Time for SEX!!!! 

Yay! My dr gave me the green light for work and sex! Omg!!!

I can hardly wait to have my Daddy back inside my body, it’s been months that He’s had to take it easy on me, im not sure I can take everything He will dish out, but I’m up for whatever and however He wants to use His slave. I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

I get to be used by my Master! For His pleasure, which excites the hell out of me. For the love of God, ive been patient. The pain was awful. I’m so looking forward to feeling His fingers on my body, as He traces the outline of this body that belongs to Him. Every inch of me in His hands, very capable hands. 

His lips touching mine, as He works down to the part of my neck, He knows the spot! and places a soft kiss  there. Omg! He knows what makes me wet, makes my body start to shake and quiver. 

I can hardly wait to be on my knees before Him, serving the Master who owns my heart , body, and soul. I couldn’t love anyone more than the man who puts me first in His life. 

Daddy, thank you for the time ,before and after surgery, that you have given me. I haven’t been in a mood to serve, you’ve been the most patient Master. Attentive,loving, caring. I’m the luckiest woman alive!


Are you with me…

I will help you understand the title. Since I moved a few months ago, Daddy and I have been spending more time together. The one thing I know , is that spending more time together as a couple, can either make you stronger, or be the kiss of death.

Relationships are like a fine wine. Either you hope you know enough to pick a great label, wind up with something delicate and delicious, with a fine bouquet, a great body to it ,a nice taste in your mouth. Or you order something flat, sort of fruity but the finish leaves you empty yet still. Wishing you had never gone there, you didn’t really know that vineyard, should have taken more time.

Ok, alittle vino sounds great now!

Relationships are work. That’s a fact. If you want it bad enough, both parties need to give it some room to grow, bond, develop. There are some that go fast, some go slow. I’m in the latter group. I’m pretty sure Daddy is to!

The more time we spend together, the more I realize how much we have in common. I see both of us putting ourselves out there (baby steps), to show the other we can trust, learn to give love again. I find it hard to put into words how this relationship is different from the rest. There is nothing in this world that I want, except Him. And when He kisses me… Oh my, I can do that forever♡

Daddy has His work cut out for Him,with me. I hear Him, but not listened. I regret that, so does my ass.  He told me time and time again, this is where we are, this is who He is. I would shake my head at Him, and smile,  All the while thinking, “you won’t stay, they never stay”. Daddy proved me wrong, He stayed. He belongs in my life. I’m so happy He’s here. There have been a few times I thought I pushed Him to hard, but I need to know the measure of this man. I don’t push now. That was the test, was He really gonna stay? I need a strong Daddy.  Life is gonna put anyone through hell, I need to know He wont crumble,  wont push me away, will weather the storm with me, be my guide, be my strong Daddy and we figure it out together. Him having the final say of course. I have never had that. Daddy knows how to handle me, all my moods, and still loves me. I have never had that either. Deep down I wanted Him to pass the test, but if He couldn’t I’d rather know sooner than later.

How do you start a life with someone, well I know I’m not perfect, not the prettiest, not the skinniest, but one thing I am… I’m His, He never asked me to be those things, just myself. I have so much love to give, I finally know whom to, Daddy!  He will never have to worry about me cheating on Him. He won’t have to worry about me taking Him for granted. I want a wonderful life but with Him only, ok the kids can still be a part of it! Joking…I love the kids too!

To be honest I gave up my dream of finding this man. I thought I may have passed him in a store and didn’t even look. I was tired of being alone, but not enough to pick just any guy. I didn’t date for a year before He found me, again. I have always known what I wanted, to be completely loved.  I love where we are at, learning about each other, enjoying each other, fucking like there’s no tomorrow! 

I want His hand to be the last one I hold. I want His kisses to be the last on my lips ever. I want to open my heart and let His live there. He is my first love, but my last everything! I don’t feel I’ve lost anything, but gained everything. It took me a while to get used to the idea of living together,  now I’m sold on it, it feels right, I know we will pick the best time for us.Soon?!!!!

There have been so many new things going on in mine and Daddys life, great things!

My big secret. Shhh don’t tell Daddy

I’m multi orgasmic. No, that’s not the secret. Well it is to you, but not to Daddy! 

