Here’s to us

As we began this journey ahead of us, I can’t help but notice everything is about to change again. I’m very excited, I’m ready.  I know you will push me to change, to grow, to learn all ways to please you. And you know I’m fine as long as you feed me bbq.

Everyday will be us ,Together in this thing called life. Learning more about each other , more than we have the last few years. 

I fear I will never be all that you want or need. I’m just not enough, but you’re still standing here. You try to tell me I am, but I don’t listen very well at times. Then the other night when you told me why you love me, why you picked me, how much I matter to you. It was beautiful, I was just blown away. No one has ever loved me so much. Thank you❤️

Recently, we toasted, to us. I felt something I hadn’t before.  Like my life is right where it should. I felt happy, peaceful. Sex was beyond perfect, omg!! Laughing together like I do with friends, I realize you really are my best friend, my lover, my Daddy, my Master, my King, Everything I need all rolled into one!

I wonder what the future holds. How many years we get? I’m thankful for each day with you. I’m happy to be taking this step with you. I honestly never saw you coming. I start to think to myself of all we’ve gone thru these 2 years. Honestly, if we hadn’t taken our time to grow together most of this crap could have torn us apart. I’m truly glad that we went slow, and now look at us! Going thru some very stressful stuff and as we needed a moment to take it all in, and process. Once the dust settled, look at us! Standing here, side by side, stronger than ever!  

All that we will go thru as we spend our lives together. I’m excited to see our family grow together.  As we raise the kids, have time together,making memories . Life can only be summed up in one word:


The long road ahead

As my bff has found the Dom of her dreams, things are heading full steam ahead. She’s now at the very crucial point, becoming fully His.

He is starting to break her. For those in our lifestyle you know what I’m talking about. Each Dom will shake is head in accordance, as they have each broken someone who means something to them. Each submissive smiles and has that moment of ‘ oh dear God , the pain. But it’s all worth it.

Was it really worth the pain? When it’s the right Dom, yes. I’ve known some that would help break any sub or slave, no relationship was needed. Just your time, and respect for the Dom. No sex involved. It was just to free her from all the pain of the past, set her free. Help her grow in each area of her life to be the best she can be. I’ve met fake Dom’s who took this breaking very wrong. Used the women for sex, no real training. I’ve been here a long time, even my first Master who helped train me to a point, knew it would not be sexual, never was. It was about protocol, rules, expectations, how to serve with your whole heart. Once he was done we were released. He let us know he’s gone as far as he was able, training would be accomplished by the one who picked us for their own. He was right. I learned plenty. I was happy, peaceful, young, and now searching for my other half of the puzzle. I now look at all exes as life showing me what I don’t want. If I think about this any other way, my self talk really goes badly, ‘ how could you be so stupid’, ‘ what were you thinking’, ‘ were you on drugs for that whole relationship’. Shit like this, unhealthy.

Granted I still have my good days, and my bad days. But most are good! I’m happier now that my Master has shown me how He wants me to serve Him. How to think, how to behave. He’s made room for my babygirl side, not much room for the brat in me. My friend did ask, ‘ how will I know when training is done?’ that’s a fair question, ‘ never’. As people we are always evolving and changing, He will know the way, so follow Him. 

When you’ve been single a long time, how do you just let someone take over your life? One step at a time! Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will you be. Believe me, she doesn’t always like my answers. Each sub or slave will have their own breakdown and rebuild, no two are alike. 

She is cautious if he will read her and know what she needs, doesn’t need. On this, I giggled alittle. They are born dominant, they think dominant, they sleep dominant, they react dominant in this world. We, however, are submissive so we can only understand our side of things. This is where trust will take you further. Just let go… Yes, easier said,than done. But we submissives all go through this fire.

Why must I be broken? Aren’t I fine the way I am? This gave her cause for concern, does he want a perfect woman and she is his willing victim. To the untrained eye it might appear this way. I had to find an analogy she could relate to. Her children and gardening. I started, ” if your child was full of unhappiness,sadness, pent up emotions, not living life to the fullest would you leave your child there? If any of your plants were not doing well would you let it die, or work on bringing it back?” Her response, ” I’m not heartless I would guide my child with love ,listen to them, help them thru, do what was necessary. The plant too”. I smiled at her, she looked puzzled.

