How did He know…

One thing I’m not is a great communicator. I can write, text, but talk… Not really. I’m just not a big talker. 

Even though I’m like this, He makes me talk. It’s been a long road together, He says “what’s wrong?”, ” What’s on your mind?” Sometimes, honestly I’m not ready to talk, or I’m trying to figure out on my own thoughts ,if this is a big deal or not, what made me change? However, if He’s nearby He notices right away and wants me back to my happy self. I’m usually thinking, ‘ please give me a minute’. With Him, there are no minutes, it’s now. Wow, that’s hard. I have to quickly figure out what changed, why it changed. Some things in my head make no sense to me, so why share them. But I had no idea He was at work! Within me! He knows the abuse I suffered with my ex, thru my childhood. I didn’t even know He was paying attention. He’s been helping me this whole time. Wow. I respect Him so much for that, which adds to the love I feel for Him.

I can’t see the bigger picture here. I never do. Where I think I’m doing fine, He is trying to do His job as my Master. To be perfectly honest, no one before Him ever gave a shit that I was so quiet. In fact, I was judging my exes and past Dom’s for that, now that I think about it. It’s really the reason I knew it was never going to work with any of them. They only wanted sex, not the real me. How can you base any relationship on just sex, not even great sex. Well it wasn’t for me. Daddy will tell me it’s ok if I cared for them, or loved them ,it’s in the past. But to me those feelings weren’t there. I didn’t respect them, they didn’t respect me. I didn’t love them, none treated me with love. They cheated on me, I was crushed one more time and thinking there was something wrong with me. So, how could I ever love any of them. Love is something that I’ve been searching for , and didn’t seem to find. I didn’t tell these men that I loved them, it would have been a lie. I slightly cared about a few, but I knew in my heart it was nothing that was going to last forever. How did I know? I didn’t think about them all day, I didn’t miss them, barely texted, never called them. I didn’t even take any pics with them.  All of these things were different with Daddy! I know myself, I’m real with myself. I hope Daddy understands this better. 

I love sex, but if you can really reach me on a personal level, most haven’t, then what’s the point of having them in my life. I never understood how any of them thought I was enjoying the relationship. They knew nothing about me, nor cared to learn. What’s my favorite color, car, movie,etc… Daddy knows these answers! 

Right off the bat, my Daddy was different. He’s fun, adventurous, and expected me to talk. Now I was alert, omg, I have to talk finally. This has been so different, scary even. What if He doesn’t like what I have to say, or how I think. This kind of connection with Him made things very different between us from the start, and the sex has been mind blowing for me. I even have my orgasms back! I am multi orgasmic, always have been. But once I was married it disappeared in the first few months. Neither separation, nor divorce, or dating brought it back. But this one morning with Daddy OMG! It just happened! He stopped what He was doing, looked at me and said, ” Are you ok? What was that?” I politely smiled at Him, let Him know I was fine and that I’m multi orgasmic and hadn’t done that in a very loooooong time. It was true! I didn’t think I could do that anymore. I remember after Daddy left that morning, thinking to myself, ” I’m back, I’m me again!” I was hooked. I had no idea how this man brought that out in me again, but something was different and I was on a quest to figure it out. 

2 years later, I still can’t tell you why or how my body responds to Him, it just does! And damn it feels good! He loves it! I’m truly with the right person. I get to be with Him forever, I think my body enjoys that as well. Life is Good! And this is exactly how I judge men from my past. 


A hard working man

Ok ladies, this one is aimed at you. Not to put you down, but I’ve been on both sides of this fence so I can have my say. 

When was the last time you really appreciated your man? He works damn hard, if you’re lucky enough to stay home with the kids, he’s working hard for that and don’t you dare take it lightly, or bitch at him when he comes through the door looking like the world is on his shoulders. Bring him a drink, rub his shoulders. Yeah, the ones who did that back breaking work all day. His boss yelling in his ear. Co-workers acting like they have problems, traffic. 

Do you have any idea that your man pushed his body so hard that day, doing things most men do so they can pay a bill, keep their home, pay for stuff for you and the kids. Where did you think that money came from? 

I know what it’s like to be home with the kids. Believe me I do! My home was spotless, meal ready when he walked through the door. I made sure kids disappeared for an hour. He worked in the heat. I paid attention, but it was most definitely the WRONG guy.

