He’s a worthy King indeed

How in the world,in our lifestyle can you tell when one has earned the title, ‘King’?

First of all, I’m not new. Any man in the lifestyle, that refers to himself as royalty, is usually one I don’t give the time of day to, never have. A dominant should exude confidence, not arrogance. There’s a huge difference. 

The dominant who can juggle all aspects of His life (work,family,play) has my respect. Pay attention to the wording, I said juggle , not has all the answers. He’s still human. 

If He is kind to children, and animals, except snakes hates those. Can He be gallant? We all know that men want a lady on their arm in public, and a freak in the sheets. No problem there. But I want the same from my dominant. Will He be the gentleman who opens the car door, and grabs my ass too?! He does!

I want a man who worries about me, will be funny and silly with me. Who can make it a night of bdsm, or just something sexy and hot, Both make me cum, it’s about effort. Can He cook? Cuz I will clean. When I’m sick, am I a priority.

I see Him, as He is. He’s strong, but He needs a woman by His side with strength too, a partner in His life. Someone He can talk to, share His secrets with and knows that no one will ever hear it. 

He needs to know that she has His back. That she’s close to Him, clings to Him but that they can go there own ways and still be 100% committed. She His ‘ ride or die’, cuz He would be hers if He has to. Care for Him when He’s sick. His goals are her goals, and vice versa. He can make someone else a priority at times, she doesn’t blink, she knows it’s for the moment. 

She can tell when He just needs some time to Himself, she doesn’t take it personal, but pushes Him to rest and put Himself first every now and then. They make their relationship a priority, but know it takes both to work at it. Any holidays and she will go pick a gift, she knows He has more important things to do. 

If He’s off with friends, family, or His club she knows she is still on His mind. And He’s on hers!

He makes her talk so He knows what’s on her mind, what she’s stressing about. He wants to guide her, encourage her, help her. They are always there for each other.

They know the goals they have set for themselves,kids, etc… And they both work together as a team. When one succeeds, they both do! 

This is how I know He’s my king. He never insisted I call Him that, He’s to humble. But He deserves the title, it’s been earned a million times over. 

When I look at Him, really look. I see a man with lots of friends, family, and His club but still really lonely. My job is to fill that void, to become everything He needs. Be His partner, His lover, His babygirl, His slave. Cuz I’m just like Him! We have all the stuff ( job, family, friends, kids) but to grow old with someone, cherish the love they give you, take care of their heart. Then you have found someone worthy , someone who should be treated like a king, called ‘ My King’. For He is everything to me! 


I love my Daddy

I feel better today! I got to see my Daddy yesterday and today. He checks on me, cares for me. Tonight we watched a movie and I got to lay in His arms. I feel so special! 

During the day I watched cooking shows and felt inspired to cook. I needed assistance from my children. I am going to need to watch cooking shows,as I do feel inspired to cook. I am a very good cook, but my Daddy I serve will get to be spoiled with that! I get to take care of Him as I like. Spoil Him so He knows how wonderful He is. He’s my world.

Right now I am healing, of course. I can’t laugh, it feels like I might pop a stitch. He just knows how to make me laugh. I could tell I felt better since I started joking with Him, being my bratty self! He thought about smacking me on the ass, but I started to giggle and made my own pain. Lol. We were laughing tonight that He would get His sweet revenge over my brattiness, by making me laugh! Leave it to a sadist! 

Why He means so much to me? Its not just taking care of me, He kept letting me know the whole time ,before surgery, that He knew everything would be fine. I had a hard time focusing on that,on what He was saying. Even the morning of surgery, I got teary, He kissed me hard on the lips and told me again, that everything would be fine. He was right! He’s always right!

I love my life with Daddy, I am so excited that I feel better. I can hardly wait to feel all healed up and get to give Daddy all He can handle! I’ve got a cute little outfit planned, being Daddy’s naughty girl! Showing Him how much I appreciate His patience during all of this. He’s been the very best Daddy ever. I’m so lucky.

I get to spoil my King for the rest of our lives, as His queen, His slave, His babygirl with a little bit of a bratty side. Life is good!

– Daddy’s girl

Permission to redo your list my Master  

As I was having time with my most precious Master on Friday, I was clearly dealing with to much at one time. He noticed. He was trying to set me up to change how I normally process the junk from the week. I see that now. He wants only the best for me, He sees my weakness and is trying to set me up for better. Thank you Master

I needed some quiet time and reflection. I knew He gave me a task to do on Friday.  Love Him so much so I pushed it up to the top of my list. I thought quickly so as to get it done fast. I had much to do in only a weekend. At this moment I got lots done, but not all. 