Let me explain! He sees you not living at your full potential, pent up crap from the past, things that need to go. He will show you how to release it all. Then he will fill those empty spaces with things you actually need. And show you who you really are, the real YOU that you were meant to be before life happened to you. Plus, you’re his so you will learn how to please him. Think of his needs before he speaks of them. Put him first in all things. This is what Dom’s do, when he’s done you will be an amazing woman, the woman you were always meant to be. And since he’s the one doing the work, he reaps all the benefits. I can hardly wait to see you six months from now, a year from now. 

She wondered if this is what makes me love my Master more? Yes, it does. Plenty of men before Him saw my pain, and made more, whether intentional or not. He saw my worth, what I can become. Even the things He puts me in charge over in my life, He still watches those. He still pushes me, even out of my comfort zones. The only thing is I don’t fight near as much. I will occasionally ask if this one area can be untouched, the answer is usually, ”No, I expect it to be done, no more questioning me”. Believe me I know how to grit my teeth and bare it really well. But once I get through it I’m very happy, I grew again. 

My Master knows me like a book. He’s knows when to push, and when to leave something alone and maybe try it again at a later date. For instance, humiliation, my ex robbed me of all my emotions. My Master could hardly say anything to me that I didn’t take it like a personal hit to mean He must hate me as much as my ex. Years later, my Master can look at me and ask, ” who’s Daddy’s lil whore?” I’m smiling like an idiot! And my babygirl side is bouncy and giggling, ” me Daddy!!” I’ve changed so much. He, my Master, knows my past, knows me so well that with only words He could kill me if He wanted. A few times, in the heat of an argument, He has cut me and I’m bleeding out. Only He didn’t leave me like that, lifestyle or not, we are still only human. He has had to fix me up again, and send me on my way. I’m good again. But there’s a difference, what other men meant for harm, my Master had no intention of harming me and leaving. It’s fixable. 

The vanilla world knows nothing of this kind of thing. Vanilla women are not allowed to let vanilla men break them down and build them up again, but better. Most vanilla men wouldn’t know where to begin. This is where I have always felt like our lifestyle is far superior than our vanilla counterpart. We choose to be an open book, they hide their true feelings. 

If you are so unhappy in your own world that you cannot see the beauty in this breaking down do NOT mssg me, I will not be kind. I have seen tv and many about females letting men deconstruct you, or take your identity. The commercial that comes to mind is a woman being  led around by a man, she’s on a collar and leash. He leaves her outside a store, the commercial sees her the same as a common house pet. I see the beauty in the collar and leash. As you wouldn’t want your dog to go to far from you, safety reasons, how would you let your woman go to far from you? But this particular commercial is made by feminists movement, and infringes my rights. They do NOT decide for me, my Master will. He has only my good in mind. For those small minded people, you make me sick 

The road ahead is a long one for bff, reason being, does she have a submissive side that she’s denied for years? If there is her Dom will be bringing it out. She’s never been trained before so everything is a surprise. I’m trying to show her how to respectfully ask for clarification. She did however not listen to me, and he stopped his process once she questioned and then told him what she can’t handle. But then asked him to explain what he’s doing, after he already did. I was shaking my damn head. Yikes! If this had been me and my Master, let’s just say I’d be lucky to be alive. This is where my bff says, ” I will not be in fear of any man”.  Wanna bet?

I calmly say, ” I never said fear, I said reverence”. I did try to explain to stop fighting the process. She let me know that he’s aware of how far he can push her and things that are hard limits and will stay that way. Again, I’m shaking my damn head, and I’m thinking” just shut up”.  

I had to explain why when she starts telling him she’s doing her best, that he gets up and leaves. Always a hard one! I explained it’s several reasons. 1. He knows it’s not your best, but you’ll get there how he wants you to be, he must push to see what that is. 2. How submissive are you. 3. Only one of you will be in charge and he leaves to remind you he chooses to be in your life and feel the pain of his empty presence. 4. You need to stop talking, this is his job. 5. Once you said, Yes , you lost all rights, you’re his.