The man I have in my life now, well he’s wonderful! He’s appreciative of any I do. But I support this man as much as he will let me. Why? Because a good man deserves that and so much more. He deserves a drink when he gets home. Let him sit down and relax. Make him food or go get it, body massage, blow job. The list could go on and on, but show him that you get it. That you appreciate all effort he puts forth in your life. Truth be told he’s the bread winner. Plus if you had to change places with him for even a day you’d probably run screaming into a corner curled up in a fetal position, cuz men make it look easy. They battle heat, extreme heat, rain, wind, snow, sleet, hail. And if you’re the kind of woman who is a piece of shit, he battles you as well. 

Before you throw those kids at him, act like his job doesn’t compare to yours. Have compassion on him, treat him with a little respect, maybe he will be romantic, or send you out of the house while he takes the kids and let’s you have a moment. Can’t hurt to try. Change is good. 

I can appreciate my man cuz I work out in the elements, I work hard, do a guys job, my body aches. But not close to his. I love my man! 

Thank you Daddy for all you for our family! 

Together 2 years! And counting…

We are celebrating 2 wonderful, fun filled years together! I can honestly say, I don’t remember ever having this feeling last this long for anyone. In the past I wondered why, ppl would just tell me that we had gotten used to one another, that made no sense. Well, I’m used to my Daddy,but each day is exciting. We still have a kick ass sex life, love and respect for one another! This is definitely all new to me. I find my man interesting to talk to. I love learning new things, we still find more things we have in common. He makes me important, as a slave I’m so NOT used to that. I’m used to serving, never being heard, or treated with great importance. But He’s been different from the start.

This man in my life leaves me speechless. Makes me so happy. 

I told Him how much He’s changed my life, the lives of my children. All I can ever tell Him is how much we all need Him. It’s true, we do!

Where would I even begin to tell Him how much He means to me. There are no words in the English language that can express exactly how I feel. When you feel something for someone that you’ve never felt before, it’s hard to describe. I just know when I’m with Him, I feel loved​, protected, cared for, like He wants the best for me. If I have a problem yo He’ll solve it. ( Sry, vanilla ice ran thru my head!)

I know I repeat myself when I talk about Him. It’s really because I am still trying to process how I got so lucky. I’ve never had anyone in my life ,up to this point that made me feel so happy, usually by this point it was boring, but not Daddy. Plus we still have so much to do together, learn about each other, experience together. Sounds fun and exciting to me!

So, to be able to be with the man I love, have some dinner, enjoy each other’s company. That is my heaven. Sounds pretty perfect to me! 

Thank you Daddy that you want to be here after two years! That you must feel what I feel, how great is that! I’m so glad you’re in my life. Who could ask for anything more.

Evolution of a relationship

We met online, a dating site. It sounds so cliche, but that’s how it really happened.

We got to know each other first, before we started dating, but it didn’t take long to know we felt something different

This wild boy from Cali, and this sweet girl from Jersey just fit perfectly together!

Soon spending time together, learning about each other, likes/dislikes. Hoping we both felt this magic that happens between us!

From the start we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. In two years we’ve had one night of sex that didn’t wake the neighbors, sound like He was killing me! We have an incredible sex life, keeps getting better! So does all aspects of our relationship.

He’s my everything!

Even things I didn’t know I wanted, or craved. How could I not fall in love with this man.

Romantic times together

Watching TV together

On our phones together

Even when we have fights or disagreements, which I’m glad we do, we can tell how well we still love each other, and we don’t stay mad, don’t try to hurt each other. We say it, deal with it, move on. 

He is my King! How He’s changed my life, my children’s lives, He most definitely deserved an upgrade! He’s the most wonderful man in the world! I would shout that from any mountain top. 

Love it when we cook together! Damn, He can cook!! Is there anything He can’t do! Haven’t seen it yet, He’s my hero! He’s just there when you need Him, me/kids/family/friends/His club/strangers

One of His favorite toys! My ass!

We have this wonderful blended family coming together very nicely. There is one us that I hope gets to be a part of our lives in the future,(R). 

Thats us!! Five kids!! Daddy and me!! And a grandson!

One day soon put our stuff together!


Daddy, you are my life! You’re everything I want, could wish or hope for. Our life is crazy but I doubt we care, it’s our kind of perfect ❤️ love you Daddy!

Love, babygirl 

Love me, feed me, never leave me!

Something real…

Believe it or not a real man will want a real connection with you, your heart, your soul. It will feel like a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection all at once. 

He will consider you as part of his own flesh. So he will feel he must care for you as deeply as he does his own body. Worry about you: your safety, have you eaten, has you’ve spent quality time together.

His goal will be to accept you at face value. But when he notices weak areas , to build those up. That’s what men do to themselves. Not all men, only those who truly have their own life together, then you will be an extension of him. 

