How did He know…

One thing I’m not is a great communicator. I can write, text, but talk… Not really. I’m just not a big talker. 

Even though I’m like this, He makes me talk. It’s been a long road together, He says “what’s wrong?”, ” What’s on your mind?” Sometimes, honestly I’m not ready to talk, or I’m trying to figure out on my own thoughts ,if this is a big deal or not, what made me change? However, if He’s nearby He notices right away and wants me back to my happy self. I’m usually thinking, ‘ please give me a minute’. With Him, there are no minutes, it’s now. Wow, that’s hard. I have to quickly figure out what changed, why it changed. Some things in my head make no sense to me, so why share them. But I had no idea He was at work! Within me! He knows the abuse I suffered with my ex, thru my childhood. I didn’t even know He was paying attention. He’s been helping me this whole time. Wow. I respect Him so much for that, which adds to the love I feel for Him.

I can’t see the bigger picture here. I never do. Where I think I’m doing fine, He is trying to do His job as my Master. To be perfectly honest, no one before Him ever gave a shit that I was so quiet. In fact, I was judging my exes and past Dom’s for that, now that I think about it. It’s really the reason I knew it was never going to work with any of them. They only wanted sex, not the real me. How can you base any relationship on just sex, not even great sex. Well it wasn’t for me. Daddy will tell me it’s ok if I cared for them, or loved them ,it’s in the past. But to me those feelings weren’t there. I didn’t respect them, they didn’t respect me. I didn’t love them, none treated me with love. They cheated on me, I was crushed one more time and thinking there was something wrong with me. So, how could I ever love any of them. Love is something that I’ve been searching for , and didn’t seem to find. I didn’t tell these men that I loved them, it would have been a lie. I slightly cared about a few, but I knew in my heart it was nothing that was going to last forever. How did I know? I didn’t think about them all day, I didn’t miss them, barely texted, never called them. I didn’t even take any pics with them.  All of these things were different with Daddy! I know myself, I’m real with myself. I hope Daddy understands this better. 

I love sex, but if you can really reach me on a personal level, most haven’t, then what’s the point of having them in my life. I never understood how any of them thought I was enjoying the relationship. They knew nothing about me, nor cared to learn. What’s my favorite color, car, movie,etc… Daddy knows these answers! 

Right off the bat, my Daddy was different. He’s fun, adventurous, and expected me to talk. Now I was alert, omg, I have to talk finally. This has been so different, scary even. What if He doesn’t like what I have to say, or how I think. This kind of connection with Him made things very different between us from the start, and the sex has been mind blowing for me. I even have my orgasms back! I am multi orgasmic, always have been. But once I was married it disappeared in the first few months. Neither separation, nor divorce, or dating brought it back. But this one morning with Daddy OMG! It just happened! He stopped what He was doing, looked at me and said, ” Are you ok? What was that?” I politely smiled at Him, let Him know I was fine and that I’m multi orgasmic and hadn’t done that in a very loooooong time. It was true! I didn’t think I could do that anymore. I remember after Daddy left that morning, thinking to myself, ” I’m back, I’m me again!” I was hooked. I had no idea how this man brought that out in me again, but something was different and I was on a quest to figure it out. 

2 years later, I still can’t tell you why or how my body responds to Him, it just does! And damn it feels good! He loves it! I’m truly with the right person. I get to be with Him forever, I think my body enjoys that as well. Life is Good! And this is exactly how I judge men from my past. 


I’m a sucker for pain

As Daddy surprised me today, I proved again I’m following His rules. I had no idea He came through the door when I was on the phone, I was shocked. Daddy saw I had a healthy snack and a water. I’ve been a good girl!

Daddy spent some time with me on His lunchbreak. It was a great surprise. I love our connection, it’s stronger each day it seems. But I notice the stronger it gets , the more He is taking charge like never before. I am to fall in line, and I happily do. He let me go slow at my pace for as long as I needed, but now it seems we are up to speed. Things are going faster, but I like it. 

Daddy had me take Him back to work, then pick Him up later. We got some time together, it feels so good to be in His arms, sit near Him, feel Him near me. 

He feels how I do, we want more of each other, again. We clear out kids from the bedroom to have a quickie. He leads the way,  I follow. I love my life with Him. He makes His way between my legs, and goes in deep. I feel every inch of Him. He sends shivers up my spine, I know what’s coming! He turns me over and pushes me on the bed, Within moments His strong arms pull me to the edge of the bed where He enters my body and goes deep, it just takes my breath away. He pounds deep into me, I feel it building. I need to cum. I ask Him if I may cum, He lets me over and over again. 