She did let me know that breaking hurt like a son of a bitch. ” You don’t say?” Was my come back! She’s not sure she can continue. I ask, ” do you love him? Do you trust him? If not, don’t go thru the fire for him. It gets worse before it gets better, but it’s worth it”. We submissives know that ONE DAY when you look in the mirror, you finally see the person looking back. You wonder WTH is going on. Oh my god, he broke me. The only person you have to thank is him. The only person you want is him. You have value because of him. You now know all that pain was worth it! 

I gave her a hug as I left, I wished her the best. I hope she sticks with the breaking down, she needs it. She deserves to let go of all the crap from her past. She hugged me again, and said she was sorry for never paying attention to things I said. Or seeing the slave I am for my Master. She always thought the things I do to show my Master love and respect were mundane. Now she sees for herself! No apology was necessary, but I do get the added joy of when we go somewhere she MUST ask, and wait for the response. Paybacks a bitch! 

I’m still very thankful for my Master seeing potential in me. I don’t always see it. But I like me more now, than ever! All because of Him. Is His work done in me? Nope, it never ends. Thank you Daddy!

Never easy, but always worth it!

As I talk to a friend of mine today, she’s excited about her new Dom. I’m excited for her. She’s got her new rules! Knows what he wants and expects from her, she’s happy as a clam! That’s great!

She did ask me if that happiness ever wears off? That’s a tricky one to answer. If it’s the right Dom for you, then no. If he’s not, then it will be short lived. I gave her honesty, it’s best to swallow that pill now.

Shes asking me a ton of questions. She’s so happy! She wants to know why she feels like a school girl. Dominants give us a gift. The gift of freedom! The gift of being our true self. The gift of service to them. He could have picked any female for this job, but it’s mine! It comes with no paycheck, no vacation time, but the perks are plenty!

Freedom just from Him taking over your life! How’s that possible? It’s hard to explain to the vanilla world, but those of us who get it, it’s the most wonderful feeling any submissive, man or woman, can have. My choices are what He allows. I go places, only He allows. I meet up with friends, only He allows. I eat, only what He allows. I drink, only when He allows. I dress how He allows. I cum, only when He allows. I speak, only when He allows. I serve, All the time! I am actually serving in each example listed, by obeying Him. It’s an easy concept, but delivery can be hard as fuck somedays. 

I shall be her support on days when she’s tired of giving, and doing. Forgets why this was such a wonderful life. Trust me, you have those days. But we always get back on track, a great Master knows your human. That you might need a moment to just be you. They watch, observe, and then help you get back to being submissive you, it’s never forced. If it was forced you’d never find joy in it.

Vanilla people serve too. A wife who makes dinner, cleans the home, does laundry, chauffeurs the kids, is her man’s support. Umm hello that’s serving! 

My life is happy! I can understand my friends happiness, because my life rocks too! I have the love of a wonderful man, who’s also my Master. He’s my Daddy, my King, the only man who owns my heart and soul. But He’s also my friend, the one I go to when I’m falling apart, He listens then points out how to find what I’m looking for, makes me laugh! He sings to me! I love our conversations, ok when they aren’t about me being blonde. Yeah, I said it! I won’t remember it in 30 seconds! He encourages me, helps me, believes in me, wants me. I have the most amazing life! Of course we all have our good days and bad days. Make sure the good out number the bad. 

What about Him? Does He feel your love in word and deed? Hopefully so. Does He always want to be in charge? He was born dominant, as I’m born submissive. But He will have good days and bad, He’s human as well. Don’t be so selfish as to think you are the only one who has needs here, they are just different from His own. Men need to feel loved, cherished, women need to feel wanted. Always give your best to your dominant, the rate of return is great. This is where vanilla people get lost. When you communicate, on the same page, roles identified, rules established you can’t help but feel safe, happy. It’s all spelled out before you. You know what’s expected, what will happen, how it will happen. There are no grey areas. But if something is not clear, just ask , your dominant wants you to understand. You won’t be set up to fail, ever. This concept is most definitely lost on vanilla people. 

