind
*He will have fun with me, nothing to do with sex
*how He shows me who He really is
* that all the brattiness didn’t make Him leave
* He has my respect, or I’d never be on my knees before Him.
*the way He trains/guides me
*how He disciplines me. He’s always fair
* the way He shows His love for me

My wish for us: that we are still together when we are old. White hair, wrinkles, life has kicked your ass and now you’re old enough to tell the grandkids about it!
I just know it’s what I want. I feel it deep inside. I have never felt it before. It’s how I know this is all different for me, and scary. Unchartered territory. I don’t know what’s right or wrong here, I’ve never been here. So I go slow, unless He makes me/us go faster. I don’t try to have any expectations. As I wonder if He feels it too, and does He understand what this pull between us is? Idk.

I do know I’m happiest when I’m with Him, near Him, a call away from Him. I’m calmer when I’m before Him. I long to serve Him. I wish for Him to be happy. I love to hear His laugh. I love when He is in charge.  I know I’m a brat, but I’m now a controllable brat, His brat! I hope I get to serve Him for life.

I love my Daddy, I adore my Master

Thank you Sir for your time this morning♡



Daddy knows best

So, if you read my blog, you know my morning went to hell, around 4am. It just started like shit , stayed like that. I went to my friends house for some R&R, she let me dump it all on her, cry some. You know how us girls are! But she had never seen me that emotional.  So we deducted that it must have been the new med, and then obviously my period,  they clashed and it felt like all hell broke lose. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but this new med has barely had enough time in my system , so I really think it’s the culprit here. Me, an emotional mess? Not usually, but I was yesterday.

I really figured after my behavior that my Daddy was going to want me to explain. I also figured after my display of explosive emotions, that I wouldn’t get time with Him. I really needed it, but I had I earned that? That would be for Daddy to decide.

Daddy, decided I get time with Him. I swear He knows me better than any man who has ever been in my life, my boys included. How He knows what I need,  before I say anything? He knows when I’m so bratty I don’t deserve time with Him.

I asked myself, ‘what did I do differently this time , to find such a wonderful man?’ I have no answer, I don’t think I did anything to deserve Him honestly. He found me, but He shows me all the time that He’s not like every man on earth. Which I’m completely thankful for.

So, Daddy comes over. Just seeing Him melted my irritation from the day. Plus I knew He expected more from me, I’m not about to talk to Daddy the way I do my girlfriends. I look at Him, before I can say anything, He shuts it down and says, “breathe”.
He is directing me to get my stuff, and let’s go spend some time together. Neither of us are hungry, so what shall we do?

We wind up shooting pool. Daddy and I have never played against each other, so we really have no idea how the other plays. This should be fun, we are both competitive. He’s Daddy, always in charge. I’m a brat, I love trying to be in charge!

Daddy is at the bar getting drinks, I notice some females checking out my Daddy! Well, He’s hot and sexy, I would look at Him to if I wasn’t with Him. But I realize to, that He makes me feel secure, I have no need to rub all over Him to show He’s mine, I don’t feel like I need to pee on Him and mark my territory,  lol. I feel like , ‘Go ahead and look, He’s been with me for a year. If He was wanting someone else I’m sure He’d say so. If He wasn’t interested in me, I’m sure we wouldn’t be here together.’

I know as a female , usually we are territorial, but Daddy has gone to great lengths to make sure I feel secure! If anything, I look around at females and think, ‘now she might be fun for a threesome! ‘  that does go through my mind. Lol

So, as Daddy and I are playing. I back off . I want to see how good He is! He’s pretty good! I know I will have to really want to win to be able to take Him.  I won the first game on my own. No matter what He says, He did not take it easy on me! I’m glad He didnt. Second game I won, but not on my own, Daddy scratched on eight ball. Third and fourth game He won!  So, we play one for the tie breaker. Daddy wins!

I really didn’t care who won. I just enjoyed the time with Him. Laughing, kissing, listening to Him. He guides me, all the time. I did notice when we were in public, He was more protective. The Master in Him came out, but still lots of fun! I knew even in public I’m to be His slave, keep my eyes on Him only, obey Him at all times. He did allow me to be playful with Him. When He spoke to His friends I stayed back behind Him, not my place to move unto His conversation . As we were leaving I walked behind Him, til we went thru the door, then I was at His side. I guess I read Him too. I knew how He wanted me to behave all night, and I did as I knew to do. Don’t make Him angry, or regret that I’m His. Being a good slave in public is a big deal.

Daddy gave me the time with Him that I really needed. He proved again, that our bond is so much stronger than sex. We didn’t need it, we might want it, but it wasn’t part of our night. I wished we would have had time for Daddy to at least get a blowjob, but His daughter was headed to bed soon, and Daddy likes to be home to tuck Ms. Snugglebutt  in! She’s a Daddys girl too! I know I share Him! Hell, He’s even got my own kids liking time with Him!

It’s nice to see, no matter how busy Daddy is, He knows everyone so well, what to say/do for them. That makes Him one hell of a dominant!

That’s my Daddy♡ and I’m the luckiest girl in the world!