Once He decides to move His strong hand to my clit ,it’s all over. I’m working hard to keep breathing and not cum so hard it hurts my body, it’s building quickly, I need release.  I ask Daddy if I can come, He allows it. Oh thank God  He does , I need to let it go. My body is cumming so hard I’m bucking at Him. My moans are getting louder. 

He stays on my clit , He can tell my moans are echoing thru the room now. My orgasms are coming faster,  harder.  I’m liking it so much I remove my jeans, so i can open my legs wide for Him, I can’t help it they just want to be open, give Him access. Let Him touch this body that belongs to Him. I’ll take whatever He’s giving me. I feel His closeness. I feel Him deep inside.

It’s torture to know He’s gonna leave soon. To know that our time has to end. As He pulls out, I’m spent. He can tell I came hard multiple times. It was painful, my body is weak and shaky. He smiles at me, that makes me feel so loved. I like the idea of being able to do this for the rest of our lives. 

About last night

I could hear Daddy come through the door, I wait in slave position, dressed for His approval,  with lease in hand ,presenting it to Him so He may take lead of what is His. He goes through the room as I hold my position ,til He gives a command. The longer I hear Him in the room, the anticipation  builds between my legs, my clit is throbbing for His touch. I don’t know what plans He has for me, I just know He has a mind for sex and all things dirty, I’m always completely  satified.

As He takes leash in hand,  and I feel that pull ,my body is wet to do as He wants. He pulls me into position He likes, then locks me to my bed, as He  tells me;
“Spread your legs babygirl”. I follow His command.

As I spread my legs for Him, His hand quickly goes between my legs so He can feel how wet I am for Him. It’s all I can do to just stand there and not want to fuck Him hard, but I know my place.  I will wait patiently . Fuck , I love my Daddy! Nothing hotter than my Daddy, who can read my body.

He turns my body to face Him, then He pushes me onto the bed, I have to catch my breath quickly, before I know He is pulling me to the edge of the bed, grabbing my legs, pulling them up so He has access to each hole that belongs to Him. Then before I know it my legs are open, He’s inside, and my pussy is getting banged so hard, ‘oh fuck yeah!’
My Daddy knows how to please! But then my legs are opened further, He puts the wand on my clit. My body is writhing in the sensation that is going through me, from head to toe. I feel tingly, and so wet. My moans are louder than usual, I cannot stop them, or hold them back.

As He keeps pounding me, and I feel like I can’t breathe real well. He takes the toy off my clit, let’s me catch my breath. But He’s not done with me. My hands are bound, I cannot get away. Daddy lowers himself onto me, and keeps me cumming harder, over and over. My head is feeling tingly and light, I can’t think. As Daddy grabs His new toy again,  I hear it go on, but before I can think the word ‘No’ comes out of my mouth.
“Excuse me, what did you just say babygirl ?”Daddys says sternly.
“But Daddy” all I can get out, before He puts the wand back on my clit. My body is trying to get it off as it pushes me over the edge so fast, I start cumming again, over and over. My body just keeps moving, Daddy minimizes that, as He doesn’t like me moving around when He fucks me hard. I have no choice,but to stay in position. But Daddy has no idea that my body won’t stop cumming , that part scared me alittle, would it ever stop? Or just keep going a long time? I didn’t know. I have never had that reaction with a wand before. Although I doubt it was the wand, I sure it’s ghe man, behind the wand. Teasing my body for His pleasure.

As Daddy keeps putting the wand on my clit while He is driving my body crazy, I can hardly think. I just need to fuck Him with everything  in me, I’m tingly, I’m wet, I am so damn horny. How does He do that!

As He turns the toy off, so thankful for that, and He unlocks me from my restraints, He lays down on the bed beside me. My body is still having effects of cumming so hard. There are still orgasms coming through. He just holds me. He loves me! He is so good at giving me exactly  what need. I can only hope I make Him as happy as He makes me. I do love my Daddy.

Thank you Daddy, for reading my body, giving me what I needed. You are an amazing man♡


My big secret. Shhh don’t tell Daddy

I’m multi orgasmic. No, that’s not the secret. Well it is to you, but not to Daddy! 