I heard what He said, but I don’t think I really listened to His words. He has been most upset with His slave. I did not try to push Him, nor do anything disrespectful,  but my actions came across that way. I could have taken more time with the list my Master asked for. I could have asked for clarification,  but I sadly did not. I could have stopped everything I was doing asked Him to give me another chance to do this right, but again, sadly I did not. I’m still trying to control things around me. 

My most precious and wonderful Master how do I thank you for trying to show your slave a way to change, you see the bigger picture as always my King. I can only ask that I have a way to please redo what you have asked of me, if you allow your most humble slave to redo the list that is most important Sir, may I please ask for clarification  as well, so this time I may please you, give up all control over my life that I place in your most capable hands Sir. I love you and adore you. I do want to be the best slave I can be, i can only leave this before you now.  I know the love you have for me, I can feel it. Which is why you were trying to show me and tell me something quite important Sir. I hear you now. Thank you for the unconditional love you show this slave. 

With my whole heart my Master, I’m sorry

– your slave

Who’s my Daddy??

I will try to paint a picture of the man I look forward to sharing my life with, the man I get the honor of serving. He maybe a mere man in this world, but He’s so much more to me!


1. Daddy has the bluest eyes!
2. To me, I think He looks a bit like James Franco
3. Daddy is a biker, and Yes it’s in His DNA
4. Daddy does work hard so He needs to play hard, fuck hard.
5. I am the babygirl/slave He picked. I never know what He sees in me, I just count myself lucky.

Daddy has an upper body like this! He is sexy as fuck!



Daddy is very funny! He is always making me laugh and giggle.


My Daddy is my Master, He’s been the only man to earn and keep my respect, and submission. He owns me completely, the only man ever who has full control of me. He will take what’s His, and yes my ass has been that red before. He will take charge in public ,He’s more interested in teaching me the lesson.


He does have me completely… mind . heart. body. soul.


I can always trust Him. Thank you Daddy!


How Daddy lives life! These are His objectives.


Daddy is pretty much perfect!  He is all about being a gentleman, very chivalrous, manners, til it’s not time be a gentleman anymore. Daddy is all about our family, we’ve got 5 kids , and Yes we are a blended family! We’ve got 2 girls, 3 boys. Daddy is a biker, wanna piss Him off then Try bringing those girls home after the time set, you will deal with Daddy. Trust me you don’t want to deal with Daddy… bring our girls home late this is what will happen to you:

You’ve unleashed the beast.

Daddy knows how He wants our family ran. It’s like a well oiled machine. Daddy is always in charge, He allows me to serve and be by His side.


But then I also need the Master who can put me in my place.




I know how to pick up where He leaves off, do as I’m supposed to. Support my Daddy! Our family is important,  and now we’ve added an extended family. Daddy can handle it all!


This is how we built our relationship. Our love is pure, strong, beautiful.


I love this meme, it reminds me of my Daddy♡ and I love my Daddy♡



Well that’s my Daddy! I hope I painted a complete picture for you. There isn’t a better man in this world. He works hard, plays hard, puts His family on the top of His list: the kids, me, His family, friends, and His club. I love our life. I love Him.

Thinking out loud

I just have so many thoughts at one time it feels, I can hardly process them all fast enough. I can’t concentrate. Why? I’m in love!

I have the best Daddy in the whole world! He surprises me all the time. I’m so blessed to have Him in my life. There are so many reasons! I can’t list them all, but my heart knows them all! I feel His love all day long, all around me, He’s always in my thoughts. He’s on my mind when I wake up, and as I go to sleep.

I have never felt this way before. Just so loved, and in love. I love how He just knows me so well, He can calm the storm inside, bring me back to the moment. Nothing else matters.

The thought of serving Him for the rest of my life is one I embrace. To show Him how much He means to me, as He does that for me as well!

As He is moving us into unchartered territory, I can tell He has a hold of me, He knows I scare easily, but He is very reassuring that I can keep up at His pace. He wont let me fall. He won’t let go, He’s got me in His firm grasp. I can relax and just breathe. He’s got it handled, I only need to bow low before my King, and keep my eyes on Him. For I can give him my full trust.

This is the happiest I’ve ever been, I never want that to end. I want to be with the one responsible for my happiness,  because He stole my heart as well. I serve you Master, I love you Daddy, I worship you my King. Thank you for choosing me, even I fail to see what you see in me, maybe someday I’ll see it too. Until that time…

You are my first and hopefully last love, and the only love of my life.


If you know me, then you know this is true, I’m very indecisive.




I’m powerless in His presence

Whether He’s on the phone with me, it’s Him in a text, or I’m in His presence, I’m powerless.

When He makes any request, I quickly get it done with pride to serve my Master,I’m powerless.

Once I put on another sexy outfit, hoping to get you even more horny than you are, I’m powerless.