So, what did we learn today? Lifestyle is pretty easy, we make it harder than it is, we will have some challenges, but it’s always worth it! Live with no (regerts)!!! Yeah I did that on purpose, not cuz I’m blonde, but I am blonde, but cuz  it’s funny. I think I’m funny, Daddy doesn’t! But I am!  Oh forget it!

Slave in waiting

We had the hardest two months, I’ve had to cater to everyone else but Him. I’ve not been given that time to make sure my Masters needs have all been properly taken care of, my heart’s desire. 

Time apart is really weighing on me, I feel a disconnect in the distance. I’ve been as patient as can be. I try to hold it all in, but it’s eating me alive. 

What I desire, me in slave position before Him, Him doing that deep breath of approval ,His hand on my head which tells me He’s happy with His slave. 

I do get to serve Him. Breakfast nearly every morning, it pleases me to do so. But I miss so much being before Him. It’s something He and I share on the deepest level. It only has meaning to us. I tear up as it has been non existent since everyone else became important. He let the balance be this so I could help one of the children til His life was back on track. It’s coming along, but not fast enough for me.

I long to be at His feet, my place of honor as I’m His. Eyes closed, I breathe in the sweet air around us, bask in the love He emits from Him to me, and back again. He will say in a whisper, ” what a beautiful sight it is to behold”. 

I need it, with everything in me, I need that. The more disconnect I feel, the more I am sad. How does a slave balance putting all first? She doesn’t, not without her Master showing her the balance. I need Him, now. I long for Him, He’s not there. My soul calls to Him, I need Him to hear it and come to me  

I’m no good on my own, for what is a slave without a Master? Nothing. What is a Master without a slave? Empty. They must move together, breathe together, balance each other. Her put Him back in His spot as her object of all delight, so she may serve from her heart. He must accept all the love and care she’s giving, and put her back as His object of desire. 

Out of balance will not be good for long, only the Master may lead them both back together. He knows the way, He created it. This is His world they exist in, she is His loyal subject, His queen, His goddess, His desire. He is her everything as well. What a most beautiful thing as they feel this for each other…

Where is my Master, as my soul calls to Him. Fill me with the love I desire. Heal my soul. Let me serve. I need no words, I just need your heart near mine, my love. To be in your presence. I crave this.

Hold onto me

Our story begins like any other, boy meets girl, boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they talk, they text, send naked selfies,  they get it on! From the moment we met I knew something was different about this man. I just didn’t know exactly what, but trust me I was gonna find out! Two yrs later , I’m still surprised, of course happy.  He makes me feel special. My life will never be the same. He’s one of those ‘ once in a lifetime’ kind of men.

I can say, I’m still excited to be here in this relationship with Him. We have gotten much closer, we have formed bonds with all the kids. I’d say things came together very nicely. I get my romantic Daddy. The Master I serve. My badass biker. Could life be any better? 

I know I go slow. My friends, the ones who have remained in my life, have reminded me how slow I go! But then what was the rush. I want it to be right. We both still arrived at the point where we are now. I’m glad I took my time. The ‘what ifs’ aren’t so many. We have built that trust, and communication slowly. I am so happy about that. I needed to know that when life happens we won’t crumble like a piece of paper. That we work together. That He talks to me and listens. He waits for me to process, so I can find the words to express how I’m feeling. I notice at times it might not be a subject He wants to talk about, or He maybe temporarily pissed with me for how I said something, but He’s not pushed me away, not left me. He will talk, even about the tough stuff. He will be honest with me even if it’s hard for me to take. He used to want to sugar coat things, but I showed Him I don’t need that, I know He cares about me. 

We’ve been through plenty of tough things together, and have come out stronger, that to me is a true testament to how much we belong together. I’m glad we have had the time to get to know one another so well. If not, who knows how this would have gone. But He did the same for me. He had thanked me for that too, He was used to rushing into prior relationships​, only for them to end quickly. 

Two years! That’s a new one for me! He’s been reminding me that there are future plans. That definitely sounds like something I want. I like the idea of waking up to Him each morning. I like idea of being together under the same roof. I won’t lie, I’m rather happy and nervous at the same time about these future plans. Will we be able to live together? Or will our daily quirks be to much for either one of us to survive this relationship. Ok, I may be thinking to much about all things that could go wrong, but that’s what I’m like, that’s what I do. 