With my ex i think the most i orgasmed was 5. You might be thinking that’s great, why is she telling us this. When i am with my Daddy, and He does what He does!!! I orgasm into 40 and above!!! See the difference? I might not be wetting the bed or squirting, but those orgasms are real. Mentally if I’m unhappy, i can stop them, and i did for about 8 years. No ex, no other dom, spent time to bring me back to life. But Daddy did!! 

The first time we were together, i felt this sensation run through my body, it was familiar, but was not fully opened up. Once He had me in the bedroom, oh my god! I couldn’t believe it, my orgasms were back.  I was almost ashamed that my body could orgasm so much, and so hard. Daddy looked at me, the look was, ‘ what the hell was that?’ I called friends, family, the news , alerted the papers, I WAS BACK!   Sadly there were no headlines, but it was so exciting to me!

I felt so alive again. It was all Daddy. How this man could do the impossible
( i thought it was)? How did He do that?!

How did He get my body to get out of hibernation mode, or wherever it went? Did He get my mind to set it free? If i ask Daddy, He just smiles. So, either He knows and won’t say,  or He has no idea ,but He should still be proud of Himself! That man is a god!!  Damn, its nice to be back to my old self again. I don’t usually ask Daddy if He likes that my body reacts in such a way, but i love it . He loves me to beg Him to cum. He knows He’s in charge of it! He knows once He tells me i can cum, i am going for it! Its like tidal waves, one after another, crashing into huge rocks, and more behind that one. They will come in big spurts, or smaller waves of many smaller ones. I have never asked Daddy if He can feel all of that??? But He does seem to like it, once my body is rocking, shaking, It’s like I’m demon possessed, that’s  when He says ‘good girl’ the most!! That in itself makes more. Damn it! Here it goes again, yeah just thinking about it makes my body quiver and want Daddy. Now my body is so used to that ride, that every time I’m near Daddy, i want Him. Its too bad it took me so long to find Daddy, it could have been years of this. Don’t get me wrong, Daddy does stimulate my body quite well, He also stimulates my mind. He’s the total package.

Daddy, can even take me over the edge anally. If Daddy does it right, and He does! My body will get going and i feel it deep inside, swelling up, ready to release. Even from behind, Daddy will have to hold onto me and let my body react, like it does. If He touches my clit, oh god, I’m in trouble. I don’t know what the hell happens then, but his fingers on my clit, make my legs want to open wider, i have no control, i mean none. They just open all the way. I hate it, He could absolutely do as He pleases, i am not in any form of control. And because its Daddy, i cant stop Him. But my moans almost turn into screams. Oh fuck! The hardest part, is that my body will keep cumming. But i do have to catch my breath. I’m always so thankful, because Daddy will slow down, let me  breathe, then water!!!

So, you would think this is enough. It is, but one day  i decided i wanted to change things up a bit, here is my BIG secret, so i put some clit cream on, only one brand works best. And Daddy doesn’t know, until He reads this! So, if He wants to know why i didn’t tell before now. Umm, i don’t know? I tested it enough, and Daddy did notice there were times my orgasms were
‘ harder’. Yeah, that’s clit cream. Its supposed to be for women who cant orgasm. I DO orgasm, and what happens is , if you do orgasm just fine, it makes them 50 times harder. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.

If He reads this, well now He will know. Lets see if Daddy asks me what kind i use? The only one that  sends me over the edge!! I sort of wonder if Daddy is gonna like this secret or not?? Or use it against me?? Damn, should have kept it a secret forever ❤💛💚💙💜

Daddy, does use my orgasms against me though, He got a toy that vibrates, He puts it right on my clit, and this doesn’t stop til Daddy says. I hate it, it sucks, horrible punishment if you are multi orgasmic. My body starts reacting to the vibration, it seems to cut right through me. I can feel this wave swelling up deep inside me, getting ready to crash, i quickly ask Daddy ‘ can i come’ , he will answer. Within seconds its upon me, that build up is releasing, my legs shake, my mind can’t think, my body is charged for many more that i can feel building. I cant help but buck hard at His cock, my whole body wants in on this action. If my head comes off that bed, you know those are the big ones, i feel every inch tighten between my legs, His hard cock still inside me, I’m pulsing and want to move, He usually has a hold of me somehow. I’m not allowed to go anywhere. He can be nice, when He notices I’m breathing to fast, he will let up, let my breathing resume to a normal pace, only to smile at me, and do it all over again. I want to scream ‘no’, but that would just encourage Him. Or Him yell at me. So, i must take it like Daddy’s good girl