He love and care for you as he does himself. If you don’t understand how much that is, let’s break it down. 

Real men work, does he earn a living? If not, move away from him fast. Unless between jobs, or independently wealthy, he will be taking care of himself. If he’s great at being a caretaker over his life he will know how to support himself, and those he must do for (children). 

He feeds his body, his mind. If he is feeding his body than you have a good idea that he knows how to care for his own needs. Supports his body. I’m not saying he must look like a model, but he must have his life together and not cause himself harm. Feeding his mind, is he well read. Can he hold a conversation on many levels, about multiple subjects. Does he like to learn new things. All of this shows you a man who enjoys his life, and the world around him. Do you have to agree with all his beliefs? No, but I enjoy a great conversation with my Master. He’s smart, well read on many subjects, and even though I may not agree with his stance on any particular subject, I respect Him enough to listen and really see His side. It doesn’t change my mind on my opinions, we agree to disagree. But I still love a good conversation with Him.

He will want to build you. Actually maybe break it all down to build it up. Men love to build themselves, it’s sort a gift of theirs. They build themselves, their path for life, look for a mate and build with her, children should be built on his strength, care, love foundation, he will build a future. If you trust him, he will build you as well. This is not to say you are not ok in any way. But a real man can see what you can become, your potential, weakness in areas that they know how to build that strength. He won’t build you into a female version of himself. He wants you to be you, but the best version of yourself. Women in turn, always take this the wrong way, poor men! We are fiery and ready to pounce or argue the moment a man opens his mouth. He sees it, he knows the areas in you that could use his help. Men know this real well. They put themselves thru this first. So, if you fell in love with this Real man, look at him carefully. He would really know how to help you. It’s like a quest for them. They automatically do it for their own children. Study him carefully, but mark my words, he can be trusted. 

Men, real men, didn’t fight against us when women wanted to vote, have equality. Your real man wants you to be able to fight for what you want. Be able to take care of yourself. Earn a living. Raise the children. If you have a real man, then he’s been in your corner and pushing you to be the best you. He will be proud of you. More romantic, because even he needs that connection to his other half. 

Real men are givers. He will want to give you everything, but also knows not to cuz it’s for your own good. My real man knows I don’t like making decisions. I can’t make a decision unless it’s an emergency situation. So what does he do? Makes plenty of ways that I must make a decision. I will say, ” but I’m your slave ,you make my decision for me Sir”. He will smile and add that He could find a million girls each day that would do everything His way. But that’s not what He wants. He is making sure I can take care of myself, and helping me to know it should be my decision. Now when I start making decisions in parts of our life that are off limits, and only His decision I’m promptly put back in my place. Balance. 

Real men are not as much into words as women would like. But that’s the difference between us. If he is doing these things you are being shown real love in the only way he knows how. He’s showing you, mostly without words. If you aren’t sure then just watch him. Make a list for yourself and read it often.

Did he care if I ate, did he want me to text where I am/ when I’m home. Did he mention something that could use change and maybe I took it the wrong way( gym, your cooking, laundry, shopping, cleaning, people your around, your driving, etc.. ) if it’s weakness or he knows you can improve he will mention it and push you-try not to be offended he treats himself the same way, and any others he cares deeply for. Pay attention! Are you hurting- he will try to fix it. Be honest with him if this is just something you want him to listen to because that man’s first thought is ( she has water leaking, I can fix this!) He will proceed to tell you what to do to change it, or show you how. Women typically get offended and we think he doesn’t care. In fact it was just opposite, he showed you the highest respect, he wanted to help change it so it’s not a weak spot for you anymore. See the love? Ever been there? I know my Master and I have, and even very recently. Although what I want changed, isn’t my thing, it’s His. This must be His timing to change things. He’s already said so. Remember their timeframe is not like ours at all. So ,see I’m not perfect either, I’m just gaining insight. See things I didn’t see before. 

Here’s the biggest tip of all! When your real man is in a situation that is not good for him, his family, he will change it. Just sit back and watch. Real men hate drama. They will assess each situation and see the weakness, make the change. It’s all about trust. Your real man won’t work on your timetable either. He loves you, but he’s got this. This is how he was born. This is what real men do. If change happened so quickly you would change faster, but we don’t. We fight the process. Thank God men have great patience too, cuz we would be cut out of their lives quickly if they didn’t. Other men see his woman acting crazy, men conversation is like this: ” what’s wrong with her? . No idea but I’ll assess and implement change, she’ll be ok”. 