There is still one obstacle for us to get through. This one could push us together to be even stronger or really pull us apart. I’m prepared for either way it could go. My mind is set to ‘ I’m doing my best to stay here and be strong’. The other part of me sees the obstacle as something immovable, and I worry that all we’ve built will gone soon. This is starting to hurt more and more, when I think of everything we have gotten through together, that this one last thing could be our breaking point, for which we may be changed forever. Self preservation. I know what I want, but neither of us can foresee the outcome, so we are struggling against each other, while holding on tight. I want to scream to the universe, ‘ how dare you test the strength of our relationship,what we’ve built’. But then part of me is curious as to how this will go. As I look at Him, I see He’s trying His very best as well, there’s no one to blame. Hardest part for me is if this goes badly at this eleventh hour feeling, we’ve made plans. We’ve bonded with all the kids. We act like a family, which is everything we have both wanted. He knows me better than anyone. I can read Him like a book as well. I love taking care of Him. Will we still be standing here, hand in hand. Or will it be over… My heart aches, as I know the answer will come soon enough, I just want to know which way it will go.

So, goes without saying, our anniversary is sort of bittersweet. I’m so happy with how things are. But my mind reminds me this could be the last time for anything… 

Time will tell… 

In the meantime, we are still very much together. I’m so thankful that I’m here with Him. Our lives have gotten busier, crazier. But we have rolled with all these punches! There are moments when I need Him, a strong connection. He stops Everything, He’s right there. He’s right fucking there. Holding me, tickling me, talking to me, kissing me, making love to me. I don’t ever want to let go of Him. I can’t imagine my life without Him. I love those texts that tell me everything! It will come across my phone, ” why am I here in this meeting?” ” Missing you” ” I’m horny” ” I love you” ” I need a threesome”. I’m as close to Him as He is to me. It’s a beautiful place to be. He IS my best friend. Am I His to? Lol

When I say He’s my everything, I mean it. He just fits into my life so well, into every little nook and cranny in my soul. He and His love are coursing through my veins. Now maybe you can imagine my pain at the thought of this possibly ending soon, or even at all. 

I had a difficult time writing. I can hardly write at all. My thoughts are way to jumbled. My soul is not at rest. My heart is weeping as my emotions are so unsettled. My blood pressure is thru the roof. How does one prepare yourself for something you don’t want to happen. How will we survive, will we.

As I will be happy for these 2 years with my King, my Master, my Daddy, the love of my life, my best friend, my confidant, fuck He’s my everything. I need Him. I want Him. I love taking care of Him as He does me. Feeling His head on my chest at times, breathing life back into Him. Preparing Him to face the world again when it’s kicked His ass. He’s beautiful to me, because it’s His soul that I see. He’s given me every part of Himself, and i gave that to Him, as He gave to me. I’m trying to hold on, only my grip isn’t as tight anymore, I can tell. Life has a funny way of giving you everything you had ever wanted, needed, desired, only to feel that in one breathe it can be gone, as fast as the blink of an eye. 

Hold onto me my love, I’m alittle unsteady at the moment. I’d ask for help, but you can’t give it. I’m hoping its all a bad dream and I’ll wake soon. Nothing is wrong, nothing will change, nothing in our way. Could it be, that just once, maybe, I get everything I ever wanted and more…  Time will tell…

Happy birthday to my big boy! 

It is my oldest child’s birthday! It’s a good and a tough day for me. It was a great morning, woke to my Daddy in bed with me ( nothing better than that, fuck I miss waking up with someone in my bed, (KIDS ARE NOT ON THAT LIST, DON’T COUNT!). My clock rings, I have to get early again. Thought of leaving my nice,warm, comfy bed with my naked Daddy in it, well let’s just say I’m not a happy babygirl. Much to my surprise, as I was in the bathroom getting dressed and ready, Daddy was in the bedroom getting dressed and ready, my heart started to sink as I miss Him so much but I deserve to stay in bed with Him, I’m thinking now He’s leaving… I pull Him close to me, so I can smell Him ( girls you know exactly what I am talking about!) I want to feel His touch one more time before I must release Him again, steal more kisses!! He surprised me, ” I’m going with you!” . There was no way to explain how happy I was in that moment! 