With my ex i think the most i orgasmed was 5. You might be thinking that’s great, why is she telling us this. When i am with my Daddy, and He does what He does!!! I orgasm into 40 and above!!! See the difference? I might not be wetting the bed or squirting, but those orgasms are real. Mentally if I’m unhappy, i can stop them, and i did for about 8 years. No ex, no other dom, spent time to bring me back to life. But Daddy did!! 

The first time we were together, i felt this sensation run through my body, it was familiar, but was not fully opened up. Once He had me in the bedroom, oh my god! I couldn’t believe it, my orgasms were back.  I was almost ashamed that my body could orgasm so much, and so hard. Daddy looked at me, the look was, ‘ what the hell was that?’ I called friends, family, the news , alerted the papers, I WAS BACK!   Sadly there were no headlines, but it was so exciting to me!

I felt so alive again. It was all Daddy. How this man could do the impossible
( i thought it was)? How did He do that?!

How did He get my body to get out of hibernation mode, or wherever it went? Did He get my mind to set it free? If i ask Daddy, He just smiles. So, either He knows and won’t say,  or He has no idea ,but He should still be proud of Himself! That man is a god!!  Damn, its nice to be back to my old self again. I don’t usually ask Daddy if He likes that my body reacts in such a way, but i love it . He loves me to beg Him to cum. He knows He’s in charge of it! He knows once He tells me i can cum, i am going for it! Its like tidal waves, one after another, crashing into huge rocks, and more behind that one. They will come in big spurts, or smaller waves of many smaller ones. I have never asked Daddy if He can feel all of that??? But He does seem to like it, once my body is rocking, shaking, It’s like I’m demon possessed, that’s  when He says ‘good girl’ the most!! That in itself makes more. Damn it! Here it goes again, yeah just thinking about it makes my body quiver and want Daddy. Now my body is so used to that ride, that every time I’m near Daddy, i want Him. Its too bad it took me so long to find Daddy, it could have been years of this. Don’t get me wrong, Daddy does stimulate my body quite well, He also stimulates my mind. He’s the total package.

Daddy, can even take me over the edge anally. If Daddy does it right, and He does! My body will get going and i feel it deep inside, swelling up, ready to release. Even from behind, Daddy will have to hold onto me and let my body react, like it does. If He touches my clit, oh god, I’m in trouble. I don’t know what the hell happens then, but his fingers on my clit, make my legs want to open wider, i have no control, i mean none. They just open all the way. I hate it, He could absolutely do as He pleases, i am not in any form of control. And because its Daddy, i cant stop Him. But my moans almost turn into screams. Oh fuck! The hardest part, is that my body will keep cumming. But i do have to catch my breath. I’m always so thankful, because Daddy will slow down, let me  breathe, then water!!!

So, you would think this is enough. It is, but one day  i decided i wanted to change things up a bit, here is my BIG secret, so i put some clit cream on, only one brand works best. And Daddy doesn’t know, until He reads this! So, if He wants to know why i didn’t tell before now. Umm, i don’t know? I tested it enough, and Daddy did notice there were times my orgasms were
‘ harder’. Yeah, that’s clit cream. Its supposed to be for women who cant orgasm. I DO orgasm, and what happens is , if you do orgasm just fine, it makes them 50 times harder. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.

If He reads this, well now He will know. Lets see if Daddy asks me what kind i use? The only one that  sends me over the edge!! I sort of wonder if Daddy is gonna like this secret or not?? Or use it against me?? Damn, should have kept it a secret forever ❤💛💚💙💜

Daddy, does use my orgasms against me though, He got a toy that vibrates, He puts it right on my clit, and this doesn’t stop til Daddy says. I hate it, it sucks, horrible punishment if you are multi orgasmic. My body starts reacting to the vibration, it seems to cut right through me. I can feel this wave swelling up deep inside me, getting ready to crash, i quickly ask Daddy ‘ can i come’ , he will answer. Within seconds its upon me, that build up is releasing, my legs shake, my mind can’t think, my body is charged for many more that i can feel building. I cant help but buck hard at His cock, my whole body wants in on this action. If my head comes off that bed, you know those are the big ones, i feel every inch tighten between my legs, His hard cock still inside me, I’m pulsing and want to move, He usually has a hold of me somehow. I’m not allowed to go anywhere. He can be nice, when He notices I’m breathing to fast, he will let up, let my breathing resume to a normal pace, only to smile at me, and do it all over again. I want to scream ‘no’, but that would just encourage Him. Or Him yell at me. So, i must take it like Daddy’s good girl


I found something ,something i never saw before

There is a pain that feels like its gut wrenching, and a sweetness that goes with it , it is indescribable. When you know your life had some purpose, but nothing made sense. Then you notice that something new is there. You feel alive, for the very first time. Things around you have meaning. The old you is fading away, you feel like you are in a foreign land but you also feel like you are home. Everyone around is taking notice as well. The world is sweeter, its not perfect, but you just know you are grateful for each day you have. Life is a beautiful thing! Long time friends, and your family want to know why you seem so happy, so full of life, some sparkle there that had been missing before.