Men just get it! Real men that is! If you are so unlucky as to find yourself with just some other kind of guy, well I hope you can find the kind of man you need. One to push you in life to find yourself. One to care enough to want to change things, or show you how. Cuz if he doesn’t care or try to change it, that’s a man who doesn’t give a shit about you. 

He won’t always express everything with words, but he will leave some sort of sign that he notices. He will make sure you feel everything he has to offer. Now that’s real love.
Thank you Daddy, you love me! Plus your job with isn’t easy, those before you didn’t care and left a damage path that you’ve been cleaning up for 2 yrs now. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for pushing me, thank you for guiding me to be the best me! I wouldn’t be here now without you. 

– babygirl

If you only knew

Kitten had been snooping around Daddy’s office, the phone rang, she didn’t pick up but neither did Daddy. Where was He? She can hear water running, He’s taking a shower. She decided to snoop some more. She wasn’t​ fully aware what he did for a living, he was always mysterious about it. She couldn’t help but be curious. She looked thru his desk, nothing much in the drawers just some papers. She saw that he left his briefcase open, she opened it all the way. Inside was files and pictures of people and places. Underneath the files were two handguns. 

She was reading a file not paying attention at all that his shower had stopped, she was engrossed in what she was reading. ” Can I help you?” He said in a gruff voice. She knew he didn’t like her going thru his things. ” Sorry Daddy, I was just curious, you left your briefcase unlocked, so I peeked”. 

” Babygirl don’t you trust me to take care of you?”

” Yes Sir, I do. I just wanted to know what you do. From the looks of it you’re a bad man.”

” How so kitten? What do you think I do?”

” You take ppl out, right Sir?”

He starred at her for a minute, not sure of what to say, ” OK kitten, here it is, I do take ppl out. But only bad ppl. I’m doing the world a service really. These are ppl who plan terrorist attacks against other countries to gain control, so I stop them. I know it doesn’t seem important, but I like what I do, I make a difference and no one in the world even knows. My boss is very high up, he trusts me to take care of the trash, so I do. Do you understand kitten?”

” Yes Sir” she seemed a little shocked with the news, but could she really wrap her mind around what he did? Did she believe him? She was about to ask him more questions about his job, when he pulled on her arm, swung her around and put her over his desk. One hand on the back of her head and the other between her legs feeling her wet slit. 

” You’re wet kitten, does that excite you about what I do for a living?”

” Maybe Daddy” she smiled slyly at him. 

He pushed her head on the desk which popped her ass out more. He pulled her panties down past her ass cheeks and swatted her with hard smack with his hand, several times.

” That’s for snooping. Stay out of my office” 

” Yes Sir”

“When I get done with you, you will. I’m not convinced yet” he smacked her ass a few more times. ” Knees” her ass hurt but she wasn’t about to say a thing to him. Her head was still processing it all. She knew what was expected of her. So she grabbed his cock and stroked it and licked like crazy, hoping he’d forget about this, but that was highly unlikely. Just to teach her a lesson, he had her keep sucking his cock even after a knock on his office door , someone reminded him he had a meeting. He motioned for the man to come in. He knew kitten was struggling to wrap her mind around it all. He shook the man’s hand motioned for him to take a seat. The man starred at kitten and seemed uneasy.

” Should I come back?” The man said

” No, don’t worry about her. This is my slave she’s doing her job. Please let’s continue”. Daddy said. ” Teeth!” And he slapped kittens cheek. She was a bit preoccupied with what was going on. 

The man proceeded to talk about what he wanted done on this job, and how Daddy was to carry out orders. Daddy asked a few questions, the man got up to shake Daddy’s hand and leave.

” Daddy, that wasn’t fair. You never humiliate me in front of others. Why now?”

” Are you questioning me? I do as I want, at all times. I don’t answer to you kitten, that’s not our life, and I let you stay in the room so you could process all that you just learned, but while you stayed you were being of use, like a good girl. Plus with my cock in your mouth it was highly unlikely that you were gonna talk. Seemed like the right time to me” 

He helped her to her feet. She turned to walked away. He was right behind her, grabbed her hair, put her up against the wall, ” question me again, it will not go so well, do you understand?”. Kitten shook her head yes. He released her. She walked down the hall to their room, sat on the bed to try and think about everything she had just heard. He showed up in the doorway. She wondered if everything was a lie. 