What were we talking about? Oh yeah it’s my son’s birthday. Lol

So, for me it’s a good day, and a bad day. My son is a twin. I lost one, kept one. I remember leaving the hospital that next morning, feeling very confused as a part of me was happy, but a part of me was broken forever. It seemed like a cruel thing for a young mother to go thru. Family around me asked why I was crying, I had never held my lost son, no real memories so get over it. My ex, was my husband at the time, was just as cold. I said we need to give him a name so he can have a place in our hearts, he said, what for?. So a day like today still has mixed feelings for me. It was a happy day watching my son turn 25! He’s a good kid, becoming a man ,due to my Master who has taken on the task of being a father even to my adult children, as their own father failed them. I must say I thought I really was showing them the way, I couldn’t be more wrong. I made them more confused, more emotional. All the things MEN aren’t​ allowed to be in our society. As I watch my Master with my boys breaking the walls I put up for them, with them. I wonder how I couldn’t do what He did for them? Men and women are so different. I would say make sure all boys have their father in their lives to show them the way, only my boys dad is the reason my boys are acting like boys , and not men. How could my ex teach our boys something he couldn’t even do, be a man. He still acts like a child himself. My Master has even been the example that my boys follow for many things! I had no idea. But it’s been fascinating to hear about. My oldest son has a child, he’s been learning to be nicer to his ex but not a victim any more. He’s established boundaries, sticks to his guns, won’t let her control him, or keep his son from him. I asked about these changes what brought this on. My son looked at me ,smiled and said, ” my stepdad”. I even found out that ppl at his work know all about his ‘ stepdad’! My son has never bragged about his own dad, asked for advice, he has asked for help from his own dad only to be told no. But my Master guides him, shows him the way, then expects my son to go do it. And surprisingly he does! Wow!!
We were talking about… Oh yeah birthday!  I’m proud of my son! I watched him work on a vehicle practically all by himself, asking my Master questions when he needed guidance. My son came thru the door so proud of himself. He has even made some life decisions, and honestly he didn’t ask me for my opinion at all. That is so great! My son is becoming the man he needs to be. My Master said use this time alone to work on yourself. And much to my surprise my son extended an invitation to an enemy that he wants to be his friend. I was in shock and awe. 

For my son’s birthday we took him out to dinner, just me and the men in my life, our girls were gone. My son was so happy, when I asked him if he was doing anything with his dad for his birthday, he smiled and said, ” I just did! I had dinner with him”. I nearly cried right there, and writing that made my eyes well up with tears again. Everyone has been affected by this man I love. Once we got home from dinner, my middle son canceled plans with his dad, I asked why, but he didn’t answer til this afternoon, it was about my Master again! Wow! Even my daughter, calls him her dad. Everyone of her friends knows who her dad is. She even told me recently that she waited and waited for him to toss her aside as her dad has, she said he hadn’t. She’s learning to trust that there are good men in the world now. She says I have lunch with my dad almost everyday, I didn’t know I needed that, but I do. He talks to me, he listens to me. He will give fatherly advice and I know it’s cuz he loves me. 

The other day she watched her ‘ little sister’. She was so happy and excited. She came up to me hugged me said you can never ever leave my dad, I let her know I’m not planning that. She said well don’t, ever. She looked at me with tears, “I finally have a family mama, I belong to someone besides just you”. Tears flowed, no way around that one. My daughter has always looked for a connection to someone besides just me. Even been suicidal at times because if I died she was going with me. She let me know she’s staying to see her life unfold, I’m so thankful! She has another year and a half before she’s free. But she’s getting stronger. She even shouted at her ‘Dad’ to be careful on his motorcycle, he said he’d try, she thought that wasn’t good enough, he has to be safe if only for her. She doesn’t want to lose her Dad. 

