How did He know…

One thing I’m not is a great communicator. I can write, text, but talk… Not really. I’m just not a big talker. 

Even though I’m like this, He makes me talk. It’s been a long road together, He says “what’s wrong?”, ” What’s on your mind?” Sometimes, honestly I’m not ready to talk, or I’m trying to figure out on my own thoughts ,if this is a big deal or not, what made me change? However, if He’s nearby He notices right away and wants me back to my happy self. I’m usually thinking, ‘ please give me a minute’. With Him, there are no minutes, it’s now. Wow, that’s hard. I have to quickly figure out what changed, why it changed. Some things in my head make no sense to me, so why share them. But I had no idea He was at work! Within me! He knows the abuse I suffered with my ex, thru my childhood. I didn’t even know He was paying attention. He’s been helping me this whole time. Wow. I respect Him so much for that, which adds to the love I feel for Him.

I can’t see the bigger picture here. I never do. Where I think I’m doing fine, He is trying to do His job as my Master. To be perfectly honest, no one before Him ever gave a shit that I was so quiet. In fact, I was judging my exes and past Dom’s for that, now that I think about it. It’s really the reason I knew it was never going to work with any of them. They only wanted sex, not the real me. How can you base any relationship on just sex, not even great sex. Well it wasn’t for me. Daddy will tell me it’s ok if I cared for them, or loved them ,it’s in the past. But to me those feelings weren’t there. I didn’t respect them, they didn’t respect me. I didn’t love them, none treated me with love. They cheated on me, I was crushed one more time and thinking there was something wrong with me. So, how could I ever love any of them. Love is something that I’ve been searching for , and didn’t seem to find. I didn’t tell these men that I loved them, it would have been a lie. I slightly cared about a few, but I knew in my heart it was nothing that was going to last forever. How did I know? I didn’t think about them all day, I didn’t miss them, barely texted, never called them. I didn’t even take any pics with them.  All of these things were different with Daddy! I know myself, I’m real with myself. I hope Daddy understands this better. 

I love sex, but if you can really reach me on a personal level, most haven’t, then what’s the point of having them in my life. I never understood how any of them thought I was enjoying the relationship. They knew nothing about me, nor cared to learn. What’s my favorite color, car, movie,etc… Daddy knows these answers! 

Right off the bat, my Daddy was different. He’s fun, adventurous, and expected me to talk. Now I was alert, omg, I have to talk finally. This has been so different, scary even. What if He doesn’t like what I have to say, or how I think. This kind of connection with Him made things very different between us from the start, and the sex has been mind blowing for me. I even have my orgasms back! I am multi orgasmic, always have been. But once I was married it disappeared in the first few months. Neither separation, nor divorce, or dating brought it back. But this one morning with Daddy OMG! It just happened! He stopped what He was doing, looked at me and said, ” Are you ok? What was that?” I politely smiled at Him, let Him know I was fine and that I’m multi orgasmic and hadn’t done that in a very loooooong time. It was true! I didn’t think I could do that anymore. I remember after Daddy left that morning, thinking to myself, ” I’m back, I’m me again!” I was hooked. I had no idea how this man brought that out in me again, but something was different and I was on a quest to figure it out. 

2 years later, I still can’t tell you why or how my body responds to Him, it just does! And damn it feels good! He loves it! I’m truly with the right person. I get to be with Him forever, I think my body enjoys that as well. Life is Good! And this is exactly how I judge men from my past. 


Finally found you…

I don’t know that I believe in soulmates, thst has always sounded ridiculous to me. But I do believe in a strong connection to another person that can’t be explained.  This is how I feel about Daddy. I’m connected on a level that I can’t quite explain.  I don’t get bored, I just want more of Him. I feel lonely, sad when He’s gone from my side. I look forward to time together, texts, phone calls, apparently I just light up when it’s Him!  So I’ve been told, lol.  I think I act just the same, but someone notices, usually those who know me best.

So, what happens to me? I really don’t know. Before He ever walks out the door I start to miss Him. I have thought about tying Him up so He has to stay, but the downside is at some point He’s gonna get free and my ass will hurt beyond anything He’s ever done.

This new feeling came upon me only recently, after meeting his daughter. This feeling has left me puzzled. I’ve told it to all my girlfriends, no one knows what it is. Guess it’s just me then. But I feel this complete feeling. Granted I have one more child of Daddys to meet. But it’s as if that is what was missing this whole time. I’m glad we took our time, I don’t rush!  Plus  I’ve screwed up so many times that I don’t go fast. Once He met my kids I felt a shift, closer to Him. But now I don’t feel a shift, I feel like all the puzzle pieces fit. It’s complete.

What happened here? That feeling came about from just meeting His child? I can say this is the happiest I have ever felt in my entire life. That feeling goes deep. I’m really liking that, I’ve never had it. So, I don’t fully understand it yet. But I’ve never , ever felt complete before. I’ve been in relationships where it’s like I’m still looking. Was never sure what I was looking for. In this relationship with Daddy I’m not looking, I noticed once we started seeing each other, that hasn’t changed. No desire to play in another yard, my grass is very green! This feeling is so strong.

My girls tell me to stop analyzing,  I can’t this is how I am, overanalyze everything. With this new feeling of completeness I’m puzzled, a bit nervous, but enjoying it. I guess I like it and don’t want it to end.

Have I finally found the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor, oops I mean leather! True loves kiss! And all the crap, I mean other things Disney has talked/write about for years? No wonder I scoffed, never felt like this before.

My next question… Does He feel it too? Or is this just me. To afraid to ask and find out. What if’s are not my thing, I’ll ask at a different time. Right now, I’m just gonna enjoy the feeling. Wow! Where did it come from? Does everyone know about this feeling? How many ppl actually get to feel like this in their life? Will the feeling end? ( I hope not)  Do couples share this feeling? ( I have no idea). See, analyzing!