When they hear the answer, they are shocked at the news, for they know you are speaking the truth, as you have never said these words before in your life.

I’m in love!

I tried to runaway from it, I just can’t, its all new to me. I am scared, but I have to see what this is, why I’m drawn to Him.




And its football season, Go Steelers!!




Bring me to life

I remember that i didnt feel alive, no real connection to anyone. Food seemed bland, colors were washed out. I was longing for something , and yet had no idea of what.

As of recently, when we talk, both of sharing our ideas of the world and viewpoints, i come to life. Dont get me wrong, i knew how to get through the day, wearing a smile. Polite conversation. But now, i feel alive, the air is sweet as it goes through my lungs, i wear a smile all day long. The colors are so bright, i want to walk in the rain with you. I go back over conversations or texts. I miss you when you’re gone. I look at the pictures you’ve sent me , i get to see your smile.  I see you opening up and letting me close. I feel the pain of your past, i can only promise i have no desire to be without you. Whether by chance or any reason.

Reality that is before us, there are two paths. Full healing so we can have so much more time. Or we just go one day at a time, and whatever time we have , shall count that as ours, and be grateful even for that. I must say, i know which way i want it to be, as tears appear , lump in my throat. The thought of being without you feels unbearable. Don’t go, don’t leave, is what i whisper into the wind. I hope it gets to you.

I have never felt like this before. If someone moved on, i never showed a tear, let alone think on any memories. But now with you, its much different. I don’t expect you to believe me. Watch, see for yourself, i am right where i want to be. No one keeps me here, only my heart. I enjoy where we are going, this journey together. And just think, we have only begun. I am excited to be yours. I hope you feel the same. Please don’t stop. Let me show you who i am, i want to see who you are as well.  You did bring me back to life.


Do you want me

I put makeup on so you wont  see how i don’t feel pretty.

I wish you couldn’t see my body, because I’m not a supermodel.

I do my hair , so you see the babygirl who worked hard to show you beauty.

I hide my battered heart, since i don’t want anyone to know how many times its been broken.

I wont show tears, i would much rather you think I’m as strong as metal.

I refuse to talk, what if you can hear me, or want to fix me, or call me on my bullshit.

I wont look you in the eye, what if you see my soul, and decide to stay. I been told I’m to hard to handle,up for that challenge? All have run home to mommy.

I have heard it been said that I’m evil, dark, full of venom. Its a deadly bite, will you survive.

You can do what you wish to my body, beat me, fuck me, bind me. My heart is where the real prize is,not between my legs.

As i see you still standing here, i realize you have seen me with no make up, looked upon my naked body, saw my tousled hair,wiped my tears, have gotten me to talk, pull my chin up so our eyes meet. I bit you but you did not die. You have taken my body, and then asked for my heart as well.

I guess you want me!


Impure thoughts

Licking your skin, because i love the taste of you.

Your cock in my mouth, because I’m hungry for you.

My hands feeling your body, because i have submitted to you, but i want you.

Your mouth on mine , because I’m tingling between my legs, make me do as you please.

I’m on my knees with your cock down my throat, i grab onto you so i can struggle for air. I breathe when you say.

The red on my ass, that you left your mark on what’s yours. I adore you.

Your strong hand on my throat, you could take the air from me, i would die happy, but you are so careful with me.

You have me bound, i cannot move. But even in my freedom, I’m not going anywhere.

A fistful of my hair, you have control. Tell me how i am to please you Sir.

Your words take my thoughts, and make them yours. I will do or say what you want to hear.

My naked body is yours to control. I am only yours, your pleasure is my deepest desire.

Your embrace, makes my body melt into yours. There is no longer a pull , out of fear, to keep away from you.

I love being yours. I only want to be yours. My heart beats faster as you enter me. You own each orgasm, as they run through my body, i wonder do you feel how much i want you.

I belong to you , my Daddy, my King.