This is probably the happiest I’ve ever seen these ppl in my life. I worked hard making sure they have a home, food, spend time with them. But even the libra on me knows that we were all still out of balance. We needed Him! Maybe more than He needs us. As I examine my life, it finally feels balanced. Like I have everything I ever wanted, needed. I won’t take that for granted,ever. 

Happy birthday to my first born. I love you so much. Daddy, thank you! The list of why I’m thanking you is to long to tell unless you’ve got hours. Just know there are five ppl who love you so much, beyond words. 

My birthday boy!!!

Top photos are of me and my younger son

Men have this way about them, don’t be fooled

So, having a convo with a person who is recently separated. Of course you’re confused, the longer you’re in a relationship the more shit you have to work on. Define who you are, what your likes/dislikes are. 

This female has male friends, but also a love interest. After talking to a guy friend,she’s confused. But that’s what men do.

Your asshole species takes a totally disarmed female, she’s in an emotional state, most men’s bread and butter. Come on guys, you know I speak the truth. You set her on a path of questioning her choices. You work the convo to see where her vulnerable spots are. Once you have located the necessary info you go in for the silent kill. 

Make her doubt herself, her choices, her whole life. You become the trusted male who reassured her that you have her best interest, you’ve known her longer, or better. Tell her all men are scum and only want one thing, but you just want to protect her, see her safe. Yet she has no idea that as you go in for the silent kill, you are setting her up to fuck you, try a relationship with you. You will say all the right things, and while she’s confused and doubting everything, even her own name you have now acquired your target.

But, it’s a big but. Do you really care about her? Probably not, if you did you wouldn’t confuse the fuck out of her.

Do you just want to get inside her, and then push her away like most men will do? Probably. And here starts a long line in her head of why she won’t be good for any man. Cause you acted like a friend only to destroy her too. She thought she could trust you. She thought you cared. But it’s her own fault for being so stupid and naive, right? No. You’re still a complete asshole.

 Hopefully one day a female does matter to you, and you will grow up, treat her right. Because​ we all know that men, real men are capable of real relationships, real feelings, a real life with our species.

As I explain what this male just did to her. My son, who used this tactic, just like his father did to cheat, my son was an asshole too. He did and said these same things listed just to fuck any girl. Karma does come around, she’s a bitch. Now she’s alerted to the game. She didn’t sleep with him, but you know it could be coming. He confused her til he saw the deer in the headlight look. Now just reel her in, nice and slow. Destroy any other guy in your path. Men laugh manically here as you know you’ve done it. 

Once a female is alerted to all that will be said/done she gets to play her own game of payback. Or just give up on men til she’s lonely and ready to test the waters for a real man. 

Real men are few and we know it. For all reasons above is exactly why my Master forbade me from having contact with any other men while we were vetting. It was a requirement. If I was going to get to know Him, then He deserved my undivided attention. If at anytime I didn’t feel this was the Master for me then please tell Him, and I woukd be on my way. He was the first man who ever did this to me. At first I was offended. But I am a thinker, I saw His side, what He was doing. It’s a brilliant thing to do. No men destroying what could be. No men confusing me, and He didn’t either. No men wanting my time whilst I got to know Him. The fair and balanced part of my Libra brain was moved and agreed. I didn’t talk to any other men. No texting, no sexting, no pics, nothing. He had my undivided attention. He used it wisely too.

He really did get to know me. He really did listen. He gave me attention. The way He handled me and Himself i was impressed. How would He know I’d be the slave for Him? Once a few months went by, I was ready to give myself over to this Master. I did commit to Him. But completely becoming His slave was a process. Now 2 years later, I’m glad He didn’t push me to go faster. 

He has molded me the way He wants me. He has spent plenty of time on us as a couple. He does let me know that we have a long and kinky future ahead of us. 

When I tell ppl how my Master handled this in our beginning. All females , vanilla or kinky, are immediately offended that He required my full attention, no other men. When I explain that is should be required by both parties getting to know one another. Think old fashioned, my Master is correct. Look at courting many years ago. It’s the exact same process. My Master is a brilliant man. 

I’m not so dumb either, for a blonde! 
As for my friend, I can only hope she gets her head out of her ass. Sees the truth I shared with her. Before it’s to late.