When we first met , I felt there was just something different about you, I’m so glad you showed me i was right, I’m powerless.

I have chosen to submit, I am on my knees before you,  ready to serve, I’m powerless.

If there’s a new toy that’s made it into your thoughts, and now we own and you must try it out, I’m powerless.

As sometimes the world caves in around me I try to find more strength, but all I needed was you, I’m powerless.

I can dominate the world, do all I need to do in a day,but you are always Master to me, my Daddy, my King,  I’m powerless.

When I’m feeling bratty, just needy of extra attn, I’m powerless.

If it’s one of those lessons that my ass is paying for, I’m powerless.

On a date with you, you let me pick where I like to go, but you are most romantic and order for me, hold doors for me, I’m on your arm, I’m powerless.

When you are having a bad day and need some space, I’m powerless.

This relationship,  you have allowed it to go slow, as I could not rush, you gave me your word that slow will be fine, I’m powerless.

You gave me many rules, and as Yours I take each one seriously and to heart, I’m powerless.

As we both know you own me, body,soul,mind, and spirit, it’s not a collar that holds me to you, but my love and devotion, I’m powerless.

I will serve you as long as you allow, I will kneel as long as I’m yours, I’m powerless.

♡ it is a privilege to be so powerless when you are my strength. You show me how strong I really am . It was a false power I carried with me anyway, til I submitted to you, that was when you stripped it all from me, but you gave back much more than you took. I worried you’d leave me broken, but you put me together how you choose. I love to see the changes you’ve made in me, I’m like a work of art, and you are Michelangelo.  Who will I become. Where will I be. Still serving you, still devoted to you, just as the very slave you made me into, for all your own pleasure and sensuality. There is nothing more wonderful to me now, than to be in your hands, molded by you, stripped of my power, and fully loved. Thank you for that gift, that is a true Master, my Master♡

I don’t remember ever being loved or cared for like this. I’m so happy you’ve found me, claimed me, kept me…





I’ve waited my whole life for Him

Last night, was another great time with my Daddy.  It’s funny how each time is so different from the next. He’s a great Daddy for this reason alone, I wouldn’t even have to touch on the many other reasons. But I’m going to!

He saw me drowning in stress. My personality needs, craves balance. I didn’t think He saw it. I should have known better. He’s so busy, just like me. But He had been waiting for me to bring the issue to Him. I thought about it, but I didn’t want to sound like I was complaining or not handling my life. I try my hardest,  I don’t back down, I don’t always take no for an answer. I get this shit done. This is what I’m used to. To be able to find a man who just gets it, and is my equal this way,  just thrills me. Ok, I need regular maintenance.  It’s a fact. Fuck, I tried bubble baths, massage from my kid, But that lil shit, she charges me. Going for a long walk. Put on a movie, cancel out the world, but I’m not a big TV watcher. Even talking to my bff Chanse didn’t help, alittle. But I knew what I needed, My Daddy. Once I asked for what I needed I could surrender! Could give up! Daddy is gonna be in my life a long time, He’s gonna know all this stuff about me. Plus Daddys tasks are just always tailored to me, help me, even if I don’t understand them. I just don’t need to question anymore, I am at a point of complete trust!

As Daddy, knew what I needed, in that moment. I just asked for pain. I think I know ,He knows me best. He can see what I need, even before I ask. This makes Him a great Master.  The fact that He left me on my own since I refused to tell Him I was suffering, was brilliant on His part. Why should He help someone, who obviously thinks they were handling it all just fine.  I am not always so smart, as I think I am. I have moments when I’m weak, but I would like to hide those,pretend it’s not so.  I’m still doing fine,what i tell myself. Basically lie to myself! It was working for me, not… Daddy took control, once I admitted I needed Him. He let me fall on my face, but notice He picked me back up, put me back on the path. Let me release all that stress, tears, anxiety.  When He was done, He held me, cared for me, asked how I was doing. My body was spent,  I was so thankful He didn’t require me to go to the gym, but then that’s how smart He is, He could tell I was in no place mentally or physically to handle anything else. Plus later that night, I slept like a baby. This is a miracle in itself, I haven’t slept in years, but with Daddy I can sleep.

How does He do it? The mind just boggles. I could never be a dominant,  the thought and time that goes into everything,  I’m not that patient.  But I will devote myself to being the best slave I can be. To make Him happy, as long as He permits me to be His.







Aline with Daddy, that made me feel safe.



I used to have so much pride that I’ve never cried in front of any man. But now being His slave, my pride has changed. I’ve cried in front of Him several times. He’s never shamed me, thought I was weak, He is everything to me for giving me that gift. What a great Daddy, What a brilliant Master, What a wonderful King I get to serve.  I am so lucky to be His.

I ♡ you Daddy!!!