” I kept it from you because my job is dangerous. I don’t know from job to job how things will go. I guess it wasn’t fair to keep it all from you. I did it with the best of intentions. I don’t cheat on you, ever. We do our threesomes, that’s it. You are more than enough for me to keep under control. I hope you can process this and we move on from this ”

” Yes Sir”

” I have to leave soon,but when I come back, if you want to talk we can. Just make sure you understand I answer only those questions that I think you need to know. My answers will be brief. You will know more than anyone ever has, but not everything”

” Yes Sir”

” That’s it? You’re so agreeable” he said with a grin.

” I’m a little scared of you Sir, what if you wanted to kill me?”

” I wouldn’t do that kitten. I know torture, I’d make you regret it first” he laughed

” Not funny Daddy”

” Watch that attitude, I have time to straighten out that attitude”. 

” Yes Sir”
**To be continued when I have time!**

A very long day

I’ve been in need of rest for several days. Saturday I spent a good part of eight hours wet from rain. I work outside, in a way. I was soaked. No way to get warm, but I never complained to anyone. I just wanted some rest, and to see my Daddy.  I had no idea He needed me to. 

Today, if it could be worse, it sure was. My morning was spent driving in the rain, from store to store, finding the perfect outfit. I’m not sure I accomplished that, but I tried. I did wake up with a bad cough, and sinus pressure. I do not feel good, I tried not to complain. I did get a text that made me feel I’d get to see Him. Much to my surprise that wouldn’t happen. I need Him right now. I had no idea He needed me too.

I went for a drive tonight. I wound up at one of our favorite restaurants. Missing Him, longing for Him. I just really needed His strong arms around me. His voice to be reassuring, and hear Him say:  ” nothing will harm you babygirl, or our family”. All I needed, wanted from Him. I had no idea He needed, wanted me to be there for Him to.

He promised me long ago, that He’d love me, feed me, and never leave me. But no Daddy showed up when I felt I needed Him the most.I thought about this a while,The thing that happened was cops were called, someone tried to get into my home tonight. Police have failed me so many times, so anything they say ,I don’t trust. My only thought was I wanted my Daddy. No one else would do. I was a million miles away all day from everyone. It didn’t matter how many ppl were around me to make me feel better,no one is Him. No one can reach me on the deepest level as He can.

On the other side of town ,is a Master having a rough day, my Master. He is the person everyone goes to for support, but does anyone want to support Him when He needs it? I do. Where should He go when the weight of the world is on His shoulders? To me. But I couldn’t be there for Him tonight. Same as He couldn’t be there for me either. He always appears so strong to me, like there’s nothing He can’t handle., I actually need Him to tell me when He needs me to be His strength. As I should have told Him tonight. Neither of us are psychic or read minds. I would gladly be there for Him. I would listen. On those days when there are no words, I hold Him. He does that for me as well. Tonight we both needed each other so much, but things went wrong. 

I know if anything had happened to us, He would have been right there. I didn’t know how to tell Him that even though we were OK, my daughter and I still very much needed Him. He’s our protector, we know with Him we are safe. But on the other hand, how is He supposed to give more and more of Himself when He had quite a bad weekend, He felt to many ppl needed His time and attention, Him to be there for them. He felt disrespected by ppl. So, seriously how is supposed to keep giving to others, when it doesn’t feel like anyone cares about Him, what He’s going thru. I care, I very much care. 

So where do these two ppl go when they are both having one hell of a night? I needed Him to be my strength, He needed me to be His. But in fact we both missed the mark. Missed the point of what was going on. He couldn’t hear me, I couldn’t hear Him. It’s like in a storm and the power is down. Now we must work to get the power back up, because that’s what you do when you love someone. You don’t have to take vows to be in a relationship, but you should be able to count on each other in sickness and health, thru good days and bad. 

That’s what real love is all about. Getting things right back on track where they were. Being stronger for the next time the world tries to knock you both down. Put pride aside. No, you are not selfish in a relationship, it’s always about both of you. 

Even lifestyle ppl can have bad days. It won’t last forever. We get back up and keep going . Love each other unconditional, come what may. It’s not always easy, but it is necessary. Keep in mind this is different from anyone I’ve ever been with. I know where I belong, in my Daddy’s arms.His arms were made for me! On His bad days He puts His head on my chest, my boobs make great pillows! And we both just breathe. No one else can get me to breathe like he does. No one else can make sense like He does. I hope He feels the same about me. 

So, today sucked. Tomorrow is a whole new day. Daddy doesn’t think I need to stay afraid. So I will try to let it go. I love my Daddy. The man who shows me who I am, believes in me, helps me face this fucked up world.

I love you Daddy. Sorry things didn’t go so great this weekend, but like you say, tomorrow is a new day! I can hardly wait to see you. Feel you